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Maverix HUD Sunglasses for your PDA or Smart Phone


A pair of sunglasses that allows you to see everything displayed on your smartphone’s screen as if it were right in front of your eyes though it is securely hidden in your pocket? Yes, as you are wearing a pair of Maverix HUD sunglasses. You can still check your emails, read your txt messages, or watch movies. Turn on your iPhone, Blackberry, or PDA’s Bluetooth, and the Maverix will automatically detect and connect to it, beaming your screen on to the lenses in full color.

Using recently unclassified military technology, the Maverix HUD Sunglasses are shoulders above other mobile accessories. On the outside, they just look like your everyday run-of-the-mill sunglasses, but slipping them on plunges you into a shaded world where anything is possible. It uses a state-of-the-art in-lens processor that powers microscopic photovoltaic sensors built into the lenses. These sensors are capable of tracking pupil and facial muscle movement. Meaning, you can control your smart phone’s pointer at a glance, just look at what you want to select and in the blink of an eye, the program or web page you selected will open. Iris recognition interfaces and pupil dilation sensors give you absolute control over the heads up display.

And take note, they work without using batteries. The Maverix HUD sunglasses have two metal contact points on the glasses’ arms that harness the electrical energy pulses from your brain. Yeah, they just use the power of your mind to function. Cool! Sounds like something straight out of a James Bond flick. Well the great thing about this is, not only it is futuristic, it also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. Grab one now right here.

Rearview Sunglasses

A cyclist friend of mine has given me a gift before I joined my first cycling tournament and it totally blew my mind away. It was one of the most fascinating things that I have ever seen in my life. Do you want to know what he gave me? It’s called a Deluxe Rearview Spy Glasses .

Deluxe Rearview Spy Glasses

At first glance you’ll find nothing different between this product and other sunglasses available in the market. So one morning I tried to use the trivial looking sunglasses while doing my training around the neighborhood. The moment I went out of our house, I was shocked to what I have seen. It turns out that the product has a small mirrored strip attached on the outside edge of each lens. This mirror can see what is going on the back. It somewhat has the same function as the rear view mirror of your car. So you cannot only see the front view but you can also see everything that is happening at your back. It’s like you have two eyes at the back of your head! Sounds cool right? This gadget is not only for cyclists and athletes who use this gadget during competition. Moreover, it can also be used by normal people who want to secure themselves from suspicious looking people following them. What’s more exciting about this spy gadget is that it has a high quality metal frame that provides a hip style making you look edgy and suave. Truly an amazing work!

Shades like Ethan’s


After having just watched Mission Impossible movies, I can’t really help but admire all those uber cool spy gadgets that they have. Remember that bubble gum, (or was that a Band-Aid?) that when Ethan threw turns out to be actually a bomb? But what I found really interesting was the pair of spy shades. I don’t really know what they call it, if they gave it a name, and then I must’ve missed it out on the movie.

But what I can tell you is that it is a pair of sunglasses that doubles as a camera. The camera is not just like the ones we use for taking pictures for it can transmit images that you see at the present to a computer. It’s just like a video camera, but only, you are not holding it, but wearing it. Want to hear another plus point about it? It comes in a very cool package. With this, I meant that when you are not using the camera, you can use them as, well, a pair of sunglasses the ordinary and normal way. I have been trying to look around in the Internet for this pair of shades and more information about it. I am no war freak, but I can just think of wonderful ways of using the gadget but instead got almost zero results. The only things that I got to read about are gadgets that are either a little off such as cameras or something about new styles of sunglasses.

Deluxe Spy Sunglasses


A deluxe spy sunglass is an excellent spy toy that doesn’t just look cool but it actually works! Let your friends die in envy as you walk around with your cool sunglasses and see not just what’s in front of you but also know what’s going on “behind” you. It’s like walking with eyes on your back!

Spy movies like James Bond fascinate us with his extra cool spy gadgets. He’s the man and don’t you just envy all the gadgets he has? Don’t you just wish you could get hold of one spy gadget that would make you look cool? Well, now you can! These awesome new deluxe spy sunglasses are not only functional and cool but they are reasonably priced as well. So, don’t fret! You would surely afford having your very own deluxe spy sunglasses. And these sunglasses are not just created to be a fun spy toy but it really is a real spy gadget.

You can use this to cautiously watch someone or see if you are being followed by somebody behind you while you’re just keeping your cool and walking straight without turning around to check if you are really being followed. For just a small value, you’d get a deluxe spy sunglass with high quality metal frames stored in its own carrying case.

You never know, it could even save your life!

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