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Experience the Market’s Largest HD Super AMOLED Display with Samsung GALAXY Note

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, has once again proven its being a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies for writing another chapter in the mobile industry via its new type of smartphone – the Samsung GALAXY Note. This Samsung baby is proof enough that the company has full understanding of their consumers’ needs and demands. This is the reason why the GALAXY Note comes with a very impressive combination of mobile phone’s on-the-go benefits without compromising portability. It features the world’s first and the largest 5.3” HD Super AMOLED display to bring viewing experience into a whole new level. The said screen also offers 180 degree viewing angle, so your files can be shared or viewed comfortably.

Along with the GALAXY Note’s full touch screen is a modern pen-input technology, called the S Pen, which allows consumers to freely capture and make new ideas while on the go. With this new technology, users will enjoy improved accuracy and control in editing or customizing captured videos or photographs; they can also draw and send handwritten images and notes thru text message, email, and Samsung’s ChatON communication service. For professionals, the company has also incorporated S Planner, a planning tool that lets you make full use of the gadget’s large screen by integrating To-Do list and schedule and other features to help you organize yourself.

Also, the GALAXY Note comes with a multimedia application called S Memo, which records all types of user-created content such as pictures, typed text, voice recordings, handwritten notes or drawings and allow them to be edited, annotated and shared as you wish to. This gadget is unbelievably fast, thanks to its 1.4GHz dual-core processor and the HSPA+ and LTE which provides super-fast internet connection. Measuring only 9.65mm thick, the GALAXY Note comfortably fits in your pocket. Click and here and check out availability of GALAXY Note along with other related products like Samsung GALAXY Tab.

Write, Copy and Save with the New Dane-Elec Z Pen

If the humble pen is truly mightier than the sword then the new Z Pen digital pen is mightier still. This digital pen is the next step of digital hand writing just as the light saber is the evolution of the sword. The “Dane-Elec Z Pen” digitizing pen tracks your pen movements on a sheet of paper as you write your notes and automatically records them in electronic format. The device comes packaged with a 1 GB USB Receiver that stores your notes and the necessary software needed to “read” them and convert them into digital format. The Z Pen is a fully functional pen and it accommodates pen refills that are easily available in most office and school supplies store. It can be used with any paper up to A4 portrait in size and save images from 300 to 900 dpi. The receiver, on the other hand, also doubles as a standard USB storage device.

The technology used by Z Pen is fairly simple yet ingenious: the receiver is clipped on to the top of the notepad you’re writing on and it records the motions of your pen as you write down, draw or scribble on the piece of paper. To retrieve the notes, plug the receiver into a computer and use the conversion software to view and save your notes in electronic format. The software is not 100 percent error-free but it’s a minor inconvenience solved by software upgrades or an even better handwriting.

The receiver uses a 1.2V DC NiMH re-chargeable battery that needs about 6 hours of free charging before initial use and lasts up to 20 hours. The pen uses 2 V393 batteries which are included in the package and can last up to 75 hours.

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HTC Joins the Tablet Battle with HTC Flyer

Better late than never – HTC finally jumped into the tablet craze with their first tablet, the new HTC Flyer. It’s a combination of HTC’s distinct innovative design and the latest HTC sense reinvented for the tablet. HTC Flyer features a unique interaction experience by adding and recreating the natural feel of a pen and paper navigation on its touch screen. It also features an on demand video and movie download service and Cloud-based mobile gaming.

Flyer’s HTC Sense focuses on the user as the center of the whole digital experience; it features a 3D home screen and unique collection of widgets that contain the user’s most important apps and links. HTC Flyer also natively supports Flash 10 and HTML 5 to reintroduce the natural feel of writing, this tablet uses Scribe Technology that uses a built-in digital ink that allows users to take notes, sign draw and even write on a webpage or image. For mobile entertainment, it has HTC watch – an affordable video download apps and service that offers HD movies. For mobile gaming, HTC uses OnLive cloud-based gaming service that enables subscribers to play games on their TV or computers by using HTC Flyer’s broadband wireless connection.

HTC Flyer is confined in an ultra-lightweight and compact aluminum unibody construction. It utilizes a 7-inch HTC Scribe-enhanced screen and relies on a powerful 1.5 GHz processor for computing and high-speed HSPA+ for wireless connectivity. It should be available globally by the second quarter of 2011.

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AnyBook Reader: Story-Telling and Book-Reading Made More Innovative

Are you a working mom who often goes home late with your children already asleep? Have you been promising your children for the longest time that you’ll read them a book before bed, but finding it hard to do so because of your heavy workload at the office? If you answer yes to both questions, then no doubt – you need the new AnyBook Reader!

Nope, it’s not an ebook reader. It’s a device that can record your voice as you read a story from the page of any book. This way, your children can listen to your voice before bed (or anytime they want, actually) and feel like you’re just beside them reading a story. The AnyBook Reader comes with special stickers that you only have to stick to each page of a book. Then, tap the sticker with the reader and you can now read while the device will automatically record your voice. Every time your children want to hear your voice, they just have to open the book to their desired page and tap on the sticker so that they’ll hear your recorded voice reading the page. The said reader can store up to 60 hours of your records. All it will need to work are a couple of AAA batteries – no need for internet connection or any other complicated requirement for that matter.

With this AnyBook Reader available, your children will feel like you’re always there. Although it’s not designed to alter your presence, it can help you every now and then when you can’t be around for your children because of other pressing tasks.

Fujitsu LifeBook TH700 – Convertible Dual-Mode Tablet PC

Are you a mobile office user? Then perhaps you also consider your tablet PC as a good alternative to using a PDA and a laptop. Yes, convertible tablet PCs indeed offer those mobile office professionals with the power and portability they need. Best is, they are given the choice to work in either display mode or as a regular laptop. One of the coolest convertible laptop you can consider these days is the Lifebook TH700 Tablet PC. It comes with a 12.1-inch WXGA LED backlight dual-mode-display which reacts to both multitouch finger gestures and active stylus for a more accurate input.

The LifeBook TH700 offer unmatched flexibility with its durable bi-directional display hinge and modular bay battery. You don’t have to worry about bringing a drink in your workstation station because this convertible PC features a full-size spill-resistant keyboard with touchpad. It also comes with a webcam plus built-in dual digital array microphones. What makes this PC more powerful is its Intel Core 13-350M Processor and the Genuine Windows Home Premium (64 bit) Microsoft Office Starter 2010. These features are backed up by a 4 GB DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM memory and 320 GTB S-ATA 150, 5400 rpm hard drive that’s protected by a Fujitsu Shock Sensor.

Moreover, this new Fujitsu convertible Tablet PC comes with a DVD burner, Bluetooth 2.1 802.11n WiFi, and HDMI port. It is also outfitted with a 6-cell 5,200mAh battery which according to Fujitsu is designed for up 5 hours runtime. Shipping of this product is expected to start July 5th 2010. For the meantime, you can check other Fujitsu Tablet PC choices at Amazon.