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Smell the Internet with Olly

Smell-o-vision might still be far from horizon but smell-o-internet is here. Now, you can take a whiff of the internet with the new Olly. Instead of relying on visual and audio cues, you can now also receive olfactory alerts with the help of this device. Olly, the web connected smelly robot delivers pings from the internet as a smell. It produces scent every time there is a tweet, a like on the Instagram and even when you are running late on your appointment. You can fill any smell you like in its removable part at the back allowing you to fill and assign corresponding scent to every Internet service. You can put essential oils, your favorite perfume, a drop of gin, a slice of fruit and anything you think suits the specific service. Olly is stackable thus it changes smell when you connect one to Twitter and another to your calendar event.

Not just delivering smell, Olly is also fully customizable so you can make the robot look the way you want to. You can change its form or alter the dot pattern in front. The 3D models are fully editable and are free, letting you print Olly out. In addition, all its parts, code and instructions are totally accessible and open.

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The Decisive Recon Specialist – ReconRobotics Throwbot

Due to the serious problems families and individuals have each day people sometimes turn to violence just to make some money to survive. One serious problem that makes headlines in the news today is piracy. Piracy started a long time ago which today became more and more violent and deadly. There are a ton of different places and demands that these pirates ask from their captives nowadays. Yet nothing is concretely done to stop or even prevent hi-jacking and piracy today.

As billions of dollars are lost to piracy, the battle against these pirates intensifies day by day. In the fight against piracy, one robot might give balance and change the course of this serious problem. However, questions are asked if robots could be the answer against piracy? The answer might be yes. The introduction of the ReconRobotics “Throwbot” with the special participation of the Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, missions against piracy could be more positively completed. The Throwbot is a surveillance robot that is launched for recon missions used by military and law enforcement units.

The development of this robotic device plays an important role used to spy on pirates. Not only can it see in daylight but also useful during the night for its infrared optics visual mode. The concept of the Throwbot is pretty smart, all it needs more are the arms, two legs, and a pistol to look livelier like Robocop. That would be the coolest thing ever to help fight against crime and more especially piracy.


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Samsung Blu EX1 Invades Korean Market

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new high-end digital camera, one of the units you should consider is Samsung Blu EX1. As of now, this model is only available in Korea, but it will soon be released in your area. This new Samsung digital camera comes with a sleek design which seems to be dominated by the unit’s huge 3-inch AMOLED display, a feature that enables you to compose your self-portraits properly. It also comes equipped with a 24-72mm equivalent f/1.8-2.4 lens plus 10-megapixel sensor that’s coupled with highly sensitive 1/1.7” CCD imager with built-in noise reduction.

Adjustments in the settings can be done quickly and efficiently because of the front control wheel and a control ring that are positioned around the camera’s lens. Other excellent features of this Samsung digicam are anti-shake system, a flash hot shoe, a pop-up flash, and raw support. You want more? Well according to Samsung, this is the world’s first 24mm wide angle F1.8 brightness camera equipped with a Schneider lens with 3x optical zoom. This gizmo is also outfitted with many other excellent features that will be revealed before its release in the US market.

Because of the camera’s impressive wide angle lens and other technologies incorporated in it, the Blu EX1 is capable enough of producing spectacular images anytime you need to. It seems like a very exciting release and Samsung aficionados will sure be waiting for this. For now, you can consider other Samsung cameras such as the  Samsung tl320 which is available at Amazon.

MechRC Robot – Transform and Roll Out

mechrc robotWhen your son begins bugging you to get him a pet like Bumblebee or a body guard like Optimus Prime, explaining that the Sector 7 might come banging at your door while you keep extraterrestrials at your home is not exactly a mature answer. What you can say is that the Autobots are busy right now, trying to protect the Earth from the Decepticons but they do have their little buddy MechRC to keep him company.

MechRC is a cool seventeen servo programmable robot capable of 180 degrees movement. It is designed by one of the Transformer artists as we can observe from the obvious resemblance to Transformer’s character designs. The MechRC is quite easy to use since it is pre-assembled and comes with pre-installed motions and sounds. Your son can enjoy wicked dance moves and combat action immediately without prior pre-programming.

The fun really starts when you put and develop your own moves using a computer and the included software. Enjoy countless hours’ of mecha action goodness as you try to design new moves by moving the animated robot in the screen then save the move sequences. Programming MechRC is pretty much like playing a video game. Different audio like soundtracks, sound effects and voices can also be added and played in the robot’s speakers located in the chest. The package includes the MechRC robot, IR remote, Lithium battery pack and charger, MechRC Commander Software CD ROM, Serial communications cable, USB to serial adapter and decal sheet.

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Mecha Fun with the Robotic Arm Kit

Successful scientists like Dr. Frankenstein, Tony Stark, and even Anakin Skywalker must have started tinkering with something before they finally invented machines of world domination, cool suits of armor and personal droids. For those aspiring to be the next multi-billion dollar scientist or evil genius – you can now begin working for your dream by starting with the Robotic Arm Kit. Everybody knows scientists must have their robots because other than a secret laboratory, robots make scientists a whole lot cooler. This robotic arm can be readily assembled out of the box. Thanks to the included easy to follow instructions, no need for advanced engineering diploma, hi-tech laboratory or fat government research paycheck. All you need to set up the device are a few tools including cross headed screwdriver, long nose pliers and diagonal cutters. Of course, there is also the minor technical know-how.
robot armSince you have no slave bots or evil henchmen yet, you may spend a couple of hours to assemble the educational toy and get the arm working. The robotic arm is moved by 5 motors and uses a claw-like hand to grip, pick up, lower, rotate and release objects. A 5-switch wired controller will allow you to manipulate the arm and with some practice, do some precise maneuvers to impress your audience while doing the mad scientist laugh. The arm is only limited to lifting objects up to 100g in weight, so saving or dominating the world is still out of the question but it is a start.

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