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The Decisive Recon Specialist – ReconRobotics Throwbot

Due to the serious problems families and individuals have each day people sometimes turn to violence just to make some money to survive. One serious problem that makes headlines in the news today is piracy. Piracy started a long time ago which today became more and more violent and deadly. There are a ton of different places and demands that these pirates ask from their captives nowadays. Yet nothing is concretely done to stop or even prevent hi-jacking and piracy today.

As billions of dollars are lost to piracy, the battle against these pirates intensifies day by day. In the fight against piracy, one robot might give balance and change the course of this serious problem. However, questions are asked if robots could be the answer against piracy? The answer might be yes. The introduction of the ReconRobotics “Throwbot” with the special participation of the Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, missions against piracy could be more positively completed. The Throwbot is a surveillance robot that is launched for recon missions used by military and law enforcement units.

The development of this robotic device plays an important role used to spy on pirates. Not only can it see in daylight but also useful during the night for its infrared optics visual mode. The concept of the Throwbot is pretty smart, all it needs more are the arms, two legs, and a pistol to look livelier like Robocop. That would be the coolest thing ever to help fight against crime and more especially piracy.


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Vivint GO!Control – The Latest All-in-One Security and Home Management Solution

Who doesn’t want to sleep so deeply at night, knowing that your home is safe from robbers and criminals? No one, right? With the Vivint Go!Control, you can now experience the peace of mind you’ve long been wishing to have. Go!Control is the first and the most advanced all-in-one security and home management system that employs modern security devices such as automatic door locks, video surveillance, lighting, as well as small appliance control. These additions to Vivint’s product line don’t just assure more safety and convenience for your family but also enhanced energy efficiency for your home.

The heart of the system is the 2Gig Technologies Go!Control wall-mounted LCD touch-screen panel. This intuitive and user-friendly central touch screen panel communicates between each home automation product so that each user can have access to the entire system in just a mere touch of a button or remote control access through their smart phone or computer. This is made possible, thanks to the system’s built-in Z-Wave protocol.

This Vivint home package also includes installation of other devices such as keypad deadbolt, three door or window sensors, a motion detector, a smart thermostat, a video surveillance camera, a lamp module, and a key fob. With the integrated two-way voice feature, Go!Control permits the central station to listen in and talk to the homeowner whenever it receives a signal. If you are interested, you can check out this home security and home management solution now. You can also look for other home alarm security system at Amazon.

ASUS TS Mini Home Server

You will never see what will happen. That is the selling proposition of the ASUS mini home server.

This mini home server would serve as a data management server, remote access monitor, media storage, and surveillance server. As a data management server, you could back-up automatically 10 computers daily to protect your files. Protect from what? Protect from unforeseen circumstances such as from accidental spillage of drinks or when you lose your laptop. This way, you only lose your computer but not what’s in it. Furthermore, additional free 500GB of storage is available to extend the capacity of the home server. Once in the home server, you can access your files anywhere around the globe as long as you are connected to the internet through Windows Live.

Protection doesn’t end from securing your files. You can also secure your household by making the TS mini home server as your storage for surveillance. You can have different cameras store video or image feeds from your house and view them wherever you are. You can store your music, pictures, videos, and other media content in the TS mini home server and anyone in the house can enjoy the content right on their computer, media receiver box or game consoles such as PlayStation3 or Xbox360.

The ASUS TS mini home server runs on the Atom N280 processor, hard drive of up to 2TB, and uses Windows Home Server. This little life saver just consumes 90 watts and only consumes 9.6×3.8x8in (HxWxD) of space. All you need to do is hook this to a router and load the software on your computer.

You can always buy peace of mind right by getting the ASUS TS Mini Home Server here.