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SANYO Xacti Dual Camera GH4: The VideoCam for Beginners and Professionals

There are only a few cameras today that cater to both beginners and professionals alike. One of these few is the Dual Camera GH4 from Sanyo. This new device is a camcorder that has features which are perfect for professional photographers. Despite its advanced features, however, it maintains a simple design and easy navigation that make it fun to use even among amateur photographers.

The Sanyo GH4 can take videos and photos efficiently. It can record Full HD 60i videos with its 10x dual range zoom. It can also take photos well with its 10 megapixels and 5x optical zoom. Other than these, the following are some features you’ll enjoy in this device:

  • Face detection
  • Digital image stabilizer
  • Wide angle lens range
  • High speed sequential shooting

These features are packed in the compact, lightweight design of the camera. It measures just a mere 1 inch in width and can fit comfortably in your palm, so carrying it around is not a problem. The camera is also equipped with easy-to-use menu and controls that make it ideal for those who are not familiar with the intricacies of digital cameras. And if you think that the cool features of this camera ends here, then you’ll be glad to know that there’s more! Sharing of all the photos and videos you have taken is easy—in social networking sites, video sites, and photo sites. If you’re looking for a camera that features the right mix between amateur and professional features, the Sanyo VPC-GH4 Full HD 1080 Camcorder with 10X Dual Range Zoom (Charcoal) is for you!

Sanyo Xacti Sound Recorder – World’s Lightest and Slimmest

Do you want to take pride in owning the world’s lightest and slimmest sound recorder? Then get yourself a Sanyo Xacti sound recorder now! Whether you choose the ICR-XPS03MF or the ICR-XPS01MF, you’ll get a unit that features Linear PCM recording plus different MP3 modes. Linear PCM is a superior quality sound recording mode that’s like an audio CD. The sound can be recorded into a microSD card and can easily be moved or played back on a pc or uploaded and shared online.

With the Xacti Sound Recorder, you can capture the “Exact” audio moment and at the same time be active. It is equipped with a slim yet large-capacity lithium-ion battery and a touch sensor that allows smooth operation. This recorder just come 9.4mm thick and weighs only 46grams. It is flexible and capable of doing long-play recording because of the different MP3 recording formats available. The unit’s Linear PCM and MP3 formats are compatible with Windows Media Player Software. Capturing the sound so perfectly are high-performance stereo microphones.

Sanyo Xacti Sound Recorders come with tape-less design so no moving parts will intrude while you’re recording. For each Xacti model you purchase, you also get a microSD card (4GB for XPS03MF and 2GB for XPS01MF). With the unit’s microSD medium and data-file recording format, it will be way easy for you to upload and save data to your PC. This sound recorder has total output of two watts from four speakers when employing AC adapter, and 0.4 watts when powered by the battery integrated in the Xacti recorder.

If you’re interested, you can check out the availability and pricing of Xacti sound recorder at Amazon. Other products like  Sanyo ICR are also available.

Sanyo’s New Dual Cameras – Stylish yet Affordable

It’s not everyday that we see cameras that look good as they perform. So if you see one, don’t pass up the chance of owning it. With Sanyo’s three new dual cameras, you can now have an image-capturing device that offers a perfect combination of value, performance and style. The VPC-GH2, VPC-CG102, and the VPC-CG10 all feature Full High Definition 1080 60i (1920×1080) video and up to 14 MP photo capability. They provide users with a very convenient way to capture images and videos anytime you want.

These new dual cameras boast trendy, sleek designs that are easy for your hands to hold and compact enough for remarkable portability. The CG102 will come in black, GH2 will be offered in silver, while the CG20 comes in both silver and black versions. These Sanyo babies are small enough to fit your pocket, allowing you to bring them anywhere.

When it comes to value and performance, you can take pride in owning these cameras because they are capable of recording Full HD 1080 60i videos and 14 MP high resolution still images. Such photos and videos can be stored to SD, SDHC, or high capacity SDXC memory cards. These cameras are also outfitted with small, high-speed image-processing engine that contributes to the small size of these Sanyo gadgets. Exclusive for the GH2 and CG102 is a new double-range zoom which allows users to switch between various zoom ranges. The CG20, on the other hand, comes with a 5x optical zoom lens.

Another amazing feature of these Sanyo dual cameras is that they are thumb-operable so you can operate it using just one hand. Get the Sanyo VPC-CG102 High Definition Camcorder and 14 MP Camera w/12x Optical Zoom and Sanyo VPC-GH2 High Definition Camcorder and 14 MP Camera w/12x Optical Zoom at Amazon now! These cameras can be yours for as low as $229 each.

Take Stunning Videos and Photos with Sanyo HD2000A Xacti Dual Camera

While DLSR cameras continue to gain popularity these days, more people still look for cameras that serve dual purpose – record stunning videos and capture amazing photos. That is why, known camera manufacturers see to it that they are able to cater to customers’ demands by offering a wide range of digital cameras and camcorders. SANYO, for one, continuously innovate their products so that camera lovers out there will always have something to look forward to in their product line. And one of the newest additions to their product offerings is the HD2000A Xacti Dual Camera.

xacti_dual_cameraThe main feature of Xacti is that it is able to combine the video abilities of a camcorder with the photo-capture abilities of a digital camera. So, with this gadget, you will no longer need two separate devices just to take stunning videos and photos. For video recording, this is said to be the world’s first camcorder to provide compatibility with iFrame. That means, shooting, editing, and sharing full 1080P HD video is made easier since the video that you recorded is the same format you will edit, so importing it and sharing it to various platforms and devices will also be quick. Meanwhile, for capturing photos, this camera features an 8 megapixel (effective) CMOS image sensor so that the images can be interpolated to reach up to 12 megapixel quality. It also boasts a face chasing technology that automatically reads and corrects focus and lighting for up to 12 different faces.

This dual camera from SANYO really eliminates the need for two gadgets just to take high quality videos and photos. So, if you are interested to own a Sanyo VPC-HD2000 Xacti 8MP High Definition 1080P (Black), check out now!