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iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand – Using the Old with the New

Do you remember the days back when people used cassette tapes to listen to their favorite music? Who would have thought that those tapes would be replaced by more convenient options such as CDs and MP3s? Oh how simple life was back then! Now, though we have really cool gadgets such as the iPhone, we can’t still forget the so simple things that we used to love. But hey, why not use the old with the new? If you got an iPhone, then you can have this iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand!

This accessory actually works in two ways: as a protective cover and and as an iPhone stand, thus the name iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand. To use it as a cover, simply slip it around your iPhone and start enjoying this old technology to protect your new gadget. And since it’s made of rubber, you need not worry about it scratching your precious phone while fitting it in. But apart from being a protective cover, this works great as an iPhone stand too. With this around, you can simply let your iPhone play your favorite MP3 for you, while your hands are free doing other things like updating your social network accounts.

See, we don’t really have to forget the old technology that we used to enjoy. In fact, with accessories like the iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand, we can relive the good old days while enjoying the conveniences of our modern gadget at the same time. Order one now!

Intel Learning Series’ Clamshell Classmate PC – Education and Technology for All

If you thought Intel is just another tech company full of nothing but bits and bytes, then think again. Underneath that entire silicon wafer and billions of transistors is a heart of gold – so to speak. For the unaware, Intel for some time now has been offering reference designs for education through the compilation of hardware, software and services designed particularly for learning. Under their Learning Series program, Intel aims to deal with the current education technology needs around the globe.

By conducting widespread ethnographic research and design, considering low cost options yet adding Intel quality innovation, and collaborating with different local computer vendors and manufacturers abroad, Intel managed to came up with the new Intel-powered 10-inch display clamshell classmate PC. This classroom-friendly notebook can easily transform from clamshell form factor to touch-screen tablet with a swivel screen for instant sharing of contents, an ideal design for a classroom environment. The latest classmate PC is based on Intel architecture and is powered by Atom processors. The learning experience is further enhanced by the finest suite of eLearning software applications like classroom collaboration, access management, a child-friendly desktop, and a webcam. Furthermore, this portable netbook features doubled storage capacity and a larger display and keyboard as compared to ordinary consumer range netbooks. It is also tougher with its rugged design to ensure to withstand day to day travel and classroom use. Both faculties and students can benefit from the classroom netbook’s fast and stable Internet connections using 802.11b/g/n WiFi and an expansion slot for 3G connectivity.

Visit this link to know more about Intel Learning Series.

Marvin – The Autonomous Isuzu SUV

"Marvin" The Autonomous Isuzu SUV
This Self Driving Isuzu SUV named “Marvin” is the product of a program started by Austin Robot Technology (ART) members at the University of Texas at Austin. Recently it passed all examinations and driving tests making it a top contender in the semifinals of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) 2007 Urban Challenge race. This is only one of the many designs of automated vehicles in research and development at various Universities and Colleges.

They were able to pass a driving test allowing the vehicle to use only its preprogrammed intelligence and onboard computers. It completed three-point turns, detection and avoidance of obstacles, and stopping at stop signs then pausing for the other vehicle to pass before proceeding through the intersection. The completion of this driving test with flying colors meant great prestige for the ART team. And although they didn’t wind the DARPA they made it to the top.

Today automated vehicles are becoming more in demand as we see more fatal accidents from irresponsible, intoxicated, or distracted motorist. “Marvin” is definitely using some of the automation technology that we will see in the cars of the future. An array of sensors, video cameras, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology (to hopefully avoid catastrophes as it drives around) make “Marvin” fully autonomous.

Specs describing exactly how “Marvin” executes such accurate precision in driving capabilities are not being shared with the general public just yet. Still in the development stage makes the technology very valuable and secret. But I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more about this technology getting ready for distribution, it could become extremely useful.

ZUNE – The Frontier of Media Technology

Zune MP3 Player

ZUNE is a brand made by Microsoft which produces digital media players and services. The ZUNE software and ZUNE marketplace provide online music, videos, pod casts, channel selections, and a social network. Combined with their portable media devices, ZUNE encompasses all media needs. Also the ZUNE “network” supports the Xbox 360 system and is part of the Xbox Live network.

With the ZUNE library you can customize, organize, and sort your collection anyway you see fit and then sync it onto your ZUNE device or Xbox 360. The marketplace is an online store that allows people to search, browse, preview, and purchase MP3’s, TV shows, pod casts, videos, or gallery images. They also include a social aspect of sharing media favorites which allows friends to connect with artists and each other. The ZUNE network is great with or without their devices, you can become part of the ZUNE world and enjoy the 1000’s of songs, videos, and all the other media they have available.

Their devices come in 4, 8, 16, 80, and 120GB sizes. They all hold 25,000 pictures but vary in the amount of songs and videos they can hold. The 4GB holds 1000 songs and 12 hours of video; the 8GB holds 2000 songs and 25 hours of video; the 16GB holds 4000 songs and 50 hours of video; the 80 holds 20,000 songs and 250 hours of video; and the huge 120GB can hold 30,000 songs and 375 hours of video.

Available in many different colors, sizes, and now even customizable designs this can be a very personalized item. This could be a perfect gift this Christmas, to find out more about ZUNE check them out at:

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Samsung OMNIA “Samsungs answer to the IPhone”


Samsung has developed their answer to the IPhone technology, the OMNIA, and with a plethora of features this phone puts the Phone to shame. High-speed internet access, GPS navigation, fully integrated email, video codec’s for playing movies, and a 5.0 mega pixel camera are only some of the high points of the OMNIA. This phone has complete touch capabilities and is only a half inch thick. It is one of the most advanced technological phones available.

Complete with Windows mobile 6.1 Professional this phone integrates your office and your mobile phone easier than ever before. Microsoft Office Mobile Suite lets you view and edit Power Point, Excel, and Word documents just as easily as you can on your laptop or desktop PC. With full HTML web browsing capabilities and high speed connectivity doing anything online is a snap. And with Windows Mobile the possibilities for added software applications is endless.

A 5.0 mega pixel camera and the highest media technology makes this phone great for pictures and videos. With features like auto focus, smile shot, face detection, and auto panorama shot with video recorder it makes this simple phone better than some camcorders.

Features include :

Windows Mobile 6.1

Touch Wiz Technology

5MP Auto focus Camera

Video & Audio Support

High Speed Connectivity and Full HTML Web Browsing

GPS Navigation

This phone is a must for anyone, whether they are a busy business person, just a phone connoisseur, or an internet junky. If you are thinking of upgrading to the Iphone you should just definitely check out the OMNIA first.

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