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Sit Back & Relax – Spiderpodium Will Hold your Gadget For You

Holding your cool gadgets such as your iPhone and E-reader when watching movie or reading is not such a big deal, that is if watching or reading won’t take too long. But if it will take an hour or so, then that could be a little tiring and frustrating, and perhaps you’d wish there’s a stand that you can use for these gadgets. There are actually lots of gadget accessories available for this purpose. However, if you want something unique and creepy looking at the same time, then you’d be interested in the Spiderpodium.

As the name suggests, the Spiderpodium is designed with eight flexible legs that can accommodate handheld gadgets such as iPhones, satnavs, digital cameras, and e-readers. It actually works like a typical gadget stand, only that it’s more flexible since it can position your device to any angle you want. Whether you want your gadget on top of your desk, on your car’s dashboard, on the headrest, handlebar, or even on your baby’s stroller, you can sure rely on this eight-legged freak, I mean device to hold your gadget firmly in place.

So who said you have no choice but to tire yourself holding your gadgets while watching movie or reading? With the Spiderpodium, your hands can freely do anything, so just sit back and relax while enjoying a good ol’ movie or ebook. And since it’s designed uniquely, it will sure turn heads when someone sees you using one.

Get yourself a Spiderpodium now! You choose from either black or white. Anyway, whatever color you choose, it will sure catch attention of those who see it for the first time.

AnyBook Reader: Story-Telling and Book-Reading Made More Innovative

Are you a working mom who often goes home late with your children already asleep? Have you been promising your children for the longest time that you’ll read them a book before bed, but finding it hard to do so because of your heavy workload at the office? If you answer yes to both questions, then no doubt – you need the new AnyBook Reader!

Nope, it’s not an ebook reader. It’s a device that can record your voice as you read a story from the page of any book. This way, your children can listen to your voice before bed (or anytime they want, actually) and feel like you’re just beside them reading a story. The AnyBook Reader comes with special stickers that you only have to stick to each page of a book. Then, tap the sticker with the reader and you can now read while the device will automatically record your voice. Every time your children want to hear your voice, they just have to open the book to their desired page and tap on the sticker so that they’ll hear your recorded voice reading the page. The said reader can store up to 60 hours of your records. All it will need to work are a couple of AAA batteries – no need for internet connection or any other complicated requirement for that matter.

With this AnyBook Reader available, your children will feel like you’re always there. Although it’s not designed to alter your presence, it can help you every now and then when you can’t be around for your children because of other pressing tasks.

Computer Cool School – A Great Way to Start Education Early

Everybody wants their children to be the next boy genius or little miss talent, but even a child prodigy destined for greatness must start with baby steps. Before your children can figure out the mysteries of the universe, memorize the legal system and the Dungeons and Dragons rule book, crack the code, rule the world using diplomacy, strength of arms and cultural influence, or win the next space race, it’s in their best interest to master the basics of speaking, writing, reading, and counting first. Sure you may have some coloring books with a few crayons, a fun activity workbook for preschoolers, a kiddy Encyclopedia and even an Idiot’s Guide for children hanging around the house. But, they’re not as cool as the new Computer Cool School by Fisher Price. This educational toy and keyboard instantly transforms your computer into a “one stop shop” learning center for preschoolers. It covers the five disciplines of Reading and Writing, Math, Art, Music and Science. All of the five learning centers feature different fun filled educational activities arranged in a carefully planned curriculum just like the way they do it in school.

The Computer Cool School features a special keyboard designed for children. This is another great way to introduce computers and typing skills to children early on. Included with the child-friendly keyboard is an ambidextrous tablet with an attached stylus for drawing and writing activities. This educational gadget also comes with letters and numbers templates, printable activity sheets, a learning CD, password-protected parental controls and its own USB chord.

Feed your child’s mind through Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Computer Cool School!

HumanWare BrailleNote Apex – Feel, Hear and Connect

If you are reading this through Braille then you have some good news coming. Otherwise, it is still good to know that there are companies such as HumanWare that continue to help people who are blind by giving them access to digital communications. HumanWare first launched their innovative BrailleNote on year 2000 to help students, professionals and consumers through a modern reading and note taking Braille system.braillenoteapex-sgNow, they took their product to the peak of digital world with the cutting edge BrailleNote Apex. This world’s thinnest and lightest Braille notetaker features ergonomic full-size Braille keyboard and 32 cell refreshable Braille display. It uses thumb keys for easy reading navigation by line, sentence or paragraph, and a scroll wheel for smooth access to menus, documents and e-mail. BrailleNote Apex has 8GB of non-volatile user storage and an SD card socket supporting SDHC cards, plus various expansion ports to store all those office files, e-books, notes, voice memos and media files. BrailleNote completes the notetaker package with its stereo speakers, internal multi directional microphone and speaker/headset/microphone audio jack for listening and recording audio files.

BrailleNote Apex will truly change the way people who are blind connect, work and interact through their user friendly application and global connectivity. This latest notetaker from HumanWare uses the new Windows CE 6 operating system and the KeySoft application suites. KeySoft consists of productivity applications from word processor to audio software and even IM services. To connect to the world, this gadget features built in Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity.

More good news, choose a variety of Braille keyboards here that would suit your needs.

Kids Play and Learn the Fun Way With These Top 5 Learning Toys

Kids love to play, that’s a fact. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that while at play, they cannot learn anything. There are actually lots of cool gadgets and educational toys nowadays that are also geared towards learning. And so to make learning a fun way for your kids, introduce to them these top 5 learning toys for small geeks.

LeapFrog® Tag Reading System

leapfrogtagreadingsystemTo bring reading to life. That’s the main objective of this revolutionary touch reading system designed by LeapFrog. With its Tag Reader feature, it allows your child to go through the book’s pages and enjoy while hearing the pictures sing, words talk, and stories live out loud. It has over 20 books and games which feature various movie, TV, and classic tales characters. So whether your child likes classics like The Little Engine That Could Come To Life or recent movies such as Kung Fu Panda, he or she will sure have a fun time reading and learning at the same time. The storybooks and learning activities included in the system can help widen your child’s vocabulary and enhance reading skills including comprehension, phonics, and word recognition.

Recommended for children 4 to 8 years old.

Snap Circuits SC-300

electronicsnapcircuitTo learn electronics the easy and fun way. That’s the very reason why Elenco designed this Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300. It includes real circuit components, similar to those found in your electronic appliances’ circuit boards such as your computer, television, and radio. With over 60 parts, your child can sure create mini electronic devices like speaker, alarm, circuit, fan motor, and lamp socket out of them. So, if you notice your little one’s inclination to electronic stuff, why not let him/her have this educational kit? with more than 300 projects to build out of it, your child will sure learn electronics the easy and fun way.

Recommended for ages 8 to 108 years old.

LeapFrog® Leapster® Learning Game System – Green

leapfroglearninggamesystemTo teach kids math, reading, vocabulary, critical thinking and more. That’s what this Leapster Learning Game System from LeapFrog aims to do. It comes with 2 built-in games but it is expandable if you plan on storing an exciting library of educational games which is sold separately. It is very portable, so your little one can bring it anytime, anywhere.

Recommended for children ages 4 to 8 years old.

Fisher-Price Smart Cyclefisherpricesmartcycle

To develop your child’s motor skills. That’s one of the pros of this Smart Cycle from Fisher-Price. It’s a jam-packed gadget where your child can enjoy a stationary bike, educational tool, and a video game console in one. Who says your child can’t have fun and exercise when indoors? This plug & play, hardware/software system sure takes your kid to a different learning adventure.

Recommended for children ages 3 to 6 years old.

ThinkFun Zingo


To enhance your child’s skills in social interaction, matching, image and vocabulary recognition, concentration, and memory. That’s what you can achieve if you get your child this ThinkFun Zingo. It is actually just like a Bingo, only it’s more simple and fast-paced. Two or more players are needed to play this. What you will do is fill your image cards with matching tiles from the “Zingo Master”, now whoever fills the card first wins!

Recommended for children ages between 4 to 8 years old.

So, what’s your pick?