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Creative D80 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Looking back at the year 2011, we can all say that a lot of Bluetooth enabled smart devices with built-in music playback were introduced. And well, some people get to own not just one device but even two or more – such as the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android phone, tablet computers, and Creative Ziio. There’s no denying that these devices, aside from working as a phone or a tablet, can provide you with listening pleasure as they function as music players too. However, since their built-in speakers are not too reliable, they should be paired with high-quality gadget accessories. And this is where the Creative D80 Bluetooth Speaker comes in.

Designed to be the perfect Bluetooth speaker to go with any wireless devices, the Creative D80 will take you to a listening experience like never before. It features two full range drivers that effectively provide full, dynamic audio. And if you use this with Creative’s highly affordable ZEN style M300, you’ll get to enjoy huge savings since this pair is among the lowest priced wireless music systems available.

Here take a look at the summary of features of this product:

* Plays high quality wireless audio from all compatible stereo Bluetooth* devices including the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones and tablet computers such as the Creative ZiiO and iPad
* Fast and easy Bluetooth connection
* Two 3” full range drivers provide full, dynamic audio
* Available in white with a pink, or blue, or green grille, or black with a black grille
* Integrated AUX-In for connection to other audio devices

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Support the Angry Birds Troop with Angry Birds Red Bird Speaker!

Support your troops in their fight against the tyrannical egg-napping hungry green pigs! Get the latest Angry Birds speaker to show your support for the courageous birds all the way! Every gamer is a partner in the most tremendous undertaking of avian history. Show your support, get the speaker and enjoy the game until every egg abducting pigs are wiped out.

The exclusive Angry Birds Red Bird Speaker is now here and is an officially licensed Red Bird Speaker from the worldwide Angry Birds phenomenon. It is a part of the exclusive Angry Birds Range that almost all apps fans know. The adorable feathered Red Bird in the game is also as lovable as the speaker version. It features 3.5mm jack which lets you connect almost all popular media players that use this standard jack including MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, and more. There are controls for volume and bass so you can adjust the sound output anytime. The Red Bird speaker comes with a stand that is perfect for placing your phone, music player or tablet beside the Angry Birds speaker. This 2.1 speaker also include power adaptor, 3.5mm line-in cable, sticker, and manual. For a cool price of only $79.99, you can have the Red Bird with you while listening to your favorite tracks!

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ihome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod

There’s nothing like an old school boombox to get you dancing and there’s nothing that could blow your mind like the majestic iPhone. Combine the two, the retro and the latest in technology, and you have the new Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod – the good stuff.

This classic stereo boombox also called as iP4 brings back the retro looking stereo system with the modern functionalities and interesting updates to pair with the contemporary iPhone and iPod. It uses class “D” amplifier together with 4-inch carbon composite woofers and 1-inch dome tweeters to give that high quality audio output a speaker system should be heard of. To even provide a real stereo experience, the iP4 utilizes SRS TruBass digital signal processing for an excellent deep sound. There is also 5-band graphic equalizer with integrated LCD display as well as 5 adjustable EQ sliders to let you adjust the tone settings depending on your preference.

The Portable FM Stereo Boombox comes with a flexible dock for iPhone and iPod. These Apple devices can be used to play music while keeping them charged using the 100V-240V universal voltage AC adaptor. For additional audio sources, there is an FM radio and aux line-in jack to allow connecting a CD player, computer, and other player. The iP4 is designed with backlit buttons and magnetic remote control for a more relaxing control of your music. It operates using the included universal voltage adapter or through 6 D batteries (not included).

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Listen to your Favorite Tracks using the Iconic Rubik Speaker

Getting addicted to a lot of interesting stuffs may influence someone’s lifestyle. You can get obsessed to shoes, watches, caps, bags and more. It can influence your outfits, the things in your room, and the things you are collecting. To those who love music and at the same time fascinated with the rubik cube, there is now a Rubik USB Speaker that can satisfy both your love to music and rubik’s cube without the need to solve any puzzle.

The Rubik USB Speaker is a stylish and cool add-on to any of your audio source like MP3 player, mobile phones, tablets and other devices with built-in standard audio jack. To use, simply connect the speaker’s USB cable to your PC or laptop for the power source and connect the speaker’s audio jack to your audio device. Aside from amplifying the sound from your player, the Rubik USB Speaker boasts its timeless iconic design that sets it apart from other traditional USB speakers. It also accentuates any corner of your desk making it perfect to use in the office or at home.

If you are fond of collecting Rubik-inspired gadgets, then consider adding the stylish Rubik USB Speaker. Get your own here now!

iHome iW1 Speaker Plays Music Anywhere with Home Wi-Fi Network

If you want to take full advantage of your Wi-Fi connection at home then you must welcome the new iW1 speaker from iHome. This AirPlay wireless audio system can play music at any place in your home with Wi-Fi network. It is tested under different configurations from a large number of devices to guarantee compatibility with other Wi-Fi Certified equipment that functions in similar band frequency. Additionally, through AirPlay wireless audio streaming technology, the iW1 can accept and play music from popularly used Apple devices including iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and even from iTunes. You can expand the iW1 functionalities through different apps like iHome Set, iHome Connect, iHome+Sleep, and iHome+Radio. Aside from playing your favorite tracks via wireless technology, it can also support USB connection for charging and playing audio by means of the included USB docking cable or your iPod or iPhone’s USB sync cable.

The iW1 allows you to customize your sound with adjustable bass and treble equalizer. In addition, with the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station, audio quality is preserved by improving brightness, clarity, and presence as well as delivering deeper bass and crystal clear highs. The synchronized digital signal processing extends audio bandwidth and adds missing harmonics without adding up peak output to the signal. The iW1 uses internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and also operates using AC power supply. There is a remote control for added convenience on controlling the volume, EQ, power, and other iPod functions.

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