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The Wall Projection Scale – Don’t Let the Bulge Block that Reading

Being overweight can be really frustrating, especially if your bulging tummy looks like that of a full-term pregnant mommy. And it’s doubly frustrating if when you try to weigh yourself on top of a typical weighing scale, all you can see is your bulging tummy instead of the scale’s reading. Now, isn’t it time you start that battle against the bulge? Yes, losing weight can be quite a challenge. But if you think about the risk that comes with being overweight, you better consider your option. Now, if only there’s a way for you to get that weighing scale reading without your bulge blocking it out. Oh yes, there’s a way – get rid of that old weighing scale and use The Wall Projection Scale instead.

The main difference of this wall projection scale over the typical scale is that instead of looking down to read your weight, you will have to look onto the wall because that is where the weight reading is projected. Gone are the days when you have to struggle looking down simply because your bulging tummy is blocking the way or ask someone to read your weight for you while you are on top of the scale. There’s no way you’ll miss the reading because it’s projected on the wall in large red numerals, plus you have the option to increase its size by simply adjusting the height of the lens projector.

So, don’t let the bulge block your weight reading! Order The Wall Projection Scale here now!