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ViewSonic Released a Barrage of 3D Gadgets at IFA 2010

If you thought that the items being sold at Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies shop were loony, then check out the hot new gadgets showcased by ViewSonic at this year’s IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) held in Berlin, Germany. The items you’ll find there are even crazier (in a good geeky way of course)!
ViewSonic Europe previewed its upcoming new range of 3D devices and digital media players that include an affordable 3D camcorder, portable 3D TV and 7″ tablet PC. The lightweight handheld 3D digital camcorder is capable of recording at 720p, with an integrated 3D preview display and an SRP of around £199. ViewSonic’s handheld 3D TV will allow anyone to watch 3D content on the go. The ViewPad 7, a 7″ Android 3D tablet with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, accesses to thousands of applications. Front and back-facing cameras were also introduced for the first time in Europe. The ViewPad 7 features assisted GPS, a Micro SD card slot, Bluetooth, G-Sensor and USB connectivity, making the device a compact lightweight companion that has a lot to offer. ViewSonic previews the ViewPad 7 alongside new Intel-based 10″ tablet with dual boot Microsoft and Android operating systems.

Other additions were a 3D digital camera and a 3D digital photo frame. The new product added to ViewSonic’s existing ranges of LED display technology, media streamers and eBook readers are a part of their continued strategy for 3D innovation.

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Get Your TV Show on the Road with Energy Sistem TV2090 Portable Multimedia TV

Having a lightweight and portable TV with you doesn’t count on being a couch potato. You can now go anywhere without missing your favorite over-the-air TV shows with the new ENERGY TV2090 BLACK. In fact, you can even record them in your pen drive, hard disks and memory cards – all in perfect digital quality. Thanks to the ENERGY TV2090 BLACK – a full-featured and easy-to-portable media player; it combines a DVB-T recorder with different multimedia playback capabilities. You can take advantage of ENERGY TV2090’s 9-inch LCD high resolution TV to watch, record, playback DVB-T program or teletext broadcast program on the go.

ENERGY TV2090 BLACK also acts as your one stop portable multi-media center. It offers high quality video and audio that supports the popular DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPG format for videos and MP3, and WMA for music playback. Furthermore, it supports JPEG, BMP, GIF formats to view images and pictures. The more advanced features like the Timeshift function that let you pause and resume your favorite programs whenever you like, Parental control, Electronic Program Guide and Multilingual easy to use On-Screen Display menu bring you in control of your own wonderful multi-media world.

ENERGY TV2090 BLACK totally complies and supports with the DVB-T and MPEG-2 standards. That‘s why with the TV2090, you can experience enhanced portable or mobile reception as well as better picture and sound quality. With the DVB-T technology, you can also have a better reception of more TV-programs and receive information about the current broadcasted transmission like amplified teletext with pictures.

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Sungale Kula IPTV – Personal Tube on the Go

Television is one of man’s greatest inventions, just a wee bit behind fire, wheel and La-Z-Boy recliners. With the airwaves teeming with Wi-Fi signals waiting to be taken advantage of, mobile TV is the next logical evolution for entertainment. Besides, mobile TV is all the hype these days; who wouldn’t want to carry their favorite TV program with them anywhere? In relation to that, Sungale – a known consumer electronics manufacturer company, provided a sneak peak of their 2010 product lineup that includes a mobile Wi-Fi enabled IPTV device. Introducing Kula IPTV, the company’s first take on a Wi-Fi enabled portable media player.
sungale-kula-iptvKula is inexpensive IPTV solutions that can access a variety of live streaming television programs around the globe that can be filtered by country, language and topic. Alongside the launching of Kula, Sungale will be offering different customizable channel packages such as the Kid and Basic that gives access to 100 free channels. Subscribers can opt to upgrade to the Grand package which will give access to over 500 channels and a full year try out service.

As an IPTV media player, Kula features a bright 4.3” display, 2GB of internal memory expandable to 16GB thru SD/MMC card slot and a rechargeable battery. This multimedia gadget supports the most popular video, audio and image file format ranging from AVI, MP3 to JPEG.

Get started with Sungale products by clicking here and enjoy entertainment anywhere.

Television Just Got Personal with FLO TV

flotvIf you’re not yet familiar with FLO TV, it is either you’re not interested in “on-the-go” idea of watching TV programs on your phone or in your car and second is that, if you have an uber sized TV sitting right in your home and watching it on such a puny screen would mean insult to you. We cannot do anything on the latter (since like a 60″ LCD TV is really envious) but with the first one, you might get interested actually.

You might not be a TV geek but you have fun watching television programs. However, it always happens that you are outside of your home doing some paper works when you’re favorite show is being aired. Yeah you could always record your show using a TiVo but it would be much better if you can watch it wherever you are. That is where the FLO TV Personal Television comes into play.

The FLO TV personal television plays your favorite news, live sports, children’s programming and entertainment all in one device. From ESPN Live all the way to Nickelodeon are all covered with  the $8.99 per month service on this device. Each personal television would sell for $249 each. The device itself has a 3.5″ screen that is very similar to the iPhone. Its sides are 4.4 inches by 3 inches by .5 inches and weighs just over 5 ounces which is light enough to be carried. The controls are all located “inside” the software since it is a touch screen device for easy navigation.

So what are you waiting for? Make TV viewing personal with FLO TV Personal Television PTV 350. Click the link to purchase yours.

Watch your Favorite TV shows anywhere with the Portable Digital TV

portable tvPortable TVs have gained significantly in popularity over the years. Early portable TVs were clunky, received poor reception and were usually black and white. Now, portable TVs range from 2.5 to 9-inch screens and frequently used the latest LCD technology. And if before, portable TVs had its place on the kitchen counter only, now, they’re all over – just like this Portable Digital TV.

This portable digital TV allows you to watch your favorite shows wherever you are. This 4.3-inch media player features a built-in DVB-T receiver so you can watch digital Freeview wherever you may travel. Brilliant, eh? Fuzzy reception and crummy channel choice are also a thing of the past – thanks to the included TV tuner. So, who says you can’t take your television with you?

On the side, you will also find a mini SD card slot that allows you to use the device as an MP4 video player, or use it for MP3’s and images – if in case you’re tired of its Freeview channels. This cool gadget even acts as a digital radio and it has touch sensitive controls. The rechargeable battery provides up to 3.5 hours viewing time in TV mode or 7.5 hours in video mode, while you’ll get a whopping 42.5 hours if you’ll just listen to music.portable digital TVThis Portable Digital TV is available from Firebox.