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EFIKA MX Smartbook – Small, Light, and Energy Efficient

Does your work require you to travel in and out of the country from time to time? If yes, then perhaps you often bring your laptop with you. In that case, you need a really small and light laptop, and not to mention energy efficient so battery won’t easily run out during the trip. If you haven’t find one that fits all these criteria, then now is the time to switch to this small, light, and energy efficient gadget – the EFIKA MX Smartbook.

Weighing only 930 grams and measuring 10.87 x 7.13 x 0.83 inches, the EFIKA MX Smartbook is truly a compact device that you can carry with so much ease and convenience, anytime, anywhere. Now, you can say goodbye to your old laptop that weighs like a huge encyclopedia and measures like a 17 inches computer monitor. With the EFIKA MX Smartbook, traveling is made more convenient and highly energy efficient too. You don’t have to worry about running out of juice from time to time. Even at the middle of the trip, you can still use your Smartbook and do work if you’re catching up on a deadline.

Features offered by this product are basically the same with the usual smartbook in the market. Here are the full specifications of this gadget:

* 10.1″ TFT-LCD, 16:9 with LED backlight, 1024 x 600 resolution
* Freescale i.MX515 (ARM Cortex-A8 800MHz)
* 3D Graphics Processing Unit
* Multi-format HD video decoder and D1 video encoder
* 16GB Nand Flash
* External MMC / SD card slot (up to SD v2.0 and MMC v4.2)
* Internal MicroSD slot
* 802.11 b/g/n WiFi (with on/off switch)
* Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
* 2 x USB 2.0 ports
* Phone jack for headset
* Built-in 1.3MP video camera
* Built-in microphone
* Built-in stereo speaker

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DiscGear Selector 80S – Your Ultimate Disc Organizer

If you love watching movies and listening to music, chances are CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays are starting to pile up in your room. If you are the very organized type of person, having this huge collection of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays won’t be a bit of a problem. But if you’re not, well say hello to finding one CD in one shelf, then another in the drawer, and another perhaps under piles of paper on top of your desk. Good if you can remember where you place the particular CD or DVD that you need. But if not, then you better get the aid of this DiscGear Selector 80s.

The DiscGear Selector 80s is an elegant CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray archive that allows you to browse through up to 80 titles and find the exact disc that you want in seconds. It features a slide-away index and patented one-touch disc retrieval system so you are assured that you get your needed disc in no time. No need to shuffle through your messy desk or search from top to bottom just to find the disc that you want to play. With the DiscGear Selector 80s, all you need to do is sit, relax, and watch in amazement as your needed CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray is presented to you.

One more thing, this disc organizer also features a sleek, modern design, making it really stand out inside your room. So if you’re thinking about adding a different twist to your room, then you better consider getting this elegant disc organizer.

Order the Discgear Selector 80-Disc Value Disc Storage System – Blue now.

Keep Your Food Warm with Mo:Ben

The Japanese developed efficient systems that they would use on a daily basis. Even into their food, they use a simple yet functional bento box. A bento box is a Japanese lunch box where it contains all the food in a little container with dividers and sometimes with decorations to make the meal more sumptuous. This simplicity and functionality inspired the creator to design Mo:Ben.

Mo:Ben is a lunch box especially designed to keep the food inside warm. Just connect the power adapter to the Mo:Ben and set the temperature that you want to achieve inside the box. Once heated, you can remove the power adapter and the special insulating film and foam padding will keep that temperature over time. This allows you to have your meal at desired temperature when it is time to eat. The main container has two dividers to prevent mixing of food and also encourage variety of food. A compartment on top of the main food container slots the spoon and fork. There is a retractable handle on top of the Mo:Ben for easy carrying. For convenience, the food containers are all dishwasher safe.

The boxes are ergonomically designed with a futuristic feel to it. Several colors mix well with the egg like white color on the body such as red, blue, orange, green, and purple. Prototypes passed different standards for food safety, plastic material safety, and ease of everyday use.

It would be nice to see one day a Mo:Ben used for keeping my food warm.

Non Stop Spinning Top Everyone Will Surely Love

400200Do you want to go back in time when you used to play with wonderful children’s toys? Well, you can do that once again without turning back the hands of time. These days, there are lots of toys designed not just for kids but for almost everyone who wants to experience the fun of playing once more.

One of the amazing toys you can consider is the Non Stop spinning top. While tops are usually played by boys, this one comes with a design that can captivate the hearts of the ladies out there.

Getting this top is one way to astonish your mate and win the game. Unlike some tops which spin only for a few seconds or minutes and then give up, this Non Stop Top promises to keep on spinning around up to staggering eight hours. Whoa! Isn’t that amazing? It just takes a gentle twist from you and this toy will start impressing all the onlookers around. Not only does it refuse to collapse, it also presents a kaleidoscopic light show as it spins. Such a great multitasker!

So if you’re wondering what gift to give your son, brother, or friend, the Non Stop spinning top is a good choice. Even your boss can be awed once he sees this toy spinning on top of his desk! So what else are you waiting for? Check out Amazon now to get hold of this toy before everyone else does. The Amazing Non-Stop Top with Built-in Light Show proves to be the best value for your money.

Top Weird Solar Gadgets

Solar energy has been with us since time immemorial and probably will continue to stay for years. It is seen today as the great ball of fire that makes our everyday lives more miserable by giving us sweltering heat making us sweat more than a bacon of a frying pan. These solar gadgets harness the same power that trouble us to convert into something more delightful (but still weird).

1. Safari Style Solar and Battery Powered Hatsafari hat

This hat promises cool feeling for your head and face even under the sun. It is made of natural linen straw with Toyo base materials and coated with non-toxic and waterproof material to make it strong and durable. The silicon solar cells are expected to last a lifetime with proper care of course. It is recommended for camping, gardening, boating etc. In case that it gets cloudy or when indoors, the battery back-up powered by 2xAA batteries kick in to keep the mini fan running. Great idea? Sure but, not really if you want to use this as a fashion statement.

2. Photovoltaic Thin Film Cells into Wearables

That line must sound all sci-fi but is all just means like putting solar cells into clothing. Absurd? Not really. Weird? Way textile

The technology uses “Digital Textile Printing” where the designer incorporate unusual components into a design by printing fabric that matches the pattern of the component. It is like printing a bunch of plaid pattens on your jacket that are actually solar cells. Proponents of the idea think that by using this, we wouldn’t need to be close to an AC outlet to charge our phones, iPods or bluetooth device. If this type of garment gets mass produces, then imagine having a full corporate black suit complete from the coat, to tie and even to the pants is designed with photovoltaic cells ready to charge a BlackBerry.

3. Photosynthesis Solar Tree

solartreePlants were the source of harnessing solar energy to convert it into something else. Plants convert the sun’s rays into food in the form of plant sugar. Then the brainchild of the concept Vivien Muller might have the idea of “why not copy nature’s design?” and make it fashionable and hip to fit to any modern home. The whole set is supposed to work like Lego pieces that connect with one another. Detachable branches connect to the main trunk, then the twigs into the branches and so on until it connects to the “leaf” which contains the solar panels that collect energy – just like a real tree.

4. Girasol Coffee Makergirasol

This coffee maker invented by Christian Patton through a research funding by the Universidad de Quintana Roo in southern Mexico uses solar power (if it is not yet obvious). It works by preparing all the things needed in the container, let it bask under the sun for a while and you’re ready to enjoy a cup of coffee. Small enough to bring anywhere, it is recommended for camping use where a nice cup of coffee isn’t really that much available.

So there you have it, the top solar gadgets that are indeed useful but definitely weird. If you plan to get any of these things, sorry to tell you but only the Safari Style Solar Powered Hat is available through Amazon.