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Point and Shoot under the Sun or Rain with Ricoh PX

Picture perfect moments may arrive anytime and anywhere that is why it’s important to have a handy digicam that you can take and shoot with you at the spur of the moment. Enter the new Ricoh PX – an everyday workhorse digital camera. This dust-proof and lightly submersible camera is waterproof up to 3 meters or 10 feet and impact resistant up to 1.5 meters. It’s not exactly a deep sea diving camera but when there’s a need to take a picture in the rain or by the poolside, the Ricoh PX pretty much does the job without the owner having to worry about water damage. The PX digicam also comes with 5x zoom lens and 28-140mm equivalent focal lengths. It also has a 2.7-inch 230,000 dot display for previewing and navigating through contents.

Don’t let the familiar and seemingly innocent appearance of the Ricoh PX fool you. Under its colored silicone body jacket is an aluminum clad camera. This point and shoot camera is so compact that its lens doesn’t extend when it’s turned on, giving it a sleeker appearance. Instead of extending its lens, it uses a periscope-style lens win an image stabilizer sensor at one end. Although the PX is quite simple to use, more advance features are also available like adjustable upper limit of Auto ISO and a variety of scene modes.

Ricoh PX highlights:

•Image stabilized 16MP 1/2.3-inch CCD
•28-140mm equivalent internal zoom lens
•Waterproof to 3 meters and Shockproof p to 1.5 meters
•720p HD video
•ISO 100-3200
•Subject-tracking AF

Click here and start shooting your pictures on land, sea, and air.

Forerunner 910XT – The Iron-watch for the Ironman

Triathlon athletes are one of the most conditioned athletes in the world and they deserve no less than the new Garmin Forerunner 910XT with Premium Heart Rate Monitor as their training partner. Why? Because no other all-in-one multi-sport watch can provide GPS information, in depth swim metrics, distance traveled, pace, elevation, and heart rate as they swim, pedal, and run their way to victory.

The Forerunner 910XT boasts a design that works well with water sports. Aside from being water resistant up to 50 meters, this sports watch captures, calculates and displays a wide range of swimming metrics including distance swam, stroke type, stroke count, pool lengths, and “swolf” score. Its GPS function works well with open water swimming as it captures the direction and course of your travel which the athlete can later view on Garmin’s free online community.

When used on land, the Forerunner 910XT shares the same features with the other Garmin advanced sport watches. The 910XT even comes with barometric altimeter that helps get accurate measurement of different elevation data. Other features include customizable date fields for each sport, vibration alerts, and a long lasting 20-hour battery life.

Garmin knows that in every Triathlon, time is the most precious commodity that’s why they designed the 910XT to change into different sports mode with a single press of button for faster and smoother transition between each phases of the race. They even provided an optional quick release mount that allows the watch to be easily transferred from the wrist to the bike handle bars. Other optional accessories include ANT plus sensors and power meters.

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Bring Your Music Anywhere with Eco Pod

So you’ve been searching for a rugged all terrain speaker case that will allow you to take your music just about anywhere? End your search now because the Eco Pod is here! It is the best outdoor case in the market made for your iPhone, Android, or any mp3 player. The said case amazingly floats with standard payload and is IPX7 certified to keep water out of the gadget at three feet of water for 30 minutes. Plus, it comes with IPX7 waterproof ear buds which connect to the POD’s waterproof headset jack.

With the Eco Pod, you now have a way to keep your music player dry and secure and this means, you can rock and splash without any worries. Because the POD case, along with the ear buds and headset jack that are waterproof IPX7 certified, you can take them and your player and enjoy your favorite tunes music in all your adventures. Its rugged design makes this device perfect for use in many applications. It features a removable carabiner clip, which makes it great for attaching to your backpack, tent, canoe, or to hang from your favorite tree.

The clear front panel of the Eco Pod is made up of polycarbonate for durability. Additionally, its rugged shock resistant industrial design as well as rubberized outer shell is capable enough of absorbing knocks and drops. It’s also protects your audio device from all outdoors elements. So if there’s an adventurer, a traveler, or a music lover in you, click here and buy the perfect iphone rugged case for you.

Keep Your GIS System Updated with Magellan eXplorist Pro 10

Usually, to familiarize yourself with a new town or city you need to visit the local pub and bartender, talk to the city information officer, or read the local herald. Well, this is not the medieval ages is it? Save yourself the trouble and get first hand GIS information on any place with just a few push of buttons using the new Magellan eXplorist Pro 10. This device keeps your GIS database accurate and updated and processes huge amount of data easily within a small time. This small, lightweight, and rugged navigational gadget is one the smallest solution to the biggest GIS mobile application dilemma.

The eXplorist Pro 10 features a powerful 533MHz processor, 128MB RAM, and 4GB of onboard storage- all the specs needed to process maps and large data sets on the go. It runs on a Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, a software solution tailored to your navigational needs. The device’s integrated Bluetooth wireless technology simplifies background transfer of map data from the internet using a Bluetooth capable mobile phone. It can also be connected to other Bluetooth-enabled devices like laser rangefinders and barcode scanners, for convenient wireless solutions. The compact eXplorist Pro 10 sports other nifty features such as photo, video and voice note capture and a high-yield GPS receiver with 3 to 5 meters real-time location accuracy. The portable eXplorist Pro 10 is definitely one of the most affordable solution to make the most of GIS productivity up to date.

Get the Magellan eXplorist here.

3D HERO System – Combines Two 1080p HD HERO Cameras in One Housing

Have you been looking for ways or devices that will allow you to record 3D video and photos while recording in 2D simultaneously? If you already own a 1080p HD HERO camera and your friend or another member of your family also has one, your search is over! The 3D HERO System is now here to help you achieve that! How? By allowing you to combine two 1080p HERO cameras into a single housing. Through this, you can record 3D video and photos and at the same time record in 2D.

This system, which is offered at US$99.99, comes with a synchronization cable that plugs into the rear HERO Port on both cameras to fuse them together. This will enable both cameras to record photos and videos in perfect synchronization. This is a must for professional quality 3D right? And it’s good news that this is available only from GoPro. Also included is a 3D editing software called GoPro Cineform Studio, which makes it easy for you to convert your 3D HERO system footage into viewable 3D files. That means, you can watch it on your computer, on a 2D or 3D TV, and even at online sites.

To know more about the 3D HERO System, here are its notable features:

  • Mounting System is compatible with all GoPro accessories
  • 3D waterproof housing is rated 180’/60m deep
  • Record 3D and 2D video and photo files simultaneously
  • Includes FREE easy-to-use 3D editing software—GoPro CineForm Studio

When you purchase such system, you’ll also get a 3D waterproof housing, 3D waterproof door + skeleton door, 3D hero sync cable, 3D anaglyph glasses, helmet front mount, 2 flat and 2 curved adhesive mounts, assorted mounting hardware. If you don’t have a camera yet, then purchase a GoPro HERO Camera at Amazon.