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Western Digital Offers My Passport Studio Hard Drive for Mac and Windows Users

It’s a lot of convenience when your gadget is compatible to different devices. Just like the new Western Digital My Passport Studio, you can save and access data whether you are using Mac or Windows OS. This external hard drive is formatted HFS+ Journaled so it works right out of the box using MacBook or MacBook Air with Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion. Additionally, you can back up data using Apple Time Machine. If you are using Windows, you can likewise use this hard drive since it can be reformatted for Windows OS like XP, Vista and 7.

The WD My Passport Studio features two extremely fast FireWire 800 ports that let you store and access data up to 800 MBps. You can daisy chain additional external drive or other peripheral devices to your Mac. As an additional benefit, this hard drive is built with USB 2.0 interface for extra connectivity. To protect files from unauthorized use or access, the hard disk allows setting of password and hardware encryption through WD Security utility. There is also a WD Drive Utility feature to let you register, set security, and run diagnostics on the hard drive. My Passport Studio does not use any power adapter so it’s very easy to bring anywhere. It’s already powered via FireWire or USB port.

The WD hard drive is built from robust materials inside and out making it shock-proof and durable while still elegantly designed. With its high capacity and all metal design, My Passport Studio is greatly recommended especially to photographers, videographers, graphic artists or creative professionals on the go. It is available in 1TB, 750GB, and 500GB capacities.

If you want to see more WD My Passport Studio hard drives, check them out at GeekieStore.

WD Nomad Rugged Case – Lose your Files No More

If you are a business traveler, hiker, outdoor and travel photographer, or simply an adventurer who brings My Passport portable drive wherever you go, then you need an equally mobile gadget that can protect it from the harsh realities of life. When traveling, there are some risks that you won’t mind taking, right? But losing your files? Well that’s totally out of the question. So lose your files no more when you’re on the go. Protect your My Passport portable drive with the WD Nomad Rugged Case.

Built with impact-resistant, polycarbonate, plastic on the outside and a shock-absorbing, elastomer cushion on the inside, this Nomad Rugged Case is made to provide the ultimate protection for most My Passport portable drives. No need to worry about drops, impact, moisture, dust, dirt, and scratches from causing damage to your beloved portable drive and losing your files in the process. With this gadget accessory around, you’ll have peace of mind transporting your compatible My Passport portable hard drive wherever you go and whatever you do such as biking, hiking, camping, or simply enjoying at the sports field or on safari.

Also, you can very much your portable drive without taking it out of this rugged case. Designed with a convenient opening for the USB cable, you can just plug it in and start using the drive. Now, when the drive is not plugged in, you won’t have to worry about moisture because it features a unique sealing cover that helps keep moisture out.

To get this WD Nomad Rugged Case, just click here.

Wester Digital 3TB Caviar Green SATA Hard drives – Larger and Greener than Ever

It’s big, it’s green and it’s not a gamma radiation mutated scientist on a street rampage – it’s none other than the new Western Digital 3 Terabyte Caviar Green hard drive. This latest addition to the energy efficient Caviar Green family proves that you can put the right balance between hard drive capacity, performance and power saving into one hard drive. The new WD Caviar Green SATA drive maybe big but it is no shambling behemoth; it delivers a humungous 3TB worth of storage, 3 GB/s ultra-fast transfer speeds and 64MB cache. And it’s no rampaging monster also – it is equipped with cool and quiet technology allowing the drive to run at low temperatures even without the aid of a fan and low acoustics making it the perfect candidate for ultra-quiet PC builds and external hard drives.

Despite its brawn, the new 3TB WD Caviar Green HDD is loaded with intelligent features including IntelliPower which fine tunes the drive’s speed, transfer rate and caching rate to reach optimum energy efficiency and drive performance. This feature also allows the Caviar Green SATA drives to use less power during start-up to allow lower peak loads on system’s boot. Another intelligent feature is the NoTouch ramp load technolgy which prevents the recording head from touching the disks to minimize wear to the recording media. WD also adopted the Advanced Format technology to their latest Caviar Green drive, this breakthtough media format enables increased areal densities for larger WD RS and RSDTL model hard drives.

3TB too much for you? Smaller 2TB WD Caviar Green versions can be found here.

WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit: For Faster Streaming and Connection with Less Mess

If you’re looking for a home network that will give you a speedy streaming of high-definition media, then you must have the WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit. This kit makes use only of the electrical outlets in your home to provide you with improved, upgraded benefits that you won’t get from others. And what are these benefits?

Before going to that, let’s discuss how the addition of this system works. The kit comes with two adapters, one you can plug to a router and an electrical outlet, and the other to another outlet inside a room where you wish to enjoy a high-speed connection. This set up allows easy data sharing with less hassles. The kit will give you a speed of 200 megabits per second. This will ensure fast and smooth streaming of HD media to your TV, all while allowing all computers in your home to share internet connection. The two adapters included in the kit have four ports each, so you can plug up to 7 devices in your home added to the router. Plus, data transfer is guaranteed to be protected with an automatic 128-bit encryption. And lastly, because the system utilizes your existing electrical wirings, you don’t have to deal with an addition of a great number of cables.

When you get the entire Western Digital Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit (WDBABY0000NBK-NESN), you’ll receive the two adapters (4-port), a pair of internet cables and power cables, a quick install guide, a CD with utility software, and a warranty and support guide.

500GB Limited Edition WD My Passport Essential: File Backup with Style

The modern geek is not only concerned about function – style is also a must. And so, Western Digital teamed up with artistic young individuals from California State University, Long Beach to create the ultra-stylish portable drives that geek and non-geek alike will surely love. Introducing the new additions to the line-up of My Passport Essential drives: five stylish limited edition 500GB portable drives!

These portable drives feature USB 2.0 interface. Simply plug them into your computer’s USB port and they will be ready for work, backing up and storing all your important files. Plus, you can be sure that all your data are protected with the device’s 256-bit hardware encryption. Pair this with password protection and you won’t have to worry anymore about other individuals gaining unauthorized access to your personal files. And while the limited edition My Passport Essential is powerful and reliable inside, it’s packed with style outside! Boom Box, Black Hole, Cityscape, Fuchsia Leaf, and Wave – these are the designs that you can choose from. You can go bold or tamed, colorful or classic… Whichever you choose, there’s just one guarantee – you’re apt to stand out with any of these five unique gadgets.

The 500GB limited edition My Passport Essential models are compatible with Windows and come with a 2-year limited warranty. They’re offered at $119.99. But while you’re bound to find The usual WD My Passport Essential at Amazon, these limited edition models are only available at Best Buy and at the WD store ( If you want an edge in style, any of these will be perfect for you.