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Smell the Internet with Olly

Smell-o-vision might still be far from horizon but smell-o-internet is here. Now, you can take a whiff of the internet with the new Olly. Instead of relying on visual and audio cues, you can now also receive olfactory alerts with the help of this device. Olly, the web connected smelly robot delivers pings from the internet as a smell. It produces scent every time there is a tweet, a like on the Instagram and even when you are running late on your appointment. You can fill any smell you like in its removable part at the back allowing you to fill and assign corresponding scent to every Internet service. You can put essential oils, your favorite perfume, a drop of gin, a slice of fruit and anything you think suits the specific service. Olly is stackable thus it changes smell when you connect one to Twitter and another to your calendar event.

Not just delivering smell, Olly is also fully customizable so you can make the robot look the way you want to. You can change its form or alter the dot pattern in front. The 3D models are fully editable and are free, letting you print Olly out. In addition, all its parts, code and instructions are totally accessible and open.

Get to know more about Olly here.

Polaris 9300xi Remote Control Robotic In-Ground Cleaner

There are so many ways that you can do to clean your pool. You can use pool vacuum cleaners, pool brushes, chemicals, or a pool net. Although each of these cleans in a different manner, still they are all geared to one purpose – and that is to maintain your pool’s crystal-clear waters and keep it free from any disease or parasites that may inhabit its waters. But why not add a highly technological way of cleaning it? Get the all-new Polaris 9300xi Remote Control Robotic In-Ground Cleaner.

Using an internal filter canister as its filtration method, the Polaris 9300xi makes sure that your pool is clean and free from any parasite at all times. From pool bottom, walls, and steps, this ingenious cleaning gadget is designed for such surfaces so pool cleaning is made a lot easier. But what makes this more convenient is that it offers two ways of cleaning: one is by custom-programmed automated cleaning mode and two is by remote control called the IntelliNav remote. If you want this cleaner to do the cleaning on its own, then you can very much choose the former. But if you want to control when and where it goes, or simply adjust the cleaning times and rotate it in various directions, you better put it in the remote control mode. The remote is water resistant up to 15ft, so no worries getting it all wet. And since its cord length measures 70TM, you can very much use it on larger pools.

Interested? Order the Polaris 9300xi Remote Control Robotic In-Ground Cleaner now!

Start Off Your Kids to Robotics with ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover

Earth’s Robotics geeks have it easy. Geeks and future Sith lords of empires from a galaxy far far away need to work for a scum of a junk dealer in a desert like planet just to build a bipedal humanoid protocol droid. Now, future nerdy Earthlings have it even easier with the new extraordinary and programmable robot – ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover. This toy, robot, and tool lets your little robotics engineer create missions, program codes, and watch it go on rampage or just peacefully chase after its hind (if it can find it) among other amazing or silly little things. The ReCon 6.0 promotes creativity to children as well as instills a healthy dose of geekiness in them.

How many 8 year olds who can program a robot do you know? ReCon 6.0 introduces children to logic early, and the more they study the more they are rewarded with greater control of ReCon Rover’s action. ReCon Rover 6.0 is outfitted with an easy-to-read LCD screen that shows all the presently programmed paths that your child has “coded” using the built-in keypad and directional buttons. ReCon Rover can move around an obstacle course, carry small things, deliver messages, post guard, go on reconnaissance missions and even dance.

Key features include 10-button keypad, LCD display, bright LED headlights, caterpillar tracks with third wheel, cargo bay, microphone, speaker, sound effects, 9 multi-directional trips capable memory bank and a ‘return to home’ command. Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover comes with an instruction manual, 10 missions, diagnostics test, on-board keypad an LCD screen, and measuring device.

Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover can be purchased here.

Retro Robot Money Bank: A Cool Way to Save

Are you having a hard time teaching your child how to save money? The Retro Robot Money Bank can help you motivate your kid to spare some coins to save. What’s this new money bank and how can it help you instill the value of saving to your child?

Well, the Retro Robot Money Bank is a toy and a money bank in one. As its name implies, it’s a toy robot. But, more than that, it has a slot on its head and a space within its body that can accommodate your child’s savings. Its coolness alone is enough to entice your kid, but wait until the child hears the robot talk! Every time your child drops a coin through the slot on its head, the robot will say “Thanks for your saving.” Well, your child would surely love dropping a few coins every now and then just to hear the robot’s voice! Other than this, the robot can also keep track of the amount of money inside it, showing that amount on a display on its chest. So, your child knows how much he has already saved. Plus, if your kid is aiming for a particular amount, then you can ask him to input that amount. As your kid continues to drop coins, he can see how he’s doing when it comes to reaching his goal as the progress bar on the robot advances.

With this cool Retro Robot Money Bank at your side, teaching your kid how to save will be easier. Simply power this robot with 2 AAA batteries and you’re all set!

HEXBUG NANO – Amazing Robotic Toys You Can Gift Your Kids With

Kids sure love robots. Unlike other toys, they are entertained by such for long hours. It is because robotic toys make them feel like their favorite character in movies or video games really come into life to play with them. One of the latest craze in the market of robotic toys is the HEXBUG NANO. This is actually an updated version of the battery-operated HEXBUG toys your kids have loved before. Along with its creepy sense of balance is HEXBUG NANO’s ability to flip to its feet and zoom forward the moment you turn it on its back. When it touches an object in its path, this energetic insect toy will change directions and run away on a new path.

What makes the HEXBUG NANO so appealing for kids is, they behave like real bugs yet they come in wide variety of colors. Each insect toy is given a unique serial number and point value system that can be used by owners should they wish to register their NANO online, earn points by taking quizzes about popular scientists, reach a certain level in an online game that necessitates players to make use of scientific principles in creating a virtual Nano on their own, and look for extraordinary creatures with the highest point values.

Aside from the HEXBUG NANO robotic insect toys, you can also consider other stuffs and add-ons that will sure make your playing experience more fun and exciting. Among such are:

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set
This is a reconfigurable set that allows the user to make different Nano homes. It includes two unusual Nanos plus all the things your kids will need in building a happy home for these robots. Among such are 4-easy connect curved pieces, 3 easy-connect straight pieces, and 3 easy-connect hexagon pieces. The Hexbug Nano Habitat Set helps improve your child’s creativity since they are allowed to configure the pieces in any way they like just to come up with a home sweet home for their Nanos.

Hexbug Nano Curved Habitat Track
Composed of 8 easy-connect curved pieces, the Hexbug Nano Curved Habitat Track allows the user to make habitat curved bridges and pathways.

Hexbug Nano Hex Cells Accessory Pieces
Made by Innovation First labs, Inc., these accessories for your Hexbug Nano Habitat include two HEX Cells with pieces that connect and disconnect so easily. Also included are working doors that are compatible with other Hexbug Nano Habitats and Play sets.

Hexbug Nano Specimen Case from Innovation First Labs, Inc.
This is a durable nylon collectors case that are capable of storing 20 HEXBUG NANO specimens. It is perfect for those who are colleting each color of Nano specimen.

So what are you waiting for? Surprise your son on his birthday with HEXBUG NANO toys of different colors plus tracks, habitats, and accessories for an ultimate playing experience. Click here and check out other Hexbug Nano items that you can add to your son’s collection.