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Capture Great Stereo Quality on your Apple Device using TASCAM’s iM2

Your iOS devices, e.g. iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, may have an integrated voice and sound recording capabilities but atmost they are at a mediocre level. When compared to a full featured stereo recorder they are not worth diddly-squat. If you really need an advanced stereo recorder, try the new TASCAM’s iM2 to even out the odds. This stereo recorder add-on will allow your Apple device to go toe to toe with the latest stereo mic recorder out there.

By connecting the pair of condenser microphones to the dock connector of your Apple device, the innovative TASCAM’s iM2 makes your device turn into a high quality stereo recorder. To get the best sound placement and capture the fine ambience of a room, the mics are adjustable over 180 degrees and the uni-directional elements are positioned in an AB pattern. The TASCAM’s iM2 has its special microphone preamp and analog-to-digital converter thus letting it capture great audio quality and less noise and even making it handle up to 125dB sound levels. Thus, this stereo recorder is also perfect to use on loud concerts and instruments without affecting the audio quality. The iM2 is compatible to any recording app and can also be paired with a built-in video camera. You can easily capture quality video and at the same time record great stereo through your iPhone.

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MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder

If you’re a guitarist or a musician by heart or by profession, it’s kind of comforting to know that’s there’s now a perfect recording and jam-along device that fits right in your pocket. That’s the BOSS MICRO BR BR-80. This tool offers three modes that let you create, record, and perform your music. These modes are named eight-track MTR (Multi-Track Recorder) mode that offers 64 V-Tracks with eight simultaneous playback track; eBand mode that you can use for onstage backing tracks and phrase training; and the Live Rec mode that lets you instantly capture high-quality stereo recordings. What’s great is you can seamlessly combine these three modes.

You shouldn’t underestimate its capabilities because despite its size, the MICRO BR BR-80 is jampacked with features. It has a dedicated stereo rhythm track, an onboard library of great grooves and songs to choose from, and intuitive user-interface. What makes this gadget the ideal tool for musicians are features like EQ, reverb, and mastering tools plus, world-class COSM amps and effects for guitar, bass, and vocals. With these, the MICRO BR BR-80 is able to deliver comprehensive and pro-quality recordings with so much ease.

On top of the onboard high-grade stereo condenser microphones, the MICRO BR BR-80 also comes with Live Rec mode that allows you to capture pristine stereo recordings in an instant. The audio files you’ve recorded can easily be imported into the gadget’s MTR mode in case you want to utilize them as foundation for multi-track song production. You’ll enjoy all these and more so you better click here and order the BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 digital recorder now.

TASCAM DR-07MKII – The Easy to Use Professional Voice Recorder

Voice recording never sound and looked so professional with the new TASCAM DR-07mkII. This top selling portable voice recorder boasts a pair of adjustable condenser microphones with integrated cardioid pattern. The mics can be set to an X-Y position to achieve a directional pattern or an A-B position to simulate a wider ambient sound.

Another feature of the DR-07mkII is that it utilizes different power supply for the codec, this allows the full use of the A/D and D/A converter capabilities. It also separates analog and digital circuit boards from the low impedance circuit to reduce noise in the design. The DR-07mkII saves its recordings to microSD or microSDHC card in either MP3 or WAV file format and at up to 96 kHz/24-bit quality. The device has a 1/8-inch mic/line input that accepts other plug-in microphones. The DR-07mkII also features a Level Align function to ensure even volume and the Variable-Speed Audition to alter playback speed without affecting pitch. This stereo recorder can operate up to 17.5 hours when recording at 44.1 kHz/16-bit WAV file format.

Other features that set the DR-07mkII apart from competitors and even its predecessor is the Overdub mode which records over previous files but keeps a duplicate of the original. There’s also the reverb effect for that extra polish, and the Auto Record and Auto Mark for hands-free operation.

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GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab

As early as 1 year old, your kid has developed that interest in music and in sound, right? You even found yourself laughing while listening to your little one sing Twinkle Twinkle or perhaps London Bridge for the first time. Much more, when they started to learn imitating animal sounds like Maa, Meow, and Bow-wow. Yes, children singing and making sound are so cute. And they look even cuter if they are able to dance and do some actions according to the sound and music. But hey, don’t you think it is high time they learn about the song or the sound they make? They will sure have more fun if they are able to learn about sound and electronics with this GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab.

geosafari_digital_recording_labThe GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab is a rhythmic sound generator, digital voice recorder, electronic parrot, and voice alarm in one. In order for your child to take advantage of all these, he has to connect all the components of each project, which are permanently installed on the device, and make sure they are in proper sequence through the use of connection wires. To make the task easier for him, a fully illustrated project guide is included in the package for his reference. This will teach him a lot, from the order of the wires up to the different functions of all the electronic components.

The GeoSafari is recommended for kids ages 10 and up. So, if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your 10-year old boy this Christmas, better choose the GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab.

Beyond Just Audio – Q3 Handy Video Recorder

Q3 Handy Video RecorderThe sound of silence would make a pretty movie title, but in video recordings, the sound of silence is the last thing you would want to hear. For those who want superb quality audio with their video, there is the Q3 Handy Video Recorder. Using the same technology behind the H4n Handy Recorder’s astounding microphone capsule, the Q3 camcorder goes beyond in providing quality audio in every recording. The secret lies within its two on-board condenser microphones. The two mics are arranged in an X/Y pattern much similar to what is used by professionals to capture the best possible audio recording. The right and left microphones are placed in the same axis; this allows both mics to have equal distance from the sound source and have an ideal localization. The result is an accurate and natural audio recording every time.

Since the mics are directional, you can focus or more likely “zoom – in” to the sound source. A built -in audio meter allows users to record in loud, quiet and other different audio environment. The camcorder can also automatically set the ideal audio recording settings for you so that you can just focus on capturing those great videos.
Q3 Camcorder
The video output is not bad either; it records in MPEG-4 SP format at 30 fps with a resolution of 640 x 480. The Q3 handy camcorder is relatively simple to use and works readily out of the box. The package includes a USB cable, HandyShare software, 2GB SD card (upgradable up to 16GB) and a variety of camera accessories.

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