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W8 Walkman™ Phone – Sony Ericsson’s Android Touchscreen Smartphone

Sony Ericsson has long launched its music handset lineup and now they are up for more – introducing the W8 Walkman™ Phone! But unlike the previous music phone models, this one is made even better because apart from being a walkman phone, it’s also an Android touchscreen smartphone. Although it’s designed mainly with the music lovers in mind, its Android touchscreen and other customizable features will lure even the not-so-music-lover crowd. So whether you want to lose yourself in the tunes you love or simply enjoy the full-packed yet very easy customizable features of this Android phone, the W8 will certainly not let you down.

So, what’s new with this walkman phone? For one, it has customizable corners. True, you can have it your way! Want YouTube at the top? Or perhaps, the Walkman™ player at the bottom left? The choice is definitely yours. Make your homescreen’s corners more personalized. If you think it would be easier for you to access your favorite music with the player at the bottom left, then do so. This customizable feature is just all about one-hand navigation made easy.

What else is new? Oh, the Android touchscreen! Talking about ease-of-use and real convenience, the 3″ touchscreen is a total WOW! With this feature, connecting through 3G or Wi-Fi, typing messages on the virtual QWERTY keyboard, and finding your way with GPS and Google Maps are as easy as counting 1-2-3.

And last but definitely not the least, this phone offers more apps than your previous Sony Ericsson phones. Personalize your W8 by simply choosing from more than 150,000 fun and useful applications on Android Market™. Most of these apps can be downloaded for free, so no worries!

This newest addition to Sony Ericsson’s music handset lineup is really something that you should look forward to. But if you’re not yet ready for an Android touchscreen, then suit yourself with these Sony Walkman phones and other products at Amazon.

Sony Walkman NWZ-E450

Trendy and young music lovers now have a cool, colorful music buddy – that’s the feature-loaded Sony WALKMAN E450 Video MP3 player. This is ideal as your daughter’s or son’s first music player since it comes in five color choices such as blue, black, green, red, and pink. It is outfitted with new, innovative interface that makes it fun and easy to use. The unit’s playback screen allows you to scroll all through a large, bold view of cover artwork on the clear QVGA screen. What’s more exciting is, users can customize their background wallpapers using their own photos or by selecting from an array of designs.

The NWZ-E450 features a New Scene Search which makes it easy for users to identify the exact scene in long videos by going through a series of thumbnail images. If you want to match your music to your mood, you can make use of Sony’s SensMe technology which automatically analyses and sorts out your music library to make a series of themed channels. Also, this music player comes with Lyrics Sync feature which supports the famous .lrc file format to display the words of your songs on screen.

What would make you love this WALKMAN even more is the new Karaoke Mode which makes you enjoy singing along with your favorite songs. The gadget automatically reduces the vocal level of the original performer in order for your voice to be clearly heard over the backing track. Also unique to Sony is the Bookmark function which enables users to make, add, or edit up to five of your personal playlists. Is your daughter drooling over this gadget? Then purchase this Sony Walkman NWZS545RED 16 GB Video MP3 Player (Red) at Amazon now.

Limited Edition Sony WALKMAN W252 – Wearable, Water Resistant MP3 Player

To celebrate the launch of the most anticipated METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER, Sony has released a special limited edition Walkman W252. This is a water resistant and wearable MP3 player with exceptional green camouflage finish. This all-in-one, wire-free MP3 player is also preloaded with six music tracks from the mentioned game. In every pack of special edition WALKMAN, you’ll also find a coupon containing a unique code that can be used to unlock hidden characters. Since it is made to fit today’s dynamic lifestyle, the Walkman W252 is the first ever wire-free Sony MP3 player that’s resistant to water splashes. So you can use it even when it’s raining or when you’re working out in a gym.

With the gizmo’s 2GB capacity, you sure have enough room for even up to approximately 470 songs. Its light and sporty all-in-one design frees you from having to deal with tangle of wire. It is also outfitted with 13.5mm EX Series headphones that provide secure and comfortable fit as well as clear and very powerful sound. By just charging it for three minutes, you can enjoy using it for even up to 90 minutes. When its battery is fully charged, you can enjoy up to 11 hours uninterrupted listening time.

Moreover, Walkman W252 features Supplied Content Transfer software which enables drag-and-drop transfer of music files and playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries. This unit will be available in June 2010 in selected markets. For the meantime, you can see Amazon’s line of Sony style MP3 player.

Sony Walkman NWZ-W250

Fitness buffs would love this new music player from Sony. The W250 features a lightweight alternative to the Shuffle. Instead of having the headphones and the music player as two separate components, it is joined as one in the W250. This give users a hands-free music experience while working out. Just imagine that you need not to have wires running underneath your shirt whenever you listen to music while jogging. All you have to do is attach this music player to your neck and ears and you’re ready to go. No worries getting this wet with sweat since it is also water resistant. So even if you sweat like a bacon on a frying pan, the music player will still continue to operate. A sudden rain wouldn’t stop you from jogging because of the reason that your music player might get wet – the W250 can handle it.

The W250 comes in 2GB or 4GB version. With the 2GB model, you can store approximately 470 songs (at 128kbps and about four minutes each). Transferring music from computer to the Walkman is very easy with the Content Manager. It enables automatic playlist syncing from iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Hate forgetting to charge your mp3 player? Then always have some music to your workouts with the quick charge function. You can have the Walkman charged for 3 minutes and keep it playing for 90 minutes! Let it stay in longer and you will get full battery that can keep the music playing for 11 hours.

Get headphones style Walkman music players at Amazon.

Sony Sound Mug RDP-NWV500

Look at all the dock speakers out there. They are the traditional bar or cube design and some have spherical shapes. But this new speaker from Sony takes on a new look for its proprietary dock speaker.

The Sound Mug is a speaker which takes the design of a tumbler than a mug actually. Sony suggests that you can use the Sound Mug both at home and while inside the car. When at home, there is cradle for the speaker and a dock for a Walkman music player. It may be a proprietary speaker when docked but a 3.5mm audio cable is available for you to connect your iPod, Zune, laptop, etc. If you go outside the house, you can bring the Sound Mug with you and place it in the cup holder of your car. The body is specifically designed to fit regular sized cup holders so the speaker won’t move anywhere and a 12V adapter is also included.

This speaker has 16 watts of power; fairly decent for its size. The design of audio output suggests that a good placement would be somewhere in the middle of an area as a coffee table or the middle cup holder of a car. There is a mini remote control that can do basic stuffs like change the volume, skip tracks, etc.

Thinking about it, using this as a speaker inside your car might be only good for older cars because more recent car models come with a 3.5mm jack. Also, you can either use an FM transmitter which is far smaller than bringing the Sound Mug. This way, you harness the raw power of your car’s speakers which definitely is more powerful.