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Modu 1 Officially Lands on British Shores

It’s about time that one of the world’s lightest cellphone arrives in the shores of England. Consumer electronics distributor, Purelygadgets, is to begin exclusive sales of the modu 1 phone and modu jackets in the United Kingdom. The enthusiastically expected mobile phone will be a great addition to Purelygadgets’ already brimming hi-tech gadgets portfolio. Since modu’s official release about over a year ago, the British populace hasn’t been able to readily get their hands on this hot mobile phone but now it is on their shores and exclusively available from one of the best electronic gadget merchants in Europe.

The modu 1 is a petite modular and slim mobile phone. Aside from complete mobile functionality, the modu phone can also serve you as a handy music player and a mass storage device capable of holding up to 2GB worth of data. You can even customize the phone’s appearance and features to suit your different day to day activities. Change your phone just by simply inserting your modu into other devices in the modu ecosystem that includes a wide a range of fashionable phone enclosures called modu jackets. Even the innovative modu phone interface changes along with the jackets. Modu measures a meager 72.1mm (H) x 37.6mm (W) x 7.8mm (T) and features a 1.3″ OLED display with 65000 colors. It also has an integrated Bluetooth and speaker. Purelygadgets will be tagging the modu 1 phone at £129.99 but during the promotional period they will slash £30 off on a modu jacket when bought with the phone.

Swiftpoint Mouse: Portable, Fast, and Natural

Laptops are great replacements to desktops because of their portability. However, they have one feature that is not as user-friendly as the overall characteristic of the device – their touchpad. And yes, you can bring an external mouse with you, but the wires and the additional bulk is often a hassle. The solution? The Swiftpoint mouse!

The Swiftpoint is small and very portable. Unlike the usual mouse that often gets in the way, you won’t even notice this one when you’re not using it. You can use it either on your laptop’s palm rest, or on any other flat surface just like the usual mouse. One good thing about the Swiftpoint is that it’s wireless. It has a USB dock that secures it to the laptop magnetically so that you don’t have to carry it separately and it will always be available when you need it. The dock also charges the mouse. A full charge can give the mouse a 3-week life span, while a quick 30-second charge can give you an hour of use. Other than its portability, the Swiftpoint also performs well. It’s 30-40% more accurate than a touchpad, and you can use it even for critical tasks like gaming and graphic design.

And while you get both portability and performance, that’s not all – the Swiftpoint Mouse: Small, Wireless, Rechargeable, Optical Mouse held in a Natural Pen-like Grip is also comfortable to use. It’s similar to an ordinary mouse when it comes to the way you use it, so there’s no adjusting needed on your part.

Beambox Evolution R-2 Pico Projector

Due to the ever-growing popularity of compact portable devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, and personal digital assistants, Beambox came up with a component which applies the use of a projector in a handheld device – the Evolution R-2 pico projector. With 40 ANSI lumens of brightness and a 200:1 contrast ratio, the Evolution R-2 can carry the banner for pico projectors globally. This 40 Lumen LCoS chip provides users with unmatched brightness and image quality. Since it comes with a LED bulb which is expected to last for 30000 hours, you never need to replace a bulb again.

Aside from that, the Evolution R-2 also boasts native SVGA (800×600) resolution along with a 1GB hand drive. It allows you to connect directly to your DVD player, MP4 player, or laptop to be able to store images, files, and videos on the built-in memory. It also comes equipped with an on-board media player which enables you to select the files that you want to play from its user friendly menu. There is also a remote control which makes it easy for you to adjust the settings even from the comforts of your bed or chair.

Do you want to use this projector with your Mac or PC? Just hook it up through the MiniUSB port. Should you wish to use it with DVD players and other media sources, there are available A/V inputs. There’s also a small 0.5W speaker along with the headphone socket. If you’re interested, check out availability of this pico or mini projector at Amazon.

New Tattoo Technology – Safer, Healthier, Removable Ink!

The permanent nature of tattoos make getting one a huge decision, maybe now that can be an easier decision because of a removable, natural ink. Before it would take several painful laser treatments and still leave scarring to have a tattoo removed. But today scientists from Havard Medical School, Brown University, and Duke University have engineered a safe, permanent, easily removable tattoo ink. With one simple, short laser treatment the ink disappears, as if never there, and if the tattoo was done correctly there should be no scarring left behind.

This ink is basically tiny microcapsules of natural pigments. In the picture you see a brown iron-oxide and orange beta-carotene pigments encapsulated in tiny polymer beads. Not only is this compound removable but it is also the safest. Since the tattoo industry is not regulated by the FDA there can be all kinds of heavy metals, chemicals, even carcinogenics in the current inks. Although most people who get tattoos never have a reaction but there are still a large number of people who do, by creating a safer ink hopefully this number will decline.

Cosmetic reasons are not the only reasons behind the creation of this gentler, easier ink. Health problems can occur from tattoos, such as continued infections and allergic reactions. They can overcome the tattooed area of the body and become a health hazard for that person. By being able to easily remove the ink, the issues can be quickly resolved.

This technology won’t save the world but it can make a big difference to someone suffering physical or mental duress due to a tattoo.