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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 – An Ultraportable Light Powered Keyboard

Imagine the mobility, portability, and convenience of using wireless devices. You can easily let them bring and connect elsewhere without the hassles unlike those gadgets with limited flexibility. Additionally, discover the electricity saved by devices that utilize the free abundant energy coming from the sun. All of these benefits were made possible by Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.

This K750 is a wireless keyboard that is powered by solar energy. This means no cables and batteries needed which make it environment and user friendly. It charges as long as there is light, whether it is under a sun’s beam or beneath your desktop lamp. It even stays charged for about 3 months in full absence of light. The Logitech Solar App lets you know the amount of battery power remaining plus the amount of power the keyboard gets from the lamp. Although the K750 is wireless, connectivity is not an issue since it uses long-range connection that allows you to work and play in different areas, eliminates delays, dropouts and interference thanks to advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology. There is also a unifying receiver small enough to fit into a USB port and lets you add other compatible wireless mouse or keyboard without the need for various receivers. It is not complicated to set-up since it is simply plug-and-play.

The Logitech K750 is made from a non-PVC material and boasts sleek lines with 1/3-inch thick profile making it a chic addition on your table or workspace. It even lets you feel you are typing on your laptop but made more comfortable with quieter typing sound. If you want a hassle-free use of keyboard while being environment friendly, get your own Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 here.

TC-1S Solar Powered Instrument Tuner – Green Music

Not everybody is given the musical genius of Mozart and Beethoven or the fine tuned ears of guitar legends but everybody can tune their guitar the green way with the world’s first solar energy powered guitar tuner from TASCAM. The new TC-1S uses solar cells to recharge its battery and an auxiliary USB input is available when you need to fine tune your guitar without the sun.

The whole tuning gadget is wrapped in a shock proof silicon case to protect the unit from bumps and scratches. It comes in six different cool colors of black, pink, orange, green, blue and white too! The TC-1S also has an integrated microphone and a 1/4-inch input for quick guitar and bass tuning. Its ultra fast pitch sensor displays instantaneous feedback in its wide bar graph screen. Four display options are accessible plus fine pitch displayed in 1 cent steps accuracy and strobe tuning simulation. The tuner can be further calibrated to external sources like piano and other hard to fine tune musical instruments. The TC-1S includes a nylon strap and clip so you can strap it to your guitar or bass bag and remain charged as it soaks in solar energy. Tagged below $40, it’s an affordable price for every planet loving and tree hugging musician out there.
Other noteworthy features include:

• Custom LCD display with note, sharp/flat indicators, bar graph for pitch deviation
• Four display modes: Bar, Fine, Strobe Animation, Needle
• 12-note equal temperament scale

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Solar Camera Strap: Eco-Friendly Photography

Are you a photography geek? Someone who can’t leave your home without your DSLR camera hanging from your neck? You go snap, snap, snap (or click, click, click, whatever) whenever there’s an opportunity to take a photo—until the battery dies. If you’ve been into the photography world for quite a long time now, you know the frustration that comes with finding a perfect opportunity to shoot only to find out that the battery of your camera is already drained. Frustrating, wouldn’t you agree? Take a look at the new Solar Camera Strap.

This new strap is like other straps in any way, except that it can charge your camera! Unbelievable? Well, it’s the truth! How can the strap do this? The answer is solar technology! The strap is equipped with thin solar films that harness energy from the sun while you take pictures or simply hang your gadget down your neck. When not in use, you can even simply place it where it can be exposed to the sun for it to collect energy. This way, you’ll always have access to extra power whenever the need arises.

The Solar Camera Strap is designed by designer Weng Jie. It’s perfect for DSLR cameras given that these kinds of camera do not consume a lot of power. At this point, the said strap is only but a concept, so it’s not yet in the market. There are no specific details yet regarding such things as how to charge the camera with the strap, for example, so we all still have to wait.

Nokero Solar Light Bulb: Affordable and Safe Lighting Within Everybody’s Reach

Light plays a very important role in the life of many individuals and families. It is with this knowledge that we grieve for people in some developing countries who are deprived of light, and for those who still need to spend a lot just to have light in their homes. And, it is also with this same knowledge that we welcome with gratitude innovations aimed at helping these people get out of darkness. New discoveries such as Nokero’s solar light bulb are welcome innovations.

The solar light bulb is specifically designed to address the needs of people who still use fossil-fuel lanterns for their lighting needs. Fossil fuels are not only expensive; they’re also dangerous to the environment and human health because of the carbon dioxide that they emit and the greater possibility of fire risks associated with their use. The Nokero solar bulb is less expensive because you can simply charge it out in the sun to give it power. A whole day of charging can yield two hours of lighting use, while a full charge can give you double the amount of light (up to four hours). Charging is done with the help of the four solar panels in the bulb. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than a couple of years. The bulb is about the size of an incandescent bulb and is rain-proof. It’s made from impact-resistant plastic materials and comes with five LEDs.

The Nokero solar light bulb is an effective solution to the lighting needs of many individuals. If you check online, you’ll also find a line-up of solar light bulb at Amazon, each designed to preserve the environment and help families.

Enjoying Your Music with the Solar-Powered Eton Soulra

How do you like amplifying the music from your iPhone or iPod using an innovative speaker that’s powered by the sun? Sounds cool? Wait ‘til you hear more about the newest offering from Eton: the Soulra.

The Eton Soulra is a solar-powered speaker that is designed to accommodate iPod and iPhone models. It is equipped with both a solar panel and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you can charge it both via the sun’s rays or through an AC outlet. This characteristic also makes it easy to bring the speaker during your adventures without worry about losing battery power in the middle of the fun. And when you’re getting low on battery because you failed to charge the device or to expose it outdoors, there’s also no need to worry because it has a battery indicator that will tell you when you already need to charge it. Other than that, the Soulra has a dock in which you can place your iPhone or iPod for security and safety. It has an aluminum and rubberized body that makes it truly durable and longer lasting, able to withstand all kinds of abuse and damage. The case protecting the speaker is also splash-proof, so it’s even perfect for the beach!

And besides its good looks, strength, and portability, the Soulra promises good performance. Wherever your adventures are, rest assured that it will make things more lively for you. The Etón Soulra Solar Powered Sound System for iPod and iPhone (Black) is priced at $199. Every unit comes with an AC adapter, remote control, and user manual.