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Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW – The Extreme Wii Controller for Extreme Board Sports

Do you want to ride your skateboard or snowboard all year round? Did you ever dream of doing all those X-Games flips and spins like Tony Hawk or Shaun White without the risk of breaking something inside your body? Yes you can with the Thrustmaster T-Freesyle NW – the ultimate skateboarding and snowboarding controller for Wii. With the T-Freesyle NW, you can experience extreme game actions, land perfect moves, and link tricks one after another right at the comfort of your own house. This controller enables Wii extreme gamers to pull-off freestyle tricks and precision controlled runs with a sense of freedom that’s close enough as the real thing.

The Thrustmaster T-Freesyle NW is carefully crafted to provide the closest experience of riding an actual skate or snowboard. It is made of genuine maple wood, just like real boards, to deliver the perfect combination of flexibility and resistance. Conquering in-game half-pipes, rails, and trails has never been more realistic in Wii with the T-Freesyle NW. Thrustmaster used Rolling Motion Board technology which allows realistic lateral movements and Safety Stopper technology which eliminates risks of tipping over for added safety. This device also features a cool Skull logo to reflect the rebel culture of skateboarding. To use the T-Freestyle NW, simply attach it to the balance board and get on it to play your favorite skateboarding or snowboarding games with a new level or realism.

Get the Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW here!

Wii Weighted Gloves for the Serious Wii Gamer

Getting serious about exercising through your Wii games? Here are some new stuff for you: the Wii weighted gloves! If you’re into Wii boxing games, these new gloves are perfect add-ons. They will keep you focused on the game and will help you build muscles while you do so.These weighted gloves are made from neoprene materials, so they’re soft to the skin and will cause no discomfort while you’re playing. They also have a Velcro closure that keeps them secure while ensuring that taking them on and off is easy. The gloves come with holders for your Wii controllers—a remote holder on the right glove and a nunchuck holder on the left. If you’ve always found it hard to concentrate on any Wii boxing game because you’ve always been worried about dropping your controllers while playing, there’s no need to worry anymore because the controller holders in these new gloves are custom-fit. While they guarantee the ease by which you can place and remove the controllers to and from the holders, they also ensure a tight hold of your devices. So, they’ll never fall out no matter what boxing moves you make. The gloves are also non-restrictive. They’ll allow you to have your fingers free for those times when you need to press some buttons. Making a fist is also easy when you wear these gloves. Plus, they are weighted with sand to help you exercise when playing Wii.

The Wii Weighted Gloves are compatible with different Wii boxing games and can be used with the Motion Plus Attachment. If you’re serious about your Wii games, these gloves are a must-have.

Wii Soft Football

“Practice makes perfect,” as a popular saying goes. So if you want to be good at any sports, you must be able to allot more time for practice. Skills and knowledge are not enough. Let’s take playing football for example. Although you may be good at playing it and that you know pretty well the basics, still you need to spend time practicing in order to hone your skills and learn more about how to be a good player. Good if your schedule permits you to be outdoors to practice. But if not, you can always take advantage of this Wii Soft Football for practice, that is if you have the Nintendo Wii of course.

The Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest gaming consoles in the market today. A lot of people get this gaming gadget because it’s perfect not just for play but also for practice and exercise. But in order to maximize the gadget’s potential, they pair it with Wii peripherals like the Wii Soft Football. It is a soft, realistic Wii accessory that enables you to imitate the crucial motions that a virtual football game requires. It is designed after a squishy, backyard tossing, foam football, and is effective at turning your Wii-mote into the optimum performance-enhancing accessory. With this perfect Wii peripheral in their hand, they can now play like a pro.

So who says football practice isn’t fun? Because whoever it was didn’t know about the Wii Soft Football yet. So for your next football practice, make sure you pair your Wii with this gadget from CTA Digital.

EA SPORTS Active 2.0 – Twice the Intensity, Twice the Fun

Who said that gamers can’t have the best cardio in the business? Thanks EA SPORTS Active, the number one fitness program for Wii, gamers can instantly transform their sedentary gaming loft into a carb-burning fitness gym without having to leave the comforts of their own home. After the immediate success of the EA Sports Active, just about when gamers can rest and catch their breath, EA decided to kick things up a notch with the new Active 2.0. This new system promises new innovations for a more intense and fun (albeit more perspiring) workout program. The even better news is that the new fitness program will no longer be just available on Nintendo Wii but also on Sony PS3, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The revolutionary Active 2.0 will take your fitness program to new heights with its wireless control system composed of innovative motion sensor- laden leg and arm straps, a heart rate monitor to record workout intensity, and a new online global community to track and share fitness progress. The wireless controllers provide unrestricted range of motion while the heart sensor provides continuous real-time and on-screen tracking of user performance. The fitness regimen is composed of total body conditioning exercises divided into a three-phase, nine-week program with optional add-on mini-programs.

Simply put, the new EA SPORTS Active 2.0 will make healthy living possible for gamers and non-gamers alike with its simple yet intense effective workout program – whenever, wherever. So get your own EA SPORTS Active product now!

Wii Push Up Bar Takes Your Pushup Workout to the Next Level

Pushup is a popular form of exercise, both for men and women. It is an easy and effective way to gain strength for the pectoral muscles, shoulders, and arms. It can be performed almost anywhere, under any conditions, and by almost anyone. However, some people find it too difficult to do pushups, especially when they are doing them all wrong in the first place. So if you are new to do this form of exercise and you have Wii Fit balance board at home, then might as well get the Wii Push Up Bar to take your pushup workout to the next level.

The Wii Push Up Bar is an accessory made specifically for the Wii Fit balance board. It attaches securely to the top of the balance board (with foam under platform), so you can grip the parallel handles firmly and go deeper than you would when you do pushups. If you are not able to raise your body higher to perform pushups using the traditional way, then this Wi-Pub will certainly do the trick. Plus, you can convert it to three different push up modes, too. All you have to do is to pop out the removable handles, connect them to the board, and that’s it. By using three different modes, you can certainly perform more effective pushups for a truly successful workout.

So stop doing workouts the traditional way if you have a Wii Fit balance board that can help you do your pushout workout more effectively. Just pair it with the Wii Push Up Bar and you’re off to a more enjoyable pushup routine.