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Pioneer Releases Two Music Tap Systems, X-SMC3-S and X-SMC4-K Elite

Pioneer continues to establish revolutionary audio system as they release two new table top audio system models namely X-SMC3-S Music Tap and X-SMC4-K Elite Music Tap. The two almost share the same technical specifications except that the Elite model is integrated with Bluetooth connectivity. The X-SMC3-S and X-SMC4-K are designed for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and even PC that run iTunes. They are also compatible with AirPlay-enabled apps including PANDORA Internet radio, iHeartRadio and other music streaming service apps. To generously enjoy music at home, the two models can be paired with other already installed Pioneer devices.
Take a look at Pioneer X-SMC4-K Elite Music Tap System’s Highlights:

• Uses existing Wi-Fi network and allows browsing and playback of favorite albums and playlists from Apple devices or iTunes on PC and any DLNA 1.5 compliant devices
• High-resolution Audio Playback with support for 192kHz/24-Bit FLAC and WAV files
• Music Tap’s full-color 2.5” screen for viewing album art and metadata
• 2-Channel Digital Amplifier, Bluetooth-enabled, and with integrated dock for Apple device
• Supports Pioneer Air Jam App that allows sharing music and creating playlist up to 4 iPhone, iPod, iPad devices through Bluetooth connectivity

There is also a remote and iPhone app to easily control the audio system in a room. To even supply more flexibility, the X-SMC4-K includes several additional connectivity options like Ethernet Port, iPhone/iPod 30-pin Dock, Front USB Port, Composite Video, Aux In, Headphone Output, FM Antenna In.

The X-SMC3 has a price tag of $399 while the X-SMC4-K Elite is offered at $479. In case you are looking for other Pioneer iPod docks, visit GeekieStore.

Samsung, CES 2011 and the Future of Home Living

Last 2011 CES, held at Las Vegas Nevada, Samsung Electronics Canada showcased the future of home and living with their new range of hi-tech appliances. Some of the new home appliances that Samsung launched are refrigerators that feature Wi-Fi enabled LCD screens that can access apps one might need in the kitchen, a Flex Oven range which divides into two separate oven chambers, and a 5.0 High Capacity Front-Loading Washer (WF520). All products are not only marked with a Samsung brand of quality and innovation but with the company’s commitment to a greener environment and more efficient energy consumption.

The new Samsung refrigerators, the RSG309 side-by-side and RF4289 four-door French Door models, feature an industry first 8-inch Wi-Fi enabled LCD screen located upfront above the water and ice dispenser. The screen serves as a terminal for accessing kitchen apps, recipe collections, notes and whole lot more. Both models are equipped with Twin Cooling Plus System technology that preserves perishable foods longer.

The Flex Oven is another industry’s first, it is the first 30″ freestanding electric range with a dividable oven cavity. The divider allows simultaneous cooking without aromas and taste getting mixed up; when not in use, the divider can be conveniently hidden above the warming drawer. Flex Oven boasts to have everything and more that any family needs in cooking including a warming drawer, five distinct burners, dual convection system, and a 20-minute SteamQuick energy efficient cleaning system. Samsung’s 5.0 High Capacity Front-Loading Washer (WF520) on the other hand is one of the world’s most spacious washers. It boasts to accommodate 31 bath towels in single loading and wash them in a perfect quiet operation using Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology Plus. It also has an advanced foaming technology to give clothes that clean feel even when under the heaviest loads.

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Grace Wi-Fi Internet Radio With Pandora Capabilities

Here’s something new in the world of Internet radios – Grace Wi-Fi Internet Radio that features Pandora. It gives you absolute control of your Pandora stations directly from the front of the radio, through the remote control, or the iPhone remote control app that comes for free. With its fully integrated Pandora capabilities, you can control Pandora stations the way you do using a computer. It even allows you to bookmark songs that you can listen to or purchase from Amazon or iTunes.
Another thing that makes this Internet radio awesome is that it lets you go where no IR remote has gone before. Through this you can adjust the volume, look for stations, turn the radio on and off, and set presets or any of the five alarms. This radio can also be connected to your speakers or to your home stereo system. The said Pandora radio comes with rear ported speakers which provide it with full dynamic sound. Aside from that, you can also listen to more than 50,000 radio stations.

The Pandora Wi-Fi Internet Radio is also user-friendly. It has an adjustable 4-line backlit LCD display that makes it way easy for you to view your selections and adjust your audio settings or display the title of the songs and artist details. Furthermore, you can adjust the dual band equalization settings to transform your music sound into something that’s played right in front of you. If this gadget captures your interest, click here and purchase the Grace Digital GDI-IR2550P Pandora Wi-Fi Internet Radio now!

Grace Tuner Wi-Fi Radio – Lets You Enjoy Wi-Fi Internet Radio Music on Your Home Stereo

Do you find pleasure in listening to music from your Wi-Fi radio to your home stereo? Then the Grace Tuner Wi-Fi Radio is for you. This tuner delivers digital audio direct from the Internet to your very own home stereo. With this, you can listen to your long list of music or listen to more than 30,000 internet radio stations, one at a time. You can also enjoy podcast and on demand Wi-Fi radio content as well as online music services which include Live 365, Pandora, and SIRIUS.

The Grace Tuner comes with a high contrast, adjustable 4-line backlit LCD display that makes it way easy for you to see your collection of music, change your settings, or display the title of the songs as well as the details of the artist. With the tuner’s full-function remote control, you will be able to select one of your preset stations, browse for new stations, skip songs you don’t like, and give feedback on Pandora from anywhere in your room. Moreover, with the Grace remote control application, you can go to distances no IR remote has been into before. You can even control the radio from your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Connecting the said radio to any of your gadgets, speakers, or home stereo components is easy with the devices that come with it such as ¼”stereo headphone jack, high-quality RCA analog audio connectors, TOSLINK Digital audio connectors, and FM antenna connector. The radio’s built-in media player streams audio files from your MAC or PC. Visit Amazon and get a Grace Digital Wireless Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner featuring Pandora and NPR (GDI-IRDT200) today!

Experience the Denon Difference with the DBP-4010UDCI

Denon USA, the world-renowned manufacturer of professional audio equipment for recording, broadcast, sound reinforcement, contractor, DJ, and video post production industries, has just launched a new consumer product – the DBP-4010UDCI. The latest in Denon’s product line, this universal disc player allows you to enjoy quality audio and video playback with all of the discs in your video and music collection. Making this player more flexible is its ability to read DVD-Video, Blu-ray, Super Audio CD, music CD, and DVD-Audio. It also has Fuji and Kodak picture disc capabilities.

The DBP-4010UDCI takes pride in featuring the company’s modern Separated Unit Structure chassis architecture with high-end ABT VRS video processing, which consists of i/p upconversion and precision video scaling. This player is also equipped with HD and SD digital video noise reduction and multi-cadence detection. Optimum image clarity can also be achieved with the player’s full set of picture adjustment controls. When it comes to audio, the DBP-4010UDCI is outfitted with full 7.1 analog outputs that feature fully configurable bass management that’s powered by Denon’s DDSC-HD dual 32 bit SHARC processors. It also has a separate stereo downmix analog output that has its own 24 bit D/A conversion.

Moreover, the DBP-4010UDCI player comes with external control capability through IP or RS-232C serial commands. The said universal disc player from Denon is just among the company’s excellent products designed to improve their customer’s entertainment experience. What makes this device a Denon is the innovative engineering and technology used in assembling it. The Denon DBP4010CI Reference Universal Blu-ray Disc Player is prepared for the future. So better get one now.