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Get the Latest USB 3.0 Advantage with LaCie USB 3.0 PCI Express Card

Every year, or maybe even less, new computer technologies hit the consumer market. Some are revolutionary and some are just plain marketing hype. The new USB 3.0 interface is part of the former; it introduced new ground breaking speeds and maintained compatibilities, ensuring that every USB device out there will be supported. Since this is a fairly new technology, not all motherboard come standard with USB 3.0 ports. If you want to take advantage of this new interface, there’s no need to rip apart your old PC and get a new motherboard. With a vacant PCI express slot, you can easily enjoy all the advantages of a USB 3.0 interface by using the LaCie USB 3.0 PCI Express Card.

This PCI express card adds two USB 3.0 ports to your PC and integrates NEC component to supply the highest level of performance and compatibility. Enhancing your computer’s performance is now very manageable by adding the LaCie USB 3.0 PCI Express Card to the computer’s PCI express slot. The USB 3.0 interface is known for its superior speed and fastest technology available that can reach up to 5Gb/s. In addition, since USB 2.0 is still widely used, the LaCie USB 3.0 PCI Express Card is backward compatible with USB 2.0 that can reach up to 480 Mb/s. It is compatible to Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2008, and Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7.

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BlackArmor NAS 440 Network Storage Server

When you need something above and beyond a conventional storage solution and when a simple network attached storage still won’t do – then you need something that is of a high-end server caliber like the new BlackArmor NAS 440 network storage server. This small-business network storage solution is intended for optimum uptime and data integrity to guarantee business continuity up to 50 workstations. It automatically creates full-system back up for pertinent business data, bare metal restore, and protects individual file to whole volume encryption. The BlackArmor NAS 440 also lets you securely access your files over the internet using any popularly used web browsers without the need for installing special software. It is created with government–grade hardware encryption technology to ensure data security and integrity.

Here’s the summary of features of BlackArmor NAS 440:

• User-configurable RAID 0/1/5/10 and JBOD for 4 swappable drives
• 7200 RPM Seagate drives, 1.2 GHZ processor, 256 MB RAM and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for read speeds of up to 50 MB/s in RAID 5 configuration
• one front-mounted and three rear-mounted USB 2.0 ports for connection of external USB hard drives to provide additional storage, off-site data rotation management, sharing a USB printer with all of the network connected workstations, and connection to UPS to protect from power failure
• Comes with four energy-efficient, reliable, and easily removeable Seagate hard drives for capacities of 4TB, 6TB, or 8TB
• Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

You can also check out BlackArmor NAS 440 here.

Connect, Share and Stream through Verbatim MediaShare Mini

Storage is not all about who’s got the biggest bytes, sometimes it takes pure simplicity and a dash of ingenuity to be considered one of the best in the market. Take for example the Verbatim MediaShare Mini. It’s not exactly corporate server material but it’s got several of the best features among its peers. The Verbatim MediaShare Mini lets you connect any existing external hard drive to your network, share digital content, and stream files on your connected drives through the internet almost wherever you are. You can connect up to 4 drives and easily access their contents from any computer on your home network. You can also remotely access the drives using the internet to conveniently connect, share, and stream files on the drives anytime and anywhere. Simply connect any USB hard drive or flash drive into the Verbatim MediaShare Mini and you can instantly access and organize their contents. The network drive features a user-friendly interface to provide an easier and quicker control of almost anything stored on the connected drives thus allowing you to effortlessly manage your digital contents.

Aside from storage drives, the MediaShare Mini lets you access contents from mobile devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Palm Pre. You can also stream music and photos through gaming consoles like Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 or other DLNA compliant digital media adaptors. It also supports uploading of images directly to Facebook, Flicker and many more. With the MediaShare Mini, there is an easier way to play music, watch videos, stream contents, download and upload files, and totally manage your stored data in your home network.

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Store and Share more with Verbatim Network Storage Device

You simply can’t have enough storage space, especially if you’re a digital hoarder. If you want to expand and share your storage options beyond simple HDD upgrades and external drives, it’s time to go NAS. The Verbatim Network Storage Drive provides the commonly used media functions including a secure back-up of data aside from storage expansion. It is compliant with the latest production of high-speed wired networks to give the fastest transfer rates possible. The Verbatim device also consumes less energy as it saves power when the drive is not in use.

The Verbatim Network Storage Drive offers a variety of functionalities that are not found on typically used hard drives. It can act as a media server so you can watch movies on your television through a digital media player or share media files with other DLNA-compliant device such as you gaming console, iTunes server to let you store and organize your music collection centrally on the drive and access your songs from any computer on your network, printer server to have a network printer through a USB host port, and FTP server to let you easily transfer large files over the internet. In addition, the Verbatim Network Storage Drive comes with a bundled software that has BitTorrent function for access to rich media content and a Nero BackItUp Essentials Backup Software for automatic back up of all the computers in the network. It is also compatible with Apple Bonjour to allow you to connect a Mac to the shared network drives.

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Crucial m4 Series Solid State Drive – Your Reliable Solid Solution

Due to the many benefits and even better function of SSDs, these are commonly used besides the typical hard drives. The solid state drives are noted to reduce power consumption, generate less heat, and more durable compared to traditional storage devices. Since they do not contain any moving parts, they are more lightweight, quieter, and more reliable even under extreme operating environments or temperatures. And when you are looking for an SSD that combines performance and durability, you should rely to the experts like the Crucial brand with their 2.5-inch Crucial m4 SSDs. They offer Crucial m4 in different capacities of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. These SSDs are designed for client computing that delivers quicker boot and application load times for desktop and mobile users. Through high-speed synchronous MLC NAND, superior controller technology, optimized NAND management, and the 2nd generation SATA 6Gb/s interface, faster data transfers and low power consumption are achieved.

The Crucial m4 is engineered entirely in-house by the company known in memory technology and based on Micron’s leading-edge NAND media thus this product is guaranteed of the highest quality in the industry. The m4 series also has a standard hard drive interface and dimensions which make it compatible as a storage upgrade to most notebooks. So if you are planning for a hard drive replacement for netbook or notebook, get a Crucial SSD now!