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Lenovo Essential C325 – A Family-Friendly All-in-one Home PC

When you are looking for a home device, one of the major factors you need to know is if it could accommodate the needs of the whole family. This is also true when buying a home PC. Lenovo modernized an affordable home computer into a space-saving all-in-one design with rich family friendly features through their new Lenovo C-Series Essential C325 desktop. The Lenovo C325 is powered by AMD Dual Core E450 processor for high-speed performance and uses AMD Radeon HD graphics for high-definition gaming experience. It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium OS and features a 20-inch intuitive multi-touch screen with flexible viewing angle for a more convenient control of the desktop. No need to constantly delete important family files as the Lenovo C325 can be upgraded up to 1TB HDD storage and has easy access to HDD and memory for simple upgrades.

Since the Lenovo C325 is designed for the whole family, it boasts user-friendly features like Lenovo Dynamic Brightness System that automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on ambient light conditions thus protecting the eyes as well as Lenovo Eye Distance System that alerts the user if he or she is too close to the screen. There is also the Lenovo IdeaTouch that includes a range of touch-optimized multimedia applications and Lenovo Rescue System that allows easy backup and recovery of data. Other features include audio-in port that lets you play music from your MP3 player without switching on the computer, integrated storage space for matching, contemporary AccuType keyboard, 0.3M high-sense webcam, USB 2.0, USB 3.01 connectors, Bluetooth, 6-in-1 card reader, HDMI output, DVD reader/writer, and optional TV tuner. It also has stable full-metal stand for secure positioning inside your home.

If you are planning to have a family computer at competitive price, Lenovo Essential C325 is a good buy. To give you more options, take a look at Lenovo Essential desktops here.

LG Xenon GR500 AT&T GSM Touch Phone

As long as communication and durability matters LG never stops to create something that would fit in your  needs for enjoyment, communication and style. The LG Xenon GR500 AT&T GSM Touch Phone has it all, an admirable touch screen with features for social networks ready to use supported with an internet browser that completes the fun of web fanatics. It has an mp3 player for music enthusiast, a video and camera recorder allows you to keep every single moment of life preserve through captivating photos and memorable events recorded. This will be the best fit for travelers, students and people on the go who would prefer  handsets  that’s easy to use yet fully loaded with useful features and applications that they can benefit the most.  Newly designed for better communication the LG Xenon Gr500 has receive a lot of great reviews, known to be one of the best messaging carrier in US .

Mobility with style is what it markets, This handset looks more elegant with its Red and black colors enhanced with a bright adjustable light  form its 16 bit color screen display. Updated by changeable themes and menu skins, and a long lasting battery consumption with 264 hours stand time and a 240 minutes talk time. Memory can be supported with a Micro SDHC card with optional saving gateway, internal memory/external memory protecting your phone for bugging down . This is how LG preserves its successful image in technology and innovation by providing quality products and services and staying competitive with their price.


Voice-Activated Dialing,Java Enabled, , MMS Enabled, Polyphonic Ringtones, Video Streaming, Global Ready, Video Recording, Color Screen, Bluetooth Enabled, GPS, Calendar, Email Access, Internet Browser, MP3 Player, SMS-Text Messaging, 3G Data Cap,GPS Navigation, Memory Card Slot, Quad Band

The LG Xenon GR500 is available here:


The LG Xenon GR500 is a fully featured Phone with GPS Navigation, MP3 Player, Stereo Bluetooth, Memory Card Slot, Quad Band, Camera & Video, Plus

Type Fast and Easy with the Nuu Minikey

Touchscreen phones are the in today, just like the iPhone. But there are a few people who’d rather use their old mobile phones because they are a lot easier to navigate, much more to send messages. Typing in iPhone does not really have to require so much of your time and effort. In fact, you can type fast and easy only if you have this nifty gadget called Nuu MiniKey.

At first, you might think that the Nuu MiniKey is simply a Bluetooth-friendly case for your iPhone. But try to flip it out and you’ll get a keyboard that will provide you with the speedy typing you need. Not only that, since you no longer need your iPhone’s virtual keyboard, you get to enjoy larger screen area, which makes it more convenient for people who constanly misspell words because their view is limited with the small screen.

How about navigation? Well, the Nuu MiniKey features navigation keys that allow you to find a specific spot in your composition with so much ease. It also includes a clever command key, providing you more convenience when it comes to editing and copy pasting. And with its brilliant back light, you no longer have to worry about typing in the dark or in poorly-lit areas.

So why settle with your old mobile phone if you can get an iPhone and then combine it with this ingenious Bluetooth-friendly case? Never misspell a word again nor spend an hour or so just to compose an email, message, or blog. Type fast and easy with the Nuu MiniKey now!

ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio – Giving You the Day’s Weather Forecast

If the weather is very important to your work and your everyday routine, then there’s nothing better than owning something that could provide you with weather forecast for the day while doing other practical functions. Why not get an ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio which also serves as a digital photo frame? This component comes with a 3.5-inch display face so you can easily start your day watching your favorite photos and hearing the day’s weather forecast. You can also listen to music, videos, and almost everything the World Wide Web has to offer.

Unlike other alarm clocks with very limited, old-school functionality, this internet clock radio offers unmatched entertainment while doubling as a source of reliable and useful information. With its touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity, the ALTAZ Internet Clock Radio/Digital Photo Frame provides consumers with news and weather reports, photo slideshows, video, Internet radio, and different famous Internet applications. This product is made because the company knows that the buying public is looking for more inventive ways to play and share their digital media.

Its 3.5-inch touchscreen Internet Clock Radio will sure keep you smiling all day long. When you’re on the go, it will naturally tell you where you are and it will wake you up before you get into your destination. Among the amazing features that make it a reasonably independent gizmo are its built-in battery and SD card reader. Interested in owning one? Visit Amazon and purchase an Altaz Internet Clock Radio with Net Applications now!

DreamScreen 400 Brings HP Technology Closer in India

Rest of the world feast your eyes on the new HP DreamScreen 400 and keep dreaming to own one. Why? Because unless you’re dreaming or you live in India, chances are you’ll never see one of these HP region exclusive all-in-one PCs on your desk. The new DreamScreen 400 is born thru HP’s effort to bring the power on the internet and localized content closer to the family of all ages and generation. This desktop is specially made for India by India with the goals to improve education, provide news and entertainment, connect families, develop spiritual life and provide a quick and easy access to the World Wide Web using a simple touch interface.
The DreamScreen is basically made to make information relevant to household members within reach with just a few taps of the fingers. HP collaborated with India’s top content and service providers to create a special system suitable for all members of the family including tech first timers.

The intuitive UI offers quick access to a vast of information from school curricula to Bollywood TV and music, these are not just limited in English but available in local Hindi as well. Video calls are made as simple as dialing an onscreen keypad or touching an image. Even religious services are broadcasted right at home in real time from webcams located at distant temples to deliver spiritual enlightenment straight into the desktop.

DreamScreen 400 features an 18.5-inch diagonal touchscreen display, Linux OS with an HP exclusive interface, Intel –based hardware and DVD optical drive.

You can also check out HP DreamScreen 100 10.2-Inch Wireless Connected Screen here.