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Increase the Number of Outlet with T-ACTAP series AC Adapter

Bringing different gadgets especially to mobile individuals is quite the usual thing. They need to have their cellphones with them for constant communication, laptops for accessing and managing their files, music players for bringing and playing their favorite songs, and other devices that are vital to their activities. But, public places or even hotel rooms are limited to power sources. Thus, charging devices takes a long time since you can only recharge your gadget depending on the number of available outlet. Good thing there are portable power extensions to solve power outlet outage like the Elecom T-ACTAP series AC adapter.

The T-ACTAP series AC adapter can be connected between the AC cable and the AC adapter of your notebook PC. Other outlets can be used to charge or plug household or personal devices. The series comes in 4 different adapter taps depending on your needed additional outlets. The T-ACTAP series AC adapter is made from excellent heat resistant materials to prevent electrical accidents. These power strips are ideal especially if there are fewer outlets available outdoors or during travel. Their portable and compact design makes the T-ACTAP series the perfect power extension in case you need to increase the number of power outlet anywhere you go.

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Pivot Power Flexible Power Strip – Plug Them All Now

It’s cool to have lots of electronic gadgets such as your laptop, gaming console, LCD TV with home theater system, music player, digital camera, and video camcorder. But when it’s time to plug these gadgets to power outlets either to play or charge, you can’t help but feel annoyed when the power adapters on your power strip begin to interfere with each other. So you are left with no other choice but to plug them in different outlets in your home or perhaps, wait for one or two to finish charging before you plug in the others. Why wait if you can plug all six adapters in one flexible outlet system? Introducing the Pivot Power – the flexible power strip that allows you to plug six devices at one time!

Designed with jointed sections that rotate around one another to accommodate six outlets, the Pivot Power makes it a lot more convenient for you to use six adapters at one time. Unlike the typical outlets that you used before, this one can be rotated so you can maximize the space for those six adapters. You can line them horizontally, vertically, or you can shape them in whatever shape you want, circular, oblong, etc. The nifty caterpillar-design of this product really makes plugging in adapters easier and less hassle. Plus, it makes sure you have enough room for each of your adapter, eliminating worries about interfering with each other.

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Lower Your Power Bill with HiSaver Energy Saving Powerbar for PC

Benjamin once said that a penny saved is a penny earned. What he didn’t know is that electricity, which he coincidentally discovered, would come in such high cost today. If he did, he probably would have stated that electricity saved is a penny earned instead.

If you’re trying to set aside every monetary resource that you have, the last thing you would want is a staggering electrical bill – this is where the new HiSaver Energy Saving Powerbar for PC (model SWE-100U) comes in. This energy saving gadget features a unique motion sensor technology that effectively trims down electricity consumption automatically. Its mechanism is rather simple: after 10 minutes without detecting motion, HiSaver automatically sends a message to the intelligent power strip to turn off the power to the 5 Energy Saving outlets therefore eliminating all standby power. When HiSaver’s motion sensor detects a presence, it will automatically return power to those Energy Saving outlets. It does this 24/7 to help you routinely save money on your electricity bill. It can provide 16 hours worth of power saving to all PC peripherals amounting up to $0.50 savings per day or more and there’s the Zero Standby power that can save an extra $30 to $50 per year.

Furthermore, HiSaver features a high voltage surge protection at 3044 joules and helps extend the life of PC peripherals and home entertainment systems. The device itself merely measures 15″ H x 7.5″ W x 2″ D and weighs 2.60 lbs. For added piece of mind, it comes with a $1,000,000 Limited Connected Equipment Warranty.

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Enjoy a Piece of Safety and a Peace of Mind with Wet Circuit

What’s worse than getting zapped by electricity? It’s getting your house burned after getting zapped by electricity. Potential shock and fire hazards don’t paint a pretty picture and should be considered a real life danger especially to vulnerable groups like children and the elderly. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure that’s why Wet Circuit products are made to effectively and safely prevent electrical shocks from water splash or submersion, accidental contact and insertion of metal objects. It also reduces the risk of fire caused by carbon accumulation and overheating internal wiring.

The unique water resistant design uses protective materials then decrease the flow of current when the power chord comes into contact with water. This technology provides continuous power to the plugged equipments or devices while simultaneously protecting you from electrocution. It can handle the occasional water spills, rain, snow, wet hands and short-term flooding. The touch protection on the other hand prevents accidental electrocution by ensuring that electric power may only be conducted when a proper plug is correctly inserted into the outlet.

Another great safety feature of the Wet Circuit extension cord is the overheating and sparks protection. It has a fuse and a temperature sensitive reusable circuit that prevents fire by overloading. Wet Circuit offers up to 4 times the durability of normal power strip, so you can expect it to keep you safe for a very long time.

Takoyaki Adaptor for Stylish Plugging and Charging

Tangled wires are an unsightly scene. And admit it: the usual plain plug sockets and power strips in your home do not give any help to keep things a little interesting. Never lose hope, though. Designer Wang Ning has created a new concept power strip that incorporates style and function: the Takoyaki Adaptor concept.

The Takoyaki Adaptor brings out a classic Chinese look with its porcelain appearance, making it a real stylish piece. The power strip features plug sockets with a router function and the ability to rotate 360 degrees, so it’s both fascinating and functional at the same time. And when you insert a plug on the socket, the rim around it gives off a blue glow, making it perfect as a nightlight. Each power strip comes with four sockets, but the sockets can be removed easily. You can also replace them with different-colored sockets for an even better appearance.

And that’s not all—the Takoyaki Adaptor can also charge your mobile phone wireless! The electric base can be easily changed to wireless linear, and all you have to do is simply place your phone on the correct spot and it will automatically charge. So, there’s no problem if you ever misplace your charger! With this adaptor, you can give your wires some ornamentation during daytime and then enjoy a cool glow at night.

Right now, the Takoyaki Adaptor is but a concept design. But hopefully, with the style and the added functionality of this Wang Ning creation, we’ll see it in the market someday soon.