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Goodnight Sleep Trainer: Sleep Training for Babies, More Sleep for Parents

Who says parenting is easy? Fulfilling, yes. But easy? Oh no. One of the many things parents have to deal with is a total disruption in their usual sleep pattern – instead, they’d have to adjust to the baby’s sleeping pattern. Well, have it the other way around by training your child to sleep through the night. To many parents, this is an impossible task. But, a pediatrician has now developed an innovative gadget to help parents train their babies to sleep – the Goodnight Sleep Trainer.

The development of this gadget is geared at what Dr. Tucker, the inventor, wants parents to know – that they don’t have to comfort babies every time they cry at night. Instead, they should teach babies to self-soothe during certain instances. What the gadget does is record baby’s sleeping pattern. It does this with the help of buttons that you have to press when baby sleeps (Down to Sleep), wakes up (Up to Play), and cries (Crying). Once the baby cries and you press the “Crying” button, a timer is activated to help you space out the time you reaches to baby to comfort him. When the timer is finished, that’s the time you approach the baby to give comfort. The timer gets a little longer each day, and you’ll find that in many instances, the baby will fall asleep on his own even without you comforting him.

The 4moms Goodnight Sleep Trainer – Gray can give improvement in baby’s sleeping patterns in as early as 2 to 4 days. With this device, you will not only teach your baby to sleep through the night – you also give yourself more time for sleep.

Ocean Wonders Mobile with Remote for Techie Parents

The infant stage can be really tiring to parents. Like just making a baby go to sleep can wear you down even with the lullabies and toys. A mobile really helps a baby put to sleep but once it stops moving or playing music, your baby would be restless again. Plus, when you want to set it up, you should be careful not to excite the baby as it will make him alert again. Good thing Fisher-Price made this remote controlled mobile.

The Ocean Wonders Mobile brings your baby in an underwater world filled with calming lights and sounds. The nursery will be filled with fishes moving around along with the calming sound of the sea. There are 5 lullabies that can surely make your baby entertained and slowly fall asleep. The base has a little bowl that can be played with your baby. It swooshes and glitters every time it is pressed and is very soft to touch. Parents wouldn’t have to worry about waking their baby since the remote control takes care of the operation even from afar. Moving up to the toddler years? This mobile can be reattached to a dresser where it will still amuse your growing kid.

This thing is really great for moms out there. Not yet a parent? Well, this mobile is a great gift that any recipient would appreciate. Even product reviews by moms tell that this thing not only relaxes their baby but them as well!

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Breo Breeze Eye Massager

A good massage can always relieve the tension away. You just have to go to a spa and select one of the multinational signature massages that they have. But for the eyes, you could be stuck on going DIY by using ice and cucumbers that your fridge has. Or perhaps, you can also use the Breo Breeze Eye Massager!

This eye massager gives you an all around good feeling of relaxation and comfort. You just have to wear the massager like you’re entering virtual reality, then control it with a remote that is built-in to the device. This is perfect for people who always stare at the computer screen such as graphic designers, bloggers, accountants, encoders, etc. Even people who always have to do paper works such as office workers are also very much prone to eye strain which may lead to poor eye health.

The Breo Eye Massager works by increasing the blood circulation throughout the eye area which could reduce the puffiness of the eyes, wrinkles, and even sagging skin. It also massages the temples to give a total good feeling to the head. According to the manufacturer, this could also provide better sleep due to the total relief from tension. Thus, you can wear it after arriving from work or before going to sleep. Just set the timer and enjoy the feeling of relaxation.

Customer reviews were all positive saying that the product truly relaxes anyone that would put them on. Another says that the compression massage is really awesome and would recommend it to a friend.

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Say Bye-Bye Stress and Sleepless Nights, Say Hello to Good Nite Lite

Putting toddlers to sleep can be such a difficult task for some parents. Let’s face it, not all toddlers easily recognize daytime from night time. So, the least that Mommy can do if she wants to put her little angel to sleep during daytime is to make sure her child’s bedroom includes blinds to make the room look dark. But for those who have already discovered this geek gadget called the Good Nite Lite, their problem on this is solved in a breeze.

The Good Nite Lite is designed as a programmable nightlight that helps your child distinguish between night time and daytime. As a result, your child’s sleep and wake cycles become more established, thus no need to force him/her to sleep. Isn’t it stressful when you keep telling your little one that it’s time to hit the bed while he or she is still busy playing? And it’s stressful on the child’s part either when he or she is being forced to sleep even if he/she doesn’t want too yet. So, eliminate that stress by helping your child learn that when there is Sun, it means morning and when there’s moon, it is night time.

So, how to use it? First, program it with the desired times you want for your child’s wake up time and bedtime. Then, plug it into any outlet where your little one can see it. When it’s night time, the Good Nite Lite’s Moon will shine brightly, and it will slowly dim as soon as your child drifts off to sleep to save electricity. And when the set waking up time arrives, the Moon will turn into a smiling orange Sun to let your child know that it’s time to get up.

Isn’t it great to have a gadget as cool as this? So, say bye-bye stress and sleepless nights and say hello to Good Nite Lite! Buy one now!

WakeMate Will Always Give You Good Mornings

We know about a good night’s sleep, but do you know that it is equally important to get a good morning’s wake up too?

Waking up in the morning feeling quite dizzy and still tired can ruin your day. It is really how we wake up that sets our mood for the day. But your sleeping habits and even the time you set your alarm to go off in the morning can affect your sleep quality and wake up feeling. To have optimal sleep and wake ups, the WakeMate is the gadget to look for. WakeMate is an actigraph cellphone accessory that connects to your iPhone/ iPod Touch much like how Nike for iPod accessory works. The WakeMate monitor the user’s motions and then derives the circadian rhythm and sleeping patterns. It also analyzes your sleeping pattern throughout the night and measures how good your sleep was based on a sleeping index. It can then advise you on what your optimal sleeping time is and ways to get better sleep.

The waking up process is configured by setting a 20-minute window of waking up where the WakeMate will trigger the alarm. For example, you need to wake up at 9:00am, you therefore have to set WakeMate to set off the alarm at 8:40am-9:00am. The reason behind this is that an optimal wake up period happens once every 20 minutes where you will feel energized and sleep inertia (grogginess) is at its minimum.

Say hello to better sleep and mornings with WakeMate.