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Let your Kid’s Play Time a Learning Time Too with Vtech Kidiminiz

Educational toy is a good reinforcement to the development of children. Aside from letting them enjoy their play time, they also start to learn things at a young age while stimulating their sensory development. Let your kids experience all of these with the new Vtech Kidiminiz. This interactive educational toy lets your child learn the significance of cause and effect, problem solving and improves your child’s hand/eye coordination and sensory development.

The Vtech Kidiminiz features a mode button that allows you to select different activities like Free Play, Clean Me, Sing and Dance, Feed Me, and Clock. In Free Play mode, the pet responds to clapping and follows around when you place a food in front of it. You can also hear funny sounds, melodies and even sentences. The Clean Me lets you help keep the Kidiminiz neat by pressing its paws (for Kitten and Puppy) and by clapping your hands (for Bunny). The Sing and Dance activity makes your pet react when you clap by singing or dancing with the music. There are 3 different songs for each pet. The Feed Me lets you choose a food by pressing the paws until you see the desired food on the screen. Available foods depend on the type of pet whether for a kitten, puppy or bunny. The Clock Mode lets you set the clock or use it as alarm clock by pressing the Set button and paws. Moreover, the Kidiminiz comes with mini games for additional activities and a volume button for adjusting from low, medium to high sound level.

You can change the Kidiminiz’s face on Free Play and mini games. There are 3 sets of eyes, noses, and mouths to choose from. You can also let your pet play with another Kidiminiz and see them talk or sing to each other. Only 2 pets are recommended and must be used with adult supervision since the Kidiminiz pets are suitable for children 3 years old and above. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Let your kids play while learning too, order the Vtech Kidiminiz here!

3-in-1 All Terrain Robot Will Make an Exceptional Gift

Technological advances have paved a way for toys that are more exciting and more enjoyable than ever. And one of these toys is the 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot. This multi-function tracked mobile robotic kit is perfect if you’re looking for the right gift not just for kids but for people who deserve to have fun. The said robot amazingly careens around your house, into the garden, and almost anywhere you want. It comes complete with six caterpillar tracks that provide it with great grip and maneuverability.

This kit lets you use different track modules. You can transform your robot into three marvelous variations: the forklift, rover, and gripper. When in forklift mode, the All Terrain Robot (ATR) acts like a mini industrial fork lift that can lift up to 100 g in weight; in rover mode, its tank-like treads allow it to go through any type of surface; and when in gripper mode, the robot’s strong arms grab and pull objects into its grasp so it can lift anything up to 100g and bring it to your desired location. With the wired controller, you can command the robot to make a move forward and backward. You can also ask it to turn, grip and lift.

Considered as a rugged beast, the 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot Kit is definitely something that will be enjoyed by kids and teenagers and will be loved even by adults. So if there’s a special occasion coming up, you better click here and purchase the 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot Kit now and surprise your loved one!

Hasbro MY3D – Add Another Depth to Your iPhone/iPod Touch

Are you looking for new iPhone accessories to add to your collection? Then check out the new MY3D 360-degree handheld viewer from Hasbro. This one of a kind gadget connects to iPhone or iPod touch and enables you to immerse in a realistic and immersive 3D experience. Using advanced Hasbro-exclusive 3D technology and 360-degree content viewer, MY3D delivers top of the line entertainment and gaming to iPhone and iPod touch customers. Additionally, MY3D features two access points in which you can use to interact with the multi-touch screen of iPhone or iPad. Optional cradles are also available to be used with specific iPhone or iPod touch models. Hasbro MY3D supports iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and second, third, and fourth generation iPod touch.

To start the 3D experience, you must first download the MY3D apps from Apple’s App Store. The current apps available are MY3D PRESENTS, MY3D 360 degrees SHARKS, MY3D SECTOR 17, MY3D TELEPORT L.A., MY3D BUBBLE BOLT, MY3D TUNNEL PILOT, and MY3D SHATTERSTORM. After downloading these apps, you can now begin enjoying your new 3D digital content and 360-degree environment. Here are a few brief introductions on the first batch of MY3D apps: SHARKS is a third-person (or shark) underwater shark adventure on which you can hunt virtual oceans, SECTOR 17 takes place in a galactic battle in which you play as gunner of a space ship that protects a sector of a far away galaxy, and MY3D TELEPORT L.A allows you to explore the sights and sounds of Santa Monica Pier. Those are just the tip of the iceberg; expect more apps as Hasbro collaborates with big entertainment companies to provide more digital contents and theatrical trailers.

The MY3D viewer will come in either black or white with an MSRP $34.99.

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Voice Control Helicopter – You’ll be Amazed!

If after years of playing, you now find old RC helicopter pretty boring, then you must start looking for a new and more interesting flying thingy. Is there something more fascinating than a voice-controlled helicopter? Yes, you read it right! The Voice Control Helicopter is now out in the market to amaze you and your kids as it responds to your commands. In fact, loaded in this toy are five commands and it is more than willing to obey almost all your aviation whims.

This is your heli-servant that you can ask to start its engine, fly higher or lower, hold something, and stop the moment it has landed. Along with your voice commands, there’s a remote control that you can use to turn the helicopter left and right. Its in-built forward motion ensures that it is going to the right direction. Moreover, there’s also a kind of ceiling sensor so your flying servant won’t hit the ceiling and fall off. What make this helicopter attractive are its cool LED lights. You can charge it up so easily via the handset.

If you have European friends and relatives, the Voice Control Helicopter proves to be a very cool gift because it also understands commands in French or Spanish. To give commands, all you need is to use the headset that comes with this toy. You won’t have any problem in setting it up because you’ll get detailed instruction manual upon purchase. Click here and get a Voice Control Helicopter now!

Fable – A Tablet Specially Made for Your Children

The children’s book days may be over as Isabella Products unveiled Fable – a new completely interactive tablet geared towards children. Fable allows children to read, draw, play and even connect to a mobile broadband network thru its tots-friendly 7-inch high resolution LCD touch screen. It will feature Isabella’s exclusive carousel navigation GUI and will come pre-installed with well known children’s stories and picture books like Curious George, Martha Speaks, George and Martha and other story book collections from global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Fable can securely connect to Isabella’s content management system to allow children to connect to educational and entertaining digital content almost anywhere including at home, at school or on the road. Its integrated e-Reader software provides instant viewing of Fable library that’s composed of both pre-loaded and purchased reading materials. Children and parents can even add to their collection additional eBooks by buying them from VizitMe online bookstore accessible directly from Fable.

Additional features of Fable include an artistic toolset with digital markers, paintbrushes, magic pens and different shapes that can be used to draw and color on a blank page, coloring pages and photos. For some fun and games, interactive games based on numbers, reading, food, colors, shapes and other themes based on HMH and other publishers are available. There’s also a photo sharing apps that uploads pictures and images taken from the built-in camera to Fables own gallery and coloring book. Finally, for safety, Fable’s access to digital content and security settings can be monitored and restricted by parents thru pin codes and password protected VizitMe account.

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