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Have Fun Recording your Voice and Playing it Reversed

During rainy days or at times when kids can’t go out and play, you need to think of some fun indoor activities that will make their day. It must be something entertaining that you and your family can share together. Thanks to Takara Tomy for inventing a device that will encourage you and your kids to interact and at the same time amuse all of you. That’s the Sakasa Master Japan Voice Recorder. This device doesn’t only offer family bonding value but also entertainment value. Mind you, this is no ordinary voice recorder and you can get addicted to it.

The Sakasa Master is way easy to use. You just have to press the Record Button and say a phrase or some words, and press the Play button. Amazingly, what you have recorded will be played in reverse! Isn’t it fun to know how the words you speak everyday sound like when they get reversed? This is truly perfect for family contests and some plain silliness with your loved ones. You sure will hear your kids having a good laugh. Aside from reversing whatever you say, this gadget can also teach your kiddos how to properly pronounce some words!

True, the silly things you can do using this machine are unlimited! It is also very easy to use and it’s suitable for ages six and up. This voice recorder is offered a budget-friendly price so if there are special occasions coming up, this can make a unique gift for your kids, your friends, and your loved ones! Click here and purchase the Sakasa Master Reverse Voice Recorder now!

Catch Even the Careless Whispers with USB Digital Voice Recorder

The evidence never lies and so does a voice recorder, how many movies have their hero’s name cleared from an evil frame up because of a carefully recorded confession of an over talkative villain? Not to be a devil’s advocate but recording conversations even the ones over the phone can save your hide unless it’s illegal in your region to do so, in that case – you didn’t get the idea here. When it comes to voice recording, forget cassette tapes, coffee and stakeout, there’s a new stylish and compact USB device that let’s you capture audio in amazing detail and clarity. Whether you’re saving your thoughts, taking verbal notes from a lecture or meeting, recording a promise for future reference, or on a super secret investigation, the USB Digital Voice Recorder will perfectly work for you.

This nifty little voice recording gadget can capture audio on the go, upon voice activation (which is super cool) or even on a set scheduled date and time. Old voice recorders only hold minutes of data, this digital voice recorder can save up to 560 HOURS of audio and up to 200 individual audio files in its built-in 2GB flash memory. It’s also MULTI-functional for it can also serve as a handy mp3 player, telephone conversation recorder (remember the movie Taken?) and a USB flash drive.

The USB Digital Voice Recorder offers three recording modes and supports ACT, WAV and MP3 audio formats. The device comes in a ready to use package that includes a user manual, telephone recorder adapter, mic, earphones, software CD with ACT to WAV converter, 3.5 mm male to male audio cable, RJ11 male to male cable and an AC adapter.

Follow this link for more on the USB Digital Voice Recorder.

AnyBook Reader: Story-Telling and Book-Reading Made More Innovative

Are you a working mom who often goes home late with your children already asleep? Have you been promising your children for the longest time that you’ll read them a book before bed, but finding it hard to do so because of your heavy workload at the office? If you answer yes to both questions, then no doubt – you need the new AnyBook Reader!

Nope, it’s not an ebook reader. It’s a device that can record your voice as you read a story from the page of any book. This way, your children can listen to your voice before bed (or anytime they want, actually) and feel like you’re just beside them reading a story. The AnyBook Reader comes with special stickers that you only have to stick to each page of a book. Then, tap the sticker with the reader and you can now read while the device will automatically record your voice. Every time your children want to hear your voice, they just have to open the book to their desired page and tap on the sticker so that they’ll hear your recorded voice reading the page. The said reader can store up to 60 hours of your records. All it will need to work are a couple of AAA batteries – no need for internet connection or any other complicated requirement for that matter.

With this AnyBook Reader available, your children will feel like you’re always there. Although it’s not designed to alter your presence, it can help you every now and then when you can’t be around for your children because of other pressing tasks.

That Tiny Voice Recorder Called Echo Bot

Don’t you just hate it when somebody sneaks into your room and boos you while you’re busy working on something? It would have been okay if you can easily go back to what you are doing after that big surprise. But if not, then you need a highly reliable gadget that will serve as basic intruder alarm like the Echo Bot.

Designed mainly as a tiny voice recorder, the Echo Bot features a little button that when pressed, you can record up to 10 seconds of audio. Record something like “Boo”, “Yes, what do you want?” or “Knock first before you enter!” and that tiny recorder will repeat your message once it detects movement up to 3.3 feet away.

How to install it? Well, you don’t have to. Its three legs are designed with suction cup at the end, enabling you to stick the Echo Bot anywhere you please. Place it near your door or simply in a conspicuous place inside your home, and it’ll start pooping once it detects movement.

Isn’t it great to have a companion as cool as the Echo Bot? Now, your room will be a nicer workplace and quieter than the usual. No more distracting surprises on your side! But the intruder who wants to sneak into your room will sure have lots with the Echo Bot in place.

So when asked, “What’s that cute little gadget near your room?” Just answer, “It’s that tiny voice recorder called Echo Bot. Try it! It’s so much fun!”

GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab

As early as 1 year old, your kid has developed that interest in music and in sound, right? You even found yourself laughing while listening to your little one sing Twinkle Twinkle or perhaps London Bridge for the first time. Much more, when they started to learn imitating animal sounds like Maa, Meow, and Bow-wow. Yes, children singing and making sound are so cute. And they look even cuter if they are able to dance and do some actions according to the sound and music. But hey, don’t you think it is high time they learn about the song or the sound they make? They will sure have more fun if they are able to learn about sound and electronics with this GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab.

geosafari_digital_recording_labThe GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab is a rhythmic sound generator, digital voice recorder, electronic parrot, and voice alarm in one. In order for your child to take advantage of all these, he has to connect all the components of each project, which are permanently installed on the device, and make sure they are in proper sequence through the use of connection wires. To make the task easier for him, a fully illustrated project guide is included in the package for his reference. This will teach him a lot, from the order of the wires up to the different functions of all the electronic components.

The GeoSafari is recommended for kids ages 10 and up. So, if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your 10-year old boy this Christmas, better choose the GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab.