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Capture Great Stereo Quality on your Apple Device using TASCAM’s iM2

Your iOS devices, e.g. iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, may have an integrated voice and sound recording capabilities but atmost they are at a mediocre level. When compared to a full featured stereo recorder they are not worth diddly-squat. If you really need an advanced stereo recorder, try the new TASCAM’s iM2 to even out the odds. This stereo recorder add-on will allow your Apple device to go toe to toe with the latest stereo mic recorder out there.

By connecting the pair of condenser microphones to the dock connector of your Apple device, the innovative TASCAM’s iM2 makes your device turn into a high quality stereo recorder. To get the best sound placement and capture the fine ambience of a room, the mics are adjustable over 180 degrees and the uni-directional elements are positioned in an AB pattern. The TASCAM’s iM2 has its special microphone preamp and analog-to-digital converter thus letting it capture great audio quality and less noise and even making it handle up to 125dB sound levels. Thus, this stereo recorder is also perfect to use on loud concerts and instruments without affecting the audio quality. The iM2 is compatible to any recording app and can also be paired with a built-in video camera. You can easily capture quality video and at the same time record great stereo through your iPhone.

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TASCAM DR-07MKII – The Easy to Use Professional Voice Recorder

Voice recording never sound and looked so professional with the new TASCAM DR-07mkII. This top selling portable voice recorder boasts a pair of adjustable condenser microphones with integrated cardioid pattern. The mics can be set to an X-Y position to achieve a directional pattern or an A-B position to simulate a wider ambient sound.

Another feature of the DR-07mkII is that it utilizes different power supply for the codec, this allows the full use of the A/D and D/A converter capabilities. It also separates analog and digital circuit boards from the low impedance circuit to reduce noise in the design. The DR-07mkII saves its recordings to microSD or microSDHC card in either MP3 or WAV file format and at up to 96 kHz/24-bit quality. The device has a 1/8-inch mic/line input that accepts other plug-in microphones. The DR-07mkII also features a Level Align function to ensure even volume and the Variable-Speed Audition to alter playback speed without affecting pitch. This stereo recorder can operate up to 17.5 hours when recording at 44.1 kHz/16-bit WAV file format.

Other features that set the DR-07mkII apart from competitors and even its predecessor is the Overdub mode which records over previous files but keeps a duplicate of the original. There’s also the reverb effect for that extra polish, and the Auto Record and Auto Mark for hands-free operation.

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That Tiny Voice Recorder Called Echo Bot

Don’t you just hate it when somebody sneaks into your room and boos you while you’re busy working on something? It would have been okay if you can easily go back to what you are doing after that big surprise. But if not, then you need a highly reliable gadget that will serve as basic intruder alarm like the Echo Bot.

Designed mainly as a tiny voice recorder, the Echo Bot features a little button that when pressed, you can record up to 10 seconds of audio. Record something like “Boo”, “Yes, what do you want?” or “Knock first before you enter!” and that tiny recorder will repeat your message once it detects movement up to 3.3 feet away.

How to install it? Well, you don’t have to. Its three legs are designed with suction cup at the end, enabling you to stick the Echo Bot anywhere you please. Place it near your door or simply in a conspicuous place inside your home, and it’ll start pooping once it detects movement.

Isn’t it great to have a companion as cool as the Echo Bot? Now, your room will be a nicer workplace and quieter than the usual. No more distracting surprises on your side! But the intruder who wants to sneak into your room will sure have lots with the Echo Bot in place.

So when asked, “What’s that cute little gadget near your room?” Just answer, “It’s that tiny voice recorder called Echo Bot. Try it! It’s so much fun!”

Endless Possibilites with KORG SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Recorder

In this digital age where you almost record everything and every moment, it’s not just really about pretty photographs, family videos and digital images of your brain. What would the world be if you can’t capture its beautiful sound and music? And what better way to record your musical inspiration, guitar riffs and soul numbing solo is no other than the new KORG SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Recorder. While there are SLRs and HD video camera for professional applications, this portable multi-track recorder is the go-to-gadget if you are into capturing, recording, overdubbing and even mixing your own audio files – professional or not.

Unleash your musical creativity with its infinite number of overdubs. The possibilities are endless with the SOUND on SOUND feature as it lets you play back your tracks while continuing to overdub more parts just like a musical scratch paper. All of these musical possibilities are at your disposal while never worrying about running out of track. Add the 100 on-board effects, 50 preset rhythm patterns and high-performance guitar, bass, and chromatic tuners and voila! You can be a one man band, a grand harmonic and everything in between.

The KORG SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Recorder can record and save individually up to 200 overdubs in WAV format. The hi-tech recording features like the unlimited undo/redo loop recording, Sound Stretch technology, and KORG Audio Utility make juggling and mixing your overdubs and tracks a breeze. Furthermore, the portable wedge-shaped design and 10-hour battery life ensure uninterrupted and hassle-free recording sessions.

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Out to Ordinary Audio Recorder, In to Livescribe 2GB Pulseâ„¢ Smartpen

If you’re still using an ordinary audio recorder, especially the one using a cassette tape, well you can start saying 2gbpulsesmartpengoodbye to that. Although it may have a sentimental value to you, nowadays you can find tech gadgets that can provide you with better audio recording features. One of which is the Livescribe 2GB Pulseâ„¢ Smartpen.

The 2GB Pulse Smartpen by Livescribe can be used mainly to record audio during interviews, hearings, and other important events. However, unlike ordinary audio recorder, this one allows you to record over 200 hours of audio and even link it to what you write. So, if you missed something, you can easily tap on your drawings or notes with the Smartpen’s tip to go back to what was being said while you were busy writing.

Now, you might ask, “Do I need to lug to my laptop to record audio?” The answer is no. The 2GB Pulseâ„¢ Smartpen automatically records everything as you write and draw. But you have to take note that it works only with Livescribe dot paper, which is included in the package. After writing down your notes, you can transfer and organize them to your computer, and even search for words within them. In seconds, you’ll find what you need.

Want to share what you recorded? You can always do so. Simply convert your notes and recorded audio into interactive movies, upload them online, and voila – everyone can see and hear them in no time.

With all these great features of Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen (APA-00002), will you still settle on your old audio recorder? Switch now!