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SANYO KBC-L2 eneloop Mobile Booster – Power on the Go

The main reason why mobile gadgets such as cellphones, smart phones, PDAs, eBook readers, music players, and portable gaming consoles are must-have for travelers is because they keep them connected and occupied at the same time. Waiting for boarding at the airport nor traveling on a good 12-hour road trip can be really stressful. But with these gadgets on hand, any traveler would hardly notice the time. Agree? For sure, you also have your own set of travel gadgets. Now, what do you do in case any of those run out of battery? Do you wait for the trip to be over to have them recharged? If that’s the case, then you better get the SANYO KBC-L2 eneloop Mobile Booster before your next travel.

The Mobile Booster provides up to 240 minutes of power or an extra 4 hours to keep you connected even on the go. True enough, it’s power on the go – so you’ll never run out of battery again. Losing power for your favorite mobile devices while on the go can be really frustrating. Good thing, Mobile Booster is here to the rescue. It even includes 2 USB outputs, so you can charge not just one but two devices at the same time. And since it can be charged via AC adapter or USB, you’ve got two options there. Plus, it boasts a lightweight, compact design, so no worries about the extra weight you’d be carrying because of multiple chargers. With the Mobile Booster, all your mobile devices are covered, which is really such a convenience.

Order the SANYO 5000 mAh eneloop Mobile Booster and Charger for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, HTC, BlackBerry, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy S, LG, Nintendo DS now!

MiPow PowerTube 2200 – Gets Your Gadgets Going, Going, and Going

There’s no denying that cool gadgets such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and digital cameras bring so much conveniences in our lives. With our mobile phones, we can practically surf the Internet and keep us connected to our friends and family wherever we are. MP3 players allow us to take our favorite music anytime, anywhere; while digital cameras enable us to capture the moments and fond memories. But all these gadgets will be rendered useless if they run out of battery. And that would be doubly frustrating if they happen to lose power while we are on travel. Luckily, the MiPow Power Tube 2200 is here to the rescue!

The PowerTube Mini is an on-the-move battery charger that you can connect to your gadgets so they’ll be restored to life. Gone are the days of bringing along two or more separate chargers and searching for outlet just to charge your gadgets. Even on the move, you can charge your iPod, iPhone, and camera with the PowerTube Mini. Simply connect it via USB to your laptop to give it enough battery to get your gadgets going, going, and going.

So what specific gadgets can you charge using this on-the-move battery charger? The MiPow PowerTube is supplied with the following connectors: Samsung, Blackberry Moto V8, LG, HTC Moto V3, NDS, PSP, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Apple (iPod and iPhone), and USB. If you have all these gadgets, then all the more you need the PowerTube Mini to make charging a lot easier and convenient for you especially when you are on the go.

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Optoma 3D-XL Projector Adaptor – It’s Something You Can Strap into Your Sofa

No one can discount the pleasure and excitement 3D TVs can give us. But with our finances getting tighter and tighter each day, it isn’t practical to pay over the odds for inch by inch upgrades. Oh yes, why do that if you can instantly convert your home cinema system into an absolutely thrilling 3D environment? How? By simply getting an Optoma 3D-XL Projector Adaptor. This gadget allows for wide screen, fully immersive 3D projection right at the comforts of your own home!

This adaptor, being the silently dignified middleman that it is, will neatly connect your 3D source to a DLP projector and presto! You can enjoy supersized 3D projected images. They’re called supersized because the images projected are larger than 100 inches. This new Optoma adaptor boasts a native resolution of 720p 1280 x 720 and maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p. Furthermore, the 3D XL adaptor is compatible not just with 14 projectors in the Optoma range but also with those produced by Acer and Benq. It can also be used with Blu-ray 3D players, and Sky 3D boxes. It also takes pride in being compatible with PS3 games.

Interested? Don’t think twice! Be a proud owner of the world’s first 3D projector adaptor! Click here and pre-order the Optoma 3D-XL Projector Adaptor now! We will ship it to your nominated address as soon as we have it in stock! If you want, you can also choose to be informed via email the moment your pre-ordered item arrives in stock!

Dell Studio LED Monitors Out without the Hefty Price Tags

Launched to satiate every crystal clear studio-like widescreen demand is the 22-inch (ST2220), 23-inch (ST2320) and 24-inch (ST2420) variants of Dell Studio LED monitors! These monitors are Dell’s answer to high electricity consumption and waning LED monitor excellence. They are also highly regarded for thie brilliant image displays without the hefty price tags known to most top quality LED monitors!

Dell Studio LED monitors feature high-definition (HD) resolution pictures at 1920 x 1080 full ratings. They are engineered with mega dynamic contrast ratio of 7,000,000 to 8,000,000 to 1. These new LED monitors of Dell are responsive rated at 5 ms, from typical black to white. They are also characterized with high aspect ratio of 16 is to 9. Of course, not to be missed is the elegant design of each of these sleek LED monitors. They are beautifully engineered with arsenic-free glass materials, as well as mercury-free panels panels. The bottom lighting when powered with intuitive controls, they are truly cool gadgets in every home.

More importantly, Dell Studio LED monitors comply with ENERGY STAR 5.0. This makes each of the new LED monitors of Dell environmentally conscious displays in the industry. That, and the technology used in making Dell Studio LED monitors lead to reduced energy consumption of every ST2220L, ST2320L, and ST2321L in the industry. All these will not compromise the other features of Dell LED monitors that include VGA and DVI connectivity.
Today, these LED monitors are priced as follows: ST2220L ($199.99), ST2220M ($189.99), ST2320L ($229.99) and ST2420L ($259.99).

View the rest of DEll LED monitor pricing here

Dell Streak: Your All-In-One Gadget On The Go

A smartphone and a tablet in one – how’d you like that? Well fact is, we can’t really pinpoint or categorize the Dell Streak between a smartphone and a tablet. It has the characteristics of both, and even more, which make it very appealing.

The Streak is a device that will allow you to do a lot of things, and you can bring it with you anywhere you go, all thanks to its compact 6 x 3.1 x 0.4 inches dimensions. Listening in to your favorite music or playing your favorite games would sure be fun with Google Android OS. You can also take photos or videos on the go without hassles with the device’s front and back camera and 5MP resolution. Plus, you’re guaranteed to stay connected with the Streak. Its combination of 3G mobile broadband, WiFi, and Bluetooth makes you connected to the world at all times, whether you’re in the jungles of Africa or in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The device will even allow you to upload photos in Facebook and Twitter anytime. Not impressed by those features yet? How about a built-in A-GPS and e-compass that will help you navigate the road with no hassles? And, you can enjoy all these with a 5” damage-resistant screen that will show you all you need through a crystal clear glass.

Of course, all these are useless without enough storage. You’ll be glad to know that the Dell Streak offers almost no-limit storage capabilities. And, you wouldn’t have to wait long because the Streak will be available this late July. Perfect treat!