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iHome iW1 Speaker Plays Music Anywhere with Home Wi-Fi Network

If you want to take full advantage of your Wi-Fi connection at home then you must welcome the new iW1 speaker from iHome. This AirPlay wireless audio system can play music at any place in your home with Wi-Fi network. It is tested under different configurations from a large number of devices to guarantee compatibility with other Wi-Fi Certified equipment that functions in similar band frequency. Additionally, through AirPlay wireless audio streaming technology, the iW1 can accept and play music from popularly used Apple devices including iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and even from iTunes. You can expand the iW1 functionalities through different apps like iHome Set, iHome Connect, iHome+Sleep, and iHome+Radio. Aside from playing your favorite tracks via wireless technology, it can also support USB connection for charging and playing audio by means of the included USB docking cable or your iPod or iPhone’s USB sync cable.

The iW1 allows you to customize your sound with adjustable bass and treble equalizer. In addition, with the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station, audio quality is preserved by improving brightness, clarity, and presence as well as delivering deeper bass and crystal clear highs. The synchronized digital signal processing extends audio bandwidth and adds missing harmonics without adding up peak output to the signal. The iW1 uses internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and also operates using AC power supply. There is a remote control for added convenience on controlling the volume, EQ, power, and other iPod functions.

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G-CONNECT – Wireless Storage and Internet Access Point in One

There’s no such thing as too much digital storage space – especially for the already byte capacity limited iPhone and iPad. If you’re a proud iPhone or iPad user and you want more than a few Gigabyte of storage space for your device then the new G-Technology G-CONNECT wireless storage device is the perfect gadget for you. The G-CONNECT is designed for easy on-the-fly access of digital contents like videos, music, e-books, images, and documents currently not stored on your portable device. The G-CONNECT can also stream content in real-time; it can wirelessly stream HD content for up to three devices or SD content for up to five devices at the same time. Additionally, this iPad/iPhone gadget can serve as a portable Wi-Fi Internet access point for five users.

Transferring contents to the G-CONNECT is as easy as connecting it wirelessly or via a USB 2.0 cable to a computer. Accessing the mobile drive is even easier – an iPad or iPhone app provides a fast, secure, and password protected means of control of the drive and its valuable contents. Package includes the G-CONNECT Wireless Storage, USB cable, power adapter, and a quick start guide.


Capacity – 500GB
Interface – USB 2.0
Connector – USB 2.0 with 5-pin Mini-B socket
Network Port – Gigabit Ethernet
WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n with WPA-2 security
Power – 5.0 VDC, 2.0 A
Requires – Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS 10.5 or higher

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ACER REVO RL100 MEDIA CENTER – Winner of Computex Best Choice and Design & Innovation awards

To those who have been waiting for the media center dubbed as The Digital Heart of the Living Room, your long wait is over. Acer America Corp. has announced the release of the slim and stylish Acer Revo RL100 media center at leading technology retailers in the United States. This is a digital hub for your den or living room that can be linked to a flat-screen TV. It includes a dual-mode wireless touchpad/keyboard so you can smoothly navigate even from the comfort of your couch. It is offered two versions, including a model with Blu-ray.

The Acer RL100 automatically interconnects all your Acer home-based and mobile devices, thanks to its Acer With such feature, it will be way easy for you to consolidate and share HD multimedia throughout your home. This media center takes pride in winning both the Best Choice and Design & Innovation awards at Computex 2011 in Taipei. The jury for the Best Choice awards picks Taiwan’s best information and communications technologies (ICT) products in the international market every year. The Design & Innovation awards, on the other hand, honor products with excellence and originality in construction.

This digital hub comes with a very slim, low profile black chassis, pretty much about the size of a game console. It measures just 1.0 inches (H) x 11.81 inches (W) x 7.09 inches (L). The Revo RL100 media center has the ability to lay flat or upright on a stand, depending on your choice. It directly connects to a TV through an HDMI port and smoothly integrates with a high-definition 5.1 channel surround sound system.

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Take Your Digital Entertainment to the Next Level with Playon!HD2

Store all your media files in a single storage and start enjoying them directly in the comfort of your living room with A.C. Ryan’s newest addition to its network media streamer line – the Playon!HD2. Yes, you can very much take your digital entertainment to the next level by streaming all your media files and the best online content with the WePlayon! portal, which is coming soon! And what’s even more remarkable about this is that you get to enjoy more fun interaction with your friends and loved ones through social networks like Twitter and Facebook and chat and messaging services like Skype and MSN.

The Playon! HD2 is based around Realtek’s 1185 media processor and tout gigabit Ethernet. It is actually the first full HD network media player and streamer to feature such processor, so you can expect optimum streaming performance. Plus, it has the unique Playon!GUI2.0 which provides users ease of use in navigating through all its exceptional features.

But aside from Gigabit Wired Networking, the Playon! HD2 also offers wireless networking through its optional Wireless-N via an external adapter. And if you’re after faster transfer speeds, you can very much rely on the product’s USB 3.0 port. Also, it includes an EZ Drive HDD slot so that it’ll be a lot easier for you to install the 3.5” HDD.

As for pricing, if you get the empty unit, it will cost about $169. But if you choose to order up with hard drive, prices varies – 500GB ($205), 1TB ($229), 1.5TB ($259) and 2TB ($289).

The Playon! HD2 will be available at leading retailers in February, so feel free to check out other options such as the Playon!HD at Amazon.

Acer Stream: An Ideal Entertainment Smartphone Just For You!

Are you among those folks who always wish for the best in entertainment? Then the Acer Stream is for you. This is a high-end multimedia smartphone that’s designed for watching movies, browsing the Internet, and listening to music. It comes with a very minimalist yet elegant design and is composed of highly resistant materials. Though it measures only 11.2mm, the Stream is jam-packed with outstanding technical features to provide users with unmatched, unrepeatable experience. Responsible for the camera’s superb display quality is its touch screen with AMOLED technology that offers 1.67 million excellently bright colors via its generous 3.7” WVGA display.

The Acer Stream also offers you ultra fast connectivity 3G+ for streaming. It delivers HSDPA 7.2 Mbps in download, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi, which allows super fast transmission of multimedia files. The Stream gets its power from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor with 512 MB RAM, which makes this one of the world’s most reactive phones. You will also appreciate the operating system included in such unit, which is Android version 2.1, dubbed as Éclair. This Acer smartphone is also outfitted with UPnP technology that allows you to share content with other devices.

Moreover, the Stream also has a 5MP photocamera plus integrated GPS system that enables geotagging of videos and photos. This device also has an HDMI port so you can connect the Acer Stream to your home TV and watch a movie or video footages on a large screen. Its extensive 2GB of Internal Flash memory is perfect for downloading many applications and 3D games. If the Acer Stream isn’t yet available from local retailers, then take time to browse the long list of available Android phones at Amazon.