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Optoma Neo-i (DV20A) – Work, Play, and Leisure in One

What if instead of going to the cinema and lining up to watch your favorite movie, you can bring your own cinema with you and watch a movie anytime you find it convenient? Is it impossible? Not with the new Optoma Neo-i (DV20A) All-in-One LED Multimedia Projector. This device is not your usual multimedia projector; the Neo-i (DV20A) features an advanced DLP (Digital Light Processing) Pico projector, sound system, and an iPod or iPhone dock. It doesn’t just allow you to experience, view, and share your movies but your personal multimedia collection as well. Operating it is as easy as docking your iPod or iPhone to start projecting videos or pictures right away on any flat surfaces at your home or office.

The compact design, dynamic range stereo audio technology, and multiple connectivity options of the Optoma Neo-i enables you to bring it with you in any room or function without you having to worry about the trivial stuff. At the core of the Neo-i All-In-One Multimedia Projector and iPod/iPhone dock is a 50 lumens LED light source that can last up to 20,000 hours. It can project large images up to 120 inches diagonal in (854×480) Wide VGA resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio and 2000:1 contrast ratio that’s just perfect for watching movies. For audio, Neo-i relies on 16 watts sound system with DSP and Bass Reflex technologies. Its speakers have a sound quality comparable to a 40 watts system thanks to its rich bass and crystal clear clarity atypical of a device this small. Other noteworthy features of the Neo-i (DV20A) universal dock and projector include HDMI and VGA ports, convenient IR remote control, and support for optional battery pack and iPad connection kit.

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Optoma Neo-iDV20 – Complete Apple Dock, Player, and Projector in One

If you want to go full minimalist on your living room or entertainment room then sell your old speakers, humungous CRT TV, DVD collections, DVD player, and anything that’s bigger than a shoe box or anything that remotely smells like analog, and invest on the new Optoma Neo-i DV20 iPhone and iPod dock. This dock can simultaneously play audio and project movies from digital sources, turning it to a minimalist’s dream home theater system.

This all-in-one entertainment iPhone and iPod dock comes integrated with two great quality 8 watts speakers and a 1280 x 800 projector that’s capable of projecting a 120-inch screen at a distance of 5 meters. No more huddling on your iPhone’s small screen when you can just use the Optoma Neo-i DV20 to share your movies right on any wall! The DV20 is compatible with the latest iPods and iPhones and it includes several adaptors to accommodate different iOS devices. It will also charge your iPhone or iPod while docked and play your favorite soundtracks at the same time. Its 50 LED Lumens projector will display anything that Apple device can display including live streams. Even if you don’t have an Apple device, you can still use the DV20 as a music player and a projector thanks to its VGA, HDMI, and AV ports. With the Optoma Neo-iDV20, you can instantly convert any part of your house into a clutter free home cinema.

Optoma Neo-iDV20 specs:

• Display Technology: DLP
• Native Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800
• Brightness – BRIGHT mode, 50 LED Lumens
• Contrast 2000:1
• Video Compatibility: WXGA (1280 x 800) through VGA Port; HD (1080i) through HDMI
• Throw Ratio: 1.8:1 (Projection Distance/Image Width)
• Projection Screen Size: 0.13m – 3.06m (5 to 120 inches) Diagonal 16:9
• Projection Distance: 0.20m – 4.8m
• Lamp Type/Lamp Life: LED, 20,000 (Eco mode)
• Power Supply: 19V, 2.1A
• Standard Accessories: AV Cable – Composite & Audio Input
• Optional Accessories: XP8002 High-Capacity Battery Pack

You can get the Optoma Neo iDV20 here!

IN2100 Projector Series – Bright Visuals and Audio

So, what’s the worst thing that you have experienced with your current projector in the office or in school? Is it the not-so-clear projected image when you aren’t able to keep the room as dark as it should? Or is it the low-quality audio which your clients and colleagues or your students can barely hear? If you’ve experienced any of these or even both, then it’s time you make that big switch. But what product can possibly give you bright visuals and audio at the same time? Well, look no further, because InFocus has the perfect answer to that – introducing the IN2100 Projector Series!

Designed with the business and education professionals in mind, the IN2100 projector series provides more than what a typical projector can offer and at a lower cost at that. Experienced getting not-so-clear images in ambient daylight? Well, not with the IN2100 because it features 3000 lumens of brightness, providing you with bright, clear images under daylight and fluorescent lights. Now, you can keep those shades open, so you can see your audience more clearly, without sacrificing the visuals of your presentation.

How about the audio? This won’t let you down as well because it has powerful built-in audio – thanks to its two 5-watt speakers that allow all your audience to clearly hear your video presentations’ audio. Now, you don’t have to get separate speakers just to pair with this gadget. But it’s included with a 3.5 mm stereo audio out plug in case you want to connect it to installed audio systems.

So, want to switch to the IN2100 Projector Series? Or do you want to see more? Here check out more inFocus Projectors at Amazon.

Impromptu Presentations are Possible with the PICO Pocket Projector

Accessing the files for a presentation isn’t hard in the age of flash drives, email, and the cloud, but the actual projection of a presentation is a little difficult without an actual projector. Luckily, there’s a handy PICO pocket projector available from Optoma, industry leaders of pint-sized projection technology. Roughly the size of last year’s Android phones, the PK201 WVGA PICO projector from Optoma can literally fit into your pocket yet provide you with a way to project any and all files onto a wall for a small audience to easily see. The $299.99 price tag is a lot for seemingly a little, but the versatility of the PICO pocket projector makes it apply to more situations than just presentation

Anyone thinking that this pocket-sized projector only blasts an equally small sized image onto a chosen white wall or screen is underestimating it’s power. While 70 diagonal inches of wide screen might not be ideal for a packed lecture hall, a boardroom or other medium-to-small space with a packed house is certain to be accommodated. According to Optoma, the PICO pocket projector’s LED light source will last 20,000 hours at this high level of projection and still providing picture perfect color. HDMI, USB, standard A/V and universal VGA cable hookups allow for virtually any form of importing, whether from flash drive or laptop or otherwise, as well as assured audio through virtually any speaker system.

But let’s be real: there’s a lot more that the pocket-sized projector can be used for besides meetings and presentations. Movies saved onto an otherwise non-ideal-for-mass-viewing laptop can be ballooned up to appease a living room audience. The big game can be viewed in an optimum big screen format through HDMI when otherwise you’d be squinting your eyes during every play. Even video games can be projected through the PICO pocket projector.

If you’re in the market for a projector but aren’t expecting to pitch to a crowded auditorium anytime soon, the PK201 WVGA PICO Projector from Optoma is a good pick considering the possibilities it provides and the access it promises.  It isn’t cheap, but the portability of both presentation and projection is to some people sure to sound like a priceless advantage.

Convert Any Flat Surface into a Home Cinema with D25 Boombox Projector

Do you fancy a large wall mounted LCD screen for watching your favorite movies? Or would you rather go to a cinema? Well how about having it both ways with the new D25 Boombox Freeview DVD Projector. This device is a portable all-in-one cinema and entertainment system that projects DVD movie and Freeview TV on any level surface like your wall. It uses a projector with LED technology that boasts more than 10,000 hours of life span and low power consumption. The projector can pivot and swivel up to 180 degrees to easily adjust the position of the wall or ceiling projection. You don’t need to be a motion picture projectionist to use the Boombox Freeview DVD Projector, just pop in your DVD, open the LED projector and enjoy your movie projected up to 75-inch screen size.

The D25 Boombox Projector also comes with a DVB-T antenna that can let you tune in to Freeview channels and view it in up to 72-inch display. It’s not only big in picture but big in sounds as well; it has built-in stereo speakers with superb sound quality that can play music not just from the DVD but FM radio, CD player and iPod as well. To maximize the audio experience, you can even connect it to a 5.1 channel speakers or headphone. This hot gadget also features an integrated USB, SD/MMC slots for playing video, music or pictures. It can also run on 8 C sized batteries except when using the projector which needs a main power source. Package includes the projector unit, power cord, AV cable, DVB-T antenna, manual and remote control.

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