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Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife – Everything but the Kitchen Sink

How many tools does a man need on a lifetime? One. The new Wenger Swiss Army Knife is the knife that every knife wants be and so much more, in fact about 86 more. This all utility gadget is one of the marvels of Swiss engineering, not quite the Large Hadron Collider but close enough, as it boasts 87 fully functional tools that can be used in more than a hundred jobs. If boy scouts and super soldiers can survive in the dessert with nothing more than a toothbrush, imagine what they could do with this mechanical prodigy. Forget trying to sneak this to the airport though, it’s not exactly pocket-sized; at 9 inches width, this device is far from conspicuous but it does come in a neat stylish gift box.
You may not use or even notice all of its numerous tools so here are some of noteworthy and interesting ones that you may find helpful in your daily life. There are the seven blades, some of which are serrated, three kinds of pliers, battery powered torch, 300-ft. range laser pointer, nail clipper, nail file, swivel compass, ruler and an assortment of golf specific tools that includes golf club face cleaner, golf shoe spike wrench and a gold divot repair too. There are also tools which you don’t expect an average Joe to be carrying around his pockets like a mineral crystal magnifier, watch case back opening tool, tire-tread gauge, bike chain rivet setter and fiber optic tool to name a few. Then there are the rest of the gang that’s composed of countless screwdrivers, saws, wrenches and other miscellaneous tools.

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Swiss Flash USB Knife is the Ultimate Gadget Geek Tool

A Swiss Army Knife with a knife (of course), scissors, file with screwdriver, and key ring, could be a great gift for your geek friend but it would be best if it also comes complete with a built-in USB flash drive, LED light, and ballpoint pen, right?

I am talking about the Swiss Flash USB Knife that is the perfect combination of technology, practicality, materials, and quality design. It perfectly pulls together four very important tools that no geek should ever be without (USB flash drive, LED light, Swiss Army Knife, and ballpoint pen). These functions have been skilfully incorporated into a single device. Users don’t need to carry a Swiss Army Knife and a flash drive separately as they travel because they can have them all in one. For safe airline travel, the USB flash drive portion of the knife can be easily removed.

swiss-memoryOffered in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacity, users can save files, documents or photos right on this Swiss Flash USB Knife. Besides the choices of memory capacity, a 1-meter long USB cable is included and the USB drive includes a handy light that flashes red when it is ready to read or write. It is also completely USB powered so no external power supply required. The Red LED light uses a single CR 1025 battery (included).

Along with all these features, you also get the legendary construction quality and materials that Swiss Army Knives have become known for throughout the world. Available for only $39.99 – $69.99

Lil Guppie out of the water

As if we are not getting all fed up with the keychain craze, lets add another gadget in our new product line.

Presenting, Little Guppie. Far from his close relatives who are not that helpful at all, they are just cute and small period, Lil Guppie multi-tool is very helpful that you could even live with ease and comfort even in the far end of the rainforest.

Designed and manufactured by Columbia River Knife and Tool, this tool is more of an advanced version of your traditional swiss knife. It is packed with a steel blade,adjustable wrench, carabiner, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, pocket/money clip and a bottle opener

Lil Guppie’s wrench is adjustable that it can be opened as narrow as 10 mm for light repairs.

The carabiner is great for attaching to a D-ring, belt loop or backpack. The high-carbon stainless steel blade has a razor sharp edge and can be opened or closed with one hand.

Even down to the tail,the Guppie is still very helpful.

A flat blade screwdriver that can handle smaller size screws in a pinch and the base of the jaw is a Phillips screwdriver. The curved fin is a built-in bottle opener.

Weighing only 54 grams, the Guppie also comes with a detachable stainless steel pocket clip that makes a great money clip.

Planning a camping trip one of these days? Leave everything, but not Little Guppie. Doesn’t have one yet, order one here, fast.