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Immortal Video Glasses – Sunglasses and Extreme Cameraman in One

Do you remember the scene in Mission: Impossible II where agent Ethan Hunt got his hands on futuristic looking sunglasses? That was a pair of Oakley Romeo sunglasses with audio visual mission briefing and self-destruct mechanism. The new Immortal Video Glasses maybe far from an exploding IMF issue but it doesn’t make it less spy-friendly or less of a cool sunglass. In fact, if you’re also into the extreme sports or dangerous missions (harness-free cliff climbing comes to mind), the splash proof Immortal Video Glasses can record your almost impossible adventures so that you can brag about them later on.

This eyewear is equipped with an integrated widescreen VGA video camera that can shoot and store up to 3 hours worth of quality AVI-format video in its built-in 4GB memory. The 3 megapixel lens allows for 736×480 pixels video resolution and can record at 25 frames per second. It also has an internal mic and a built in 500mAh battery that can power the camera for about 2.5 hours.

The Immortal Video Glasses use only 2-button for controls and weigh just like your average pair of glasses. To add variety, it has three sets of interchangeable lens that come in polarized flame orange, polarized dark grey, and clear. Additional package contents include a car charger, USB cable and plug, nose bridge and spacers, and a protective metal case.

You can purchase this cool spy gadget here.

Get an Extra Pair of Eyes with Interactive Group Active-i Sunglasses

It’s hard to imagine James Bond wearing anything less than a set of Tom Ford or Persol sunglasses but what would a super spy be without a pair of video and audio recording sunglasses. The new Interactive Group Active-i Sunglasses might not make a 007 but it sure could be the next spy’s best friend as it combines video/audio recording and playback with UV-protection optimized polarized lenses. It was launched last CES 2011 and boasts instant viewing without the need for a PC or laptop. It uses an included monocular to view recorded videos and captured images.
The Active-i Sunglasses features a unique design that uses an integrated video camera to record up to 2 hours worth of video and audio content on its internal memory. The camera is cleverly located over the bridge of the nose for minimal visibility without occluding the eyes while also providing a wide recording range. Captured film and images can then be transferred to any PC or MAC using the USB cable. Furthermore, Active-i can be linked to a TV for easy viewing using the included TV connect cable.

Like Bond’s spy gadget, this obscure video recording device is quite easy to operate – just push a button to start recording. A small slot on the arm of the glasses accommodates a microSD memory card for an extended recording time.

These sunglasses is a perfect gift for spy wannabees, the unisex design would easily complement both masculine and feminine tastes. The Active-i includes recording camera sunglasses, USB cable, carrying case, TV connection cable, monocular viewer and cleaning cloth.

You can find more Video and Audio Recording glasses here.

Waterproof Video Spy Watch: For Spying and For Fun!

We all want to preserve our great memories – the increasing number of digital cameras today is a very strong proof to that. In fact, holidays and travels are not without video cam, right? But, don’t you feel annoyed about having to carry your camera with you wherever you go? Don’t you feel annoyed about all those times when you can’t fully enjoy the beach because of your worry about your electronic gadget getting wet? Well, it’s probably time you get a waterproof video spy watch.

First, it’s a watch. Second, it’s waterproof. And third, it’s great for spying on somebody or something. But then come on, spying isn’t the only thing this watch is good for. You can also have fun with it! Looking at it, it’s just like any ordinary watch with an added coolness. But, hiding in the number 12 on the watch face is a camera that can take photos (JPG format) and videos (AVI format). Added to that, it can also record audio, so you get all the fun! The watch is ideal up to 30 meters underwater (not more than that, though). It’s got 4GB of file storage capacity, plenty enough for a lot of fun. Transferring the files to your computer is also easy via the USB cable that comes with it. The said cable can also be used to charge the watch.

Whether for fun or for any spying activity, the waterproof video spy watch is perfect! It’s a small piece of gadget that can give you huge benefits and fun!

Feel Like a Total Spy with the Spy Video Watch

Losing things inside your room from time to time can be so annoying. Although you already have a suspect, perhaps your sister who constantly asks you for money or your younger brother who simply adores your shirts and other stuff, it still isn’t right to just confront anyone without solid evidence. So to get proof, you better do a little detective work there. Yes, feel like you’re a real spy so you will know exactly who the culprit is. But make sure you do it conspicuously – you better use something that can record videos and take photos without giving them any clue that you’re doing so, something like the Spy Video Watch.

At first glance, anyone who sees this nifty gadget will think that it’s nothing but an ordinary watch. Yes, it does tell time, but it actually does more than that. It has a built-in camera hidden in the number ‘2’ of the watch face, which can be used to record videos and take still pictures. So if you want to know who gets your things inside your room, simply leave the Spy Video Watch in place and wait until it gets some recordings of who the real culprit is. It boasts 2GB storage space and lasts for about 2 hours, so that could be enough for some detective work. Once done, just view the video by plugging the included USB into a port and treat it like how you treat a digital camera when viewing videos and photos. In no time, you’ll have solid evidence on hand.

So when something goes missing, don’t stand there and wait. Feel like a spy with the Spy Video Watch. Buy one now!

Black Ops iPhone Headset for Your Next Spy Mission

black_ops_throat_mike_iphone_headsetBeing a secret agent means you are always in the loop about what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to spy gadgets. But it isn’t like everyday that you get a phone call asking for your help, right? So you have your own set of latest gadgets that normal people have, like let’s say an Apple iPhone. Considering its latest technology for the multi-touch and killer apps and games, it is still a phone and you might need one while on the mission. But do you expect that the same plain white headset that came with your iPhone be at par with a spy like you? Definitely not!

You need this Black Ops throat mic headset for iPhone! This microphone doesn’t pick up sounds from your mouth but rather hugs around your neck and get the sounds right from the source – your vocal cords. Using this, you won’t even have wind noise problems while talking to someone on a parachute where you could have been screaming like a weather man while in the path of a category five hurricane using a standard headset. This headset is very sensitive that it can even pick up your voice clearly even if you’re just whispering – perfect for covert night operations. The in-ear headset is comfortable and is fully adjustable. The combat-ready design makes it durable for any situation.

A spy like you deserves nothing else but the Black Ops Headset. Get yours here.