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Hybrid Technology – Samsung Nexus S 4G

A lot of smartphones these days are satisfying enough to consumers that a lot of them are sold all over the world. They offer a lot of new software and technology that attract individuals from the rich and the famous to the poor and unknown. While others buy to be up to date and famed, some buy it for the quality and use.

Talking about smartphones, then new Samsung Nexus S 4G is one of the best buy deals in the smartphone industry to this date. An awesome mix of specifications, design, and performance can be experienced with this new gadget in hand. The new Samsung Nexus S 4G can be compared to the new hybrid cars today.

Other features of the new Samsung Nexus S 4G are:

  • WiMax internet connectivity
  • Gorgeous design
  • Gingerbread (OS)
  • 16 GB internal memory capacity
  • GPS & Bluetooth
  • 5 megapixel VGA camera
  • USB connectivity
  • NFC chipset


  • Well improved Gingerbread Operating System
  • Google UI (user interface)
  • Dazzling phone display
  • WiMax system support
  • Appealing to Android enthusiasts


  • Somewhat delicate built
  • Insufficient LED lights and warnings
  • Nonexistent memory card space
  • Similarity with old Nexus phone
  • 4G connections unavailable in some areas, picky connectivity

Clearly the new Samsung Nexus S 4G knock out all the competition with its unique designs and features that makes it one great gadget all in one. With so many things you can do with this gadget, nothing compares to the performance design it brings to its users.  Bring out the best in you and buy this great gadget to make you perform to your utmost potentials.