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Orbit Wheel – New Skate, New Tricks

Hybrid seems to be all the hype nowadays – if gadgets have genes, they would drive Gregor Mendel other pea-planting geneticist crazy with some number of possible toys and gadgets that can be combined. You can apparently combine a pen with an audio recorder, spy camera with sunglasses, chargers with FM radios, skateboard with a Caterpillar, and now the latest buzz is a skateboard and in-line skates hybrid. The Inventist Orbit Wheels Skates take the best out of an inline skate and a skateboard and combined them into one cool pair of skates. The new Orbit Wheels come in a circular design that looks like something ripped straight out of the Tron Legacy movie. And that’s cool thing right? Its unique design and engineering also allows for more freedom, new styles, and of course extreme never been done before jaw dropping skate maneuvers. Unlike wear and strap roller blades and in-lines, the Orbit Wheels feature a discreet yet efficient pair of open-wheels that lets the users simply slip on and off the skate’s foot platform without having to tie skate laces or strap on any buckles. Just step on the wheels and it would start rolling. The wheels vertically rotate around your feet as you go about enjoying the ride or trying on new tricks. Thanks to the lightweight construction and combined feature of an in-line skate and skateboard, the Orbit Wheel hybrid skates can perform complex and created maneuvers limited only by the rider’s imagination, skills, and guts. Further, this skating toy is battery powered and handy enough to be carried to any park or recreational areas.

Try out a pair of Orbit Wheels here.

ROBONOVA-1 Humanoid Robot

The Robonova-1 Robot is a humanoid robot that can be used by educators, students, and robot hobbyist. This robot has the capability of running, walking, flipping, doing cartwheels, and much more. It can be programmed to compete in Class “J” competitions or to be used as an educational device. Available in two ways, it can be purchased as a kit so that you can build it yourself, or pre-assembled and ready to dance for instantaneous play.

Robonova-1 stands 12” high, and is controlled with 16 powerful HSR-8498 HB digital servos built specifically for the Robonova-1 by Hitec. Other specifications include, a Karbonite gear train, over-voltage current protection, and “setpin” appendages for easy assembly. The technology of Robonova-1 is considered “feedback” which enables simple programming by most ages.

Completely customizable, the Robonova-1 can be used with optional devices such as, speech synthesis modules, R/C transmitters and receivers, and Bluetooth. It contains a flexible and sophisticated interface that makes the Robonova-1 a robot lovers dream.

The battery is a rechargeable 5 cell environmentally friendly NiMH. It will allow the user up to 1 hour of operational time. There is an option to upgrade to a 7.4 volt 2 cell Lithium Polymer battery used with a 6 volt regulator, this can extend the operation time by two hours or more. It does include D/C to D/C charger features that protect the circuit preventing battery charging problems.

Robonova-1 is a must for all true robot enthusiasts.

WowWee Tri-Bot will Be Your Good Playmate at Home

As one of the world leading robot manufacturer company, WowWee has invented numerous types of robots that we can’t even imagine of.

Now, WowWee has another new creation and this new fellow will fascinate you. Guys, let’s meet this Tri-Bot.

Unlike the normal Robosapien or Roboreptile, this WowWee Tri-Bot is slightly different from the others (At least this Tri-Bot is been well programmed by emotions and personality) and this will be a credit for this Tri-Bot.

You must be wondering, how did Tri-Bot got its name? Well, the full name form for the Tri-Bot is “Tri-Wheel omni-directional base robot” (Nah, just forget about the middle blah, blah, blah and take the front and the end word, and you will get this ‘Tri-Bot’ name).

Basically, Tri-Bot is a legless robot, instead is uses three wheels which are powered by three motors. In addition to the above features, there also three infrared sensors which located at the mid-chest and mid-back of the Tri-Bot.

The Tri-Bot can be easily controlled by remote using a tilt sensor, where it only needs three AAA batteries and your Tri-Bot is set to go.

The best part about this Tri-Bot is with less than hundred bucks, you can take the brand new Tri-Bot back to your home. This Tri-Bot will be a good companion for your long and hot summertime.

Have the need for speed?



Race car fanatics out there, just take a look at this. The new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560/4 will definitely make your mouth water. It’s ultra sleek look, which Lamborghini is so famous for, is now back with an extra power.


The new 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo can go up to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds with a 560 horsepower engine. It’s just the kind of car everyone dreams about but simply just can’t have. Its exterior is just gorgeous. Its white paint makes it more elegant looking plus its alloy wheels just accentuate its matt white exterior that makes it look oh so fine!


This Italian car is a great surprise and is becoming the favorite of many race car fans all over the world. It has been unveiled in Geneva and will be arriving in the United States by August of 2008. It had its North American debut in New York and the crowd was bedazzled by its great beauty. It’s the type of car that would definitely get girls following you around. Everybody wants to have a feel of what it’s like to ride such an awesome-looking sports car. It’s a bugger that you can’t afford it. It comes with a painful price tag of $222,000+!

Traveling with Jesus on Wheels

jesus on wheels
I wish that I could say that I have now seen it all but I doubt that I have.

Found this at Kid Deuce’s and thought it rather neat and felt it really does qualify as an oddity.

They are sort of pretty, don’t you think?

What would Jesus think of this?

I wonder how they did that. Paint? Some sort of metal imaging? Do you know? Post it.