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KINGMAX 64GB Micro SD Card – The New Standard Capacity in Micro SD Storage

People often ask for more advanced technology – the bigger, the faster, the whole lot better. The latest breakthrough in storage technology may not be as profound as the discovery of magnetic discs or solid state drives but it is as exciting. No longer are portable devices limited to 32GB of additional MicroSD storage – Kingmax just released the world’s first large capacity Micro SD card to reach the 64GB barrier. Its large capacity, small size and faster transfer rate makes it an ideal storage media for smart phones, high-end digicams, recorders, and even personal computers. Even it’s just about the size of a fingernail, this 64GB microSD card is the ultimate data storage solution made to meet the demands of extreme performance and new generation gadgets.

Kingmax 64GB microSD is designed using 9 Stacked Die technology for this Class 6 micro SD card and complies with the latest SD 3.0 and Class 6 specifications. It also supports SD Card Association’s SD2.0 requirements. To use, simply plug the micro SD card into free slot and instantly reap the benefits of expanded memory for your HD videos, photos, mp3 players, mobile games, and other multimedia files. Furthermore, when used with different supported adapters, the Kingmax 64GB microSD card can also be used as an SD card or a USB thumb drive.

For added data reliability, this micro SD card comes with an Error Correction Code which auto detects sand and rebuilds data lost during transmission. Another great feature is the Wear leveling algorithm that distributes all the information into different location on the memory card to even out the average area usage and maximize product life.

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Panasonic Reveals MSRP for 2011 Camcorders

Panasonic released their suggested retail price early for some of their new gadgets this year – and with the wide price range and budget options, consumers are bound to get some pretty sweet deals this year. First stop are the high-end Panasonic Full-HD camcorders with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 1080/60p recording and optional 3D conversion lens for recording vivid 3D imagery. The HDC-HS900 retails at $1,399.95; HDC-TM900 at $1099.99 and the HDC-SD800 at $849.99. The separately sold VW-CLT1 3D conversion lens on the other hand was tagged at $349.99. The bank breaking numbers of HDC-TM900 and HDC-HS900 will further earn you a manual ring for increased creativity, a 20x zoom and a 3.5-inch touch-screen LCD for both. All three models share 32GB of internal memory with the HDC-HS900 getting a 220GB hard disk drive to boot.

For midrange budget, there is the Panasonic’s Full-HD camcorders with 1MOS sensor: $349.99 gets you an ultra lightweight 0.39 lbs HDC-TM40 and HDC-SD40 camcorder, HDC-TM80 at $499.99 and HDC-HS80 at $599.99 gives you exceptional zooming power with a 42x Intelligent Zoom, and the pricier HDC-TM90 and HDC-SD90 gets the Full-HD video 1080/60p and optional 3D (via conversion lens) recording. All models share 1920 x 1080 resolution, wide-angled lenses and SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Cards slots for storing recordings with the HDC-HS80 getting a 120GB hard disk drive.

Panasonic’s more affordable standard definition cameras start at $249.99 for the SDR-S70, $269.99 for the SDR-T70, and $349.99 for the SDR-H100. All three features 33mm wide-angle lens and 78x Enhanced Optical Zoom. The extra cost of SDR-T70 gets you 4GB of integrated memory while for the SDR-H100, a 80GB hard disk drive.

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Sony DSLR-A580 and DSLR-A560 – High-Performance Cameras with Full HD

Photographers who wish to take their works and photography level to a new height now have great gadgets to choose from – the DSLR-A580 and the DSLR-A560. These high-performance digital cameras from Sony deliver unmatched level of imaging refinement. At the heart of both units is a modern Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor processor matched with the latest version of Sony’s mighty BIONZ imaging processor. Both DSLR cameras support high-speed shooting along with a sophisticated array of digital image compositing and processing functions. With the camera’s Speed Priority Continuous Advance mode, you can freeze fleeting photo opportunities at up to 7 fps.

You also will love Sony’s Quick AF Live View system that’s more efficient than ever. Both the DSLR-A580 and the DSLR-A560 are outfitted with 15-point phase-detection autofocus system that keeps even those moving subjects in pin-sharp focus. These cameras are also compatible with a wide selection of more than 30 A-mount interchangeable lenses of Sony and Carl Zeiss. They also offer SteadyShot INSIDE, an in-body sensor shift image stabilization system providing up to four expeosure steps of anti-shake correction when shooting handheld.

What’s great, both the A580 and A560 provide users with Full HD video shooting. All you need is to press the Movie button and presto! You can record detail-packed HD videos and crisp stereo sound in AVCHD 1080i or other web-friendly MP4 formats. Also, their 7.5cm Xtra Fine LCD offers bright, high contrast view with amazing colors and details. These DSLR cameras will be available from October 2010. If you can’t wait to own a DSLR cam, you better check out the available choices of Sony DSLR at Amazon.

Canon VIXIA HF M32: Capture Every Moment in Full HD

Significant moments may happen anytime and everyone wants to witness and experience those once in a lifetime memories, so, taking photos and videos are natural. With the new Canon VIXIA HF M32, you’ll always be guaranteed to shoot, capture, and see those events all in full HD. What’s so cool about this latest camcorder from Canon is its support for flash memories. The 64GB internal memory alone can accommodate up to 1 whole day of recording and once it becomes full, it automatically switches and records to the removable SD memory card. You’ll definitely have lots of time storing and capturing. The VIXIA HF M32 supports other SDXC memory cards which allow faster data transfers and higher than 32GB storage capacity compared to SDHC cards.

In terms of quality, the Canon VIXIA HF M32 can provide 1920 x 1080 video resolution and ultimate quality images from lens to screen – thanks to Canon Exclusive 3.89-megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor and Canon Exclusive DIGIC DV III Image Processor. With the help of Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization system, you can capture and record easily while walking since it offers constant adjustment to different movements. The 2.7-inch Touch Panel LCD Screen displays 211,000 dots which able to deliver brilliant lifelike colors. There is also the Touch & Track menu with options for proper exposure and focus depending on your subject as well as Built-in Video Light to help you capture in low light environments.

Printing is also made easy with the new Canon camcorder through the Print/Share button. After connecting the VIXIA HF M32 to select Canon printers or any printers supporting PictBridge and through the camcorder’s included USB cable, print by simply pressing the Print/Sharebutton. In addition, VIXIA HF M32 is DVD Burner Compatible.

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Sony NEX-VG10 Camcorder

Are you familiar with Sony’s MEX-series product line? Well the company’s NEX-VG10 camcorder comes with similar E-mount lenses as the ones used in the first two models in the NEX series – NEX-3 and NEX-5 single-lens direct view cameras. This camcorder can also allow Alpha-mount lenses with an optional adapter, although it doesn’t have support for SteadyShot image stabilization or autofocus. The NEX-VG10 is outfitted with a spacious 3.0” TruBaclk Xtra Fine LCD display with 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

This new Sony camcorder sticks to the concept model released on May, but a T-bar that runs the length of the VG10’s top deck is added. The said T-shaped bar serves different purposes including an electronic viewfinder eyepiece at its rear; stereo mic in the front; hot and cold shoes under a cover at the center; and a comfortable handle whenever you are carrying the camcorder or when framing shots low to the ground. Among the outstanding features of the Sony VG10 is the quad capsule special array stereo microphone which comprises four independent omnidirectional cardoid microphone capsules. Such capsules make this mic capable of offering 2x increase in directivity.

Found on the camcorder’s top deck are hot and cold shoes that are hidden safely. The hot shoe is used for Alpha flash strobes while the cold shoe is for accessories such as microphone mounts. Making up its standard layout is a folding LCD screen and behind it are the controls that are accessed less frequently. On the opposite side are the main shooting controls that are positioned nicely for a touch of your thumb. If this camcorder isn’t available in local stores yet, then just check out the available Sony hd camcorder at Amazon.