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Get an Extra Pair of Eyes with Interactive Group Active-i Sunglasses

It’s hard to imagine James Bond wearing anything less than a set of Tom Ford or Persol sunglasses but what would a super spy be without a pair of video and audio recording sunglasses. The new Interactive Group Active-i Sunglasses might not make a 007 but it sure could be the next spy’s best friend as it combines video/audio recording and playback with UV-protection optimized polarized lenses. It was launched last CES 2011 and boasts instant viewing without the need for a PC or laptop. It uses an included monocular to view recorded videos and captured images.
The Active-i Sunglasses features a unique design that uses an integrated video camera to record up to 2 hours worth of video and audio content on its internal memory. The camera is cleverly located over the bridge of the nose for minimal visibility without occluding the eyes while also providing a wide recording range. Captured film and images can then be transferred to any PC or MAC using the USB cable. Furthermore, Active-i can be linked to a TV for easy viewing using the included TV connect cable.

Like Bond’s spy gadget, this obscure video recording device is quite easy to operate – just push a button to start recording. A small slot on the arm of the glasses accommodates a microSD memory card for an extended recording time.

These sunglasses is a perfect gift for spy wannabees, the unisex design would easily complement both masculine and feminine tastes. The Active-i includes recording camera sunglasses, USB cable, carrying case, TV connection cable, monocular viewer and cleaning cloth.

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Polaroid Premium 3D Glasses: For More Enjoyable Movie-Watching Experiences!

Are you amazed at those 3D glasses that they lend to you when you watch a movie in a cinema house? Well, you can now bring the 3D experience right to your home! Introducing the Polaroid Premium 3D Glasses! Designed for movie enthusiasts in mind, these glasses have all the features that will make your movie-watching experiences more enjoyable.

So, what do you get from these 3D glasses? First, you get clear vision with no distortion and other forms of irregularities, thanks to the Thermofusion technology used in the construction of the said glasses. Second, you get circular polarized lenses that will ensure optimum comfort as you wear the glasses – with no squinting and straining that can cause eye fatigue. Third, this comfort is further enhanced with the glasses’ lightweight construction. So, you can wear them for a long time without having to endure a heavy weight lodged on the nook of your ears. Fourth, you get an extended field of vision. Fifth, you enjoy durability and reliability with the high-quality construction of the glasses. And sixth, you even get UV protection when you use them outdoors (NOTE: do so for only a short period of time). And if you wear lenses, there’s also a wide array of choices for you: 3D cover styles that will match all types of optical frame.

So if you want a more enjoyable 3D experience in your regular late-night movie watching with your family, then the NEW Sealed – (Knock off not RealD) 3-D Polarized Glasses is the perfect addition to having more fun.

Oggle at this Doggles!


Dog Fashion has never been cuter with the new doggles. It’s  THE sunglasses to buy for your beloved pet. Finally, there’s a cool summer look for your dog to match your equally cool sense of fashion.

Gone are the days when your dog was special because it has tailored-fit clothes. It’s time to go elite by getting your baby this super cute dogwear.

But don’t be fooled, because doggles isn’t all about fashion. Vets say that as much as the human eyes need protection from the sun, so do the eyes of your dog. Because doggles have UV protection, your dogs can enjoy morning or afternoon walks under the sun without any strain for their eyes.  The wraparound frames close the gap from any potential sunlight to pass through. It is comfortable to wear because it includes an air vent as part of the frame design. So you see,  doggles is actually about fashion and practicality!

Doggles are shatterproof because it is made out of polycarbonate material. The doggles straps are elastic to keep them securely in place so as to make it safe for your dog to enjoy its everyday rough fun!

Doggles are available in various sizes and colors black, pink, and champagne. That way you can choose a posh or rugged or cool look for your doggie! So what are you waiting for? Get a pair of doggles here now!

TriSpecs Bluetooth Sunglasses


If you’ve heard of Bluetooth sunglasses before, the first thing that might come into your mind is the ugly ones that were revealed at the dawn of this gadget’s birth. Like the bulky metallic ones that aren’t fashionable at all. Techie people most of the time ask themselves this question – looks or performance. The very essence of the first “wave” of Bluetooth sunglasses make the TriSpecs Bluetooth Sunglasses different.

The first thing I said when I saw this pair of sunglasses is if it couled be real Bluetooth device, since these actually look nice! No wires or obvious external buttons that will just scream geek. The TriSpecs Bluetooth sunglasses is equipped with STEP Labs technology that eliminates ambient sound. In addition to that, it also has a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that ensures that crystal clear sound will come out of the earphones. Other features such as voice prompts and voice dialing are present to allow easy hands-free usage. Quick access buttons are also placed strategically within the frame of the sunglasses to allow ergonomic use of the device without compromising style.

This device surely isn’t for everyone. If you’re the person who tends to casually place your sunglasses on top of your head, then it might be quite irritating to put the earphones back every now and then. Colors range from black, white, to other metallic designs.

Overall, TriSpecs did a good job in mixing fashion and technology in one accessory that every gadget lover would like to have.

Rearview Sunglasses

A cyclist friend of mine has given me a gift before I joined my first cycling tournament and it totally blew my mind away. It was one of the most fascinating things that I have ever seen in my life. Do you want to know what he gave me? It’s called a Deluxe Rearview Spy Glasses .

Deluxe Rearview Spy Glasses

At first glance you’ll find nothing different between this product and other sunglasses available in the market. So one morning I tried to use the trivial looking sunglasses while doing my training around the neighborhood. The moment I went out of our house, I was shocked to what I have seen. It turns out that the product has a small mirrored strip attached on the outside edge of each lens. This mirror can see what is going on the back. It somewhat has the same function as the rear view mirror of your car. So you cannot only see the front view but you can also see everything that is happening at your back. It’s like you have two eyes at the back of your head! Sounds cool right? This gadget is not only for cyclists and athletes who use this gadget during competition. Moreover, it can also be used by normal people who want to secure themselves from suspicious looking people following them. What’s more exciting about this spy gadget is that it has a high quality metal frame that provides a hip style making you look edgy and suave. Truly an amazing work!