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SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ – The Value for Your Money MP3 Player

Unlike dry oil wells and abandoned goldmines, the world never seems to run out of fresh new gadgets especially on the portable mp3 player side. One of the most recent portable media players that came out of its cocoon is the new Sansa Fuze+ (plus) MP3 player from world renowned global leader in flash memory cards, SanDisk. The Sansa Fuze plus promises a top of the line combination of features, simplicity of use and value thru its large LCD Screen, microSDHC card slot, Innovative “Film Strip” GUI and sub-$100 price tag.

The Sansa Fuze+ portable media player maybe the immediate successor to the popular Sansa Fuze MP3 player but it has been completely redesigned to deliver a hassle-free and satisfying user experience that enables unparalleled freedom in how consumers access their favorite digital content, expand the player’s storage capacity and navigate their libraries of files to enjoy high-quality audio and video playback.

The Sanza Fuze plus comes in a sleek, thin and ergonomic style that fits perfectly in the palm of a hand. It has an improved touch capacitive touchpad that doesn’t obscure the device’s viewable area and a bright and colorful 2.4″ QVGA LCD screen. Inside is a unique GUI that operates like a film strip – left to right finger sweeps select functions while up and down sweeps or double taps explores and select individual categories and files. Additional features include an extensive audio and video CODEC pack, 24 hours of audio playback or up to five hours of video playback, recordable FM radio, gapless playback and a microphone for audio capture.

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SanDisk Sansa e260

SanDisk Sansa e260

SanDisk Sansa e260

ScanDisk  Sansa e260 is a flash memory digital audio/video player with 4GB storage.  The Sansa e 260 is a sleek light weight device which enables you to enjoy audio, video, and photo slidesshows on-the-go.  This device includes MP3 and WMA playback, Microsoft PlayerForSure support, Fm tunner which also allows you to record the song/anyhting while the fm is goping on, voice recorder, and a bright 1.8″ TFT colour screen.

The Sansa e260 comes with a strong alloy metal casing which helps makes the device scratch resistant and durable. The player also includes a micro SD slot and can be expanded. With the help of the lithium – ion battery the device can run upto 20 hrs.  This device can play the MP3 and wma format file and for other format the user can convert the format with the Sansa nedia converter.

Some of the disadvantage of this device is is the Scrollwheel which is not as easy to use as the iPod click wheel. No AC adapter is given with the device.

The things you have see when you buy this product are travel pouch and lanyard, stereo headphones, lithium ion rechargeable battery, USB cable, and quick start guide. The bottom line of Sansa e260 is that it offers a boatload of features for a reasonable price.

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