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ORIGIN PC EON17-S –The Extreme Performance Mobile PC

Origin PC is no stranger in producing top of the line killer gaming PCs and laptops so it follows that their latest addition to their arsenal of gaming notebook – the new EON17-S notebook is nothing short of being the best in its class. This high-end notebook takes mobile computing past to the next level with its 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M – the fastest notebook GPU in the market to date. To add to the notebook’s list of noteworthy features are a 17.3-in LED-backlit capable of full 1080p HD display, quad SODIMM RAM slots, and ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface. Origin also incorporated data storage security to the EON17-S, optional RAID storage with Data Strip and Mirror technology comes with the notebook’s dual drive support. Furthermore, an internal optical drive can be added in the form of a 6x Blu-ray reader and burner combo.

The EON17-S also features a full sized keyboard with plenty of space to work and play, a built-in 7.1 HD Audio interface, integrated mic, and a multi-gesture touchpad with scrolling function. For connectivity, this gaming notebook is outfitted with Intel Centrino Ultimate-N wireless network card, HDTV tuner, and a fingerprint reader. Like any other ORIGIN products, the EON17-S is backed with lifetime phone and online tech support and free labor for repair and upgrade.

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ORIGIN PC Big O – The Ultimate Gaming System (or) Desktop, Console or a Beast?

Mate a premium gaming desktop with one of the big names in game consoles and you’ll have a Big O. The ORIGIN PC Big O offers the best of PC and console gaming as it integrated a liquid cooled XBOX 360 slim directly into a high performance desktop. The only downside is title wise, most XBOX 360 games are already available in PC versions, so the 360 is more of like just a bonus if you got tired of the keyboard. If ORIGIN manages to integrate a Sony PS3 – that’s another story.

Even without the XBOX 360 integration, the ORIGIN PC Big O is already a gaming system to be reckoned with. It offers total customization inside and out with only the best cases and components to choose from. Starting from the case, Big O is big – literally. It uses a fully customizable DD tower 21 Double Wide Case airbrushed by none other than KillerPaint. ORIGIN keeps your Big O cooled with an advanced liquid cooling system that helps maximize the performance of the processor, motherboard, video card and even the included Xbox 360 slim.

Inside is where the Big O really stands out; the starting configuration begins with an ASUS Rampage III Extreme and a professionally overclocked Intel Core i5 series processors combo with an 8GB Kingston HyperX Memory 1600Mhz for sides. To deliver the killer blow are two NVIDIA GTX 580 in SLI mode. If that’s not enough, there’s the benchmark and bank breaking CPU magazine configuration. It uses a custom DD tower 29 Case that houses an EVGA SR2 motherboard, dual Intel Xeon X5680 Overclocked to 4.3GHz, 12GB Corsair GT 2000Mhz and Quad SLI EVGA GTX 580 FTW – all cooled by ORIGIN High-Performance Dual CPU and GPU liquid cooling. Now go and weep.

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Black \ OPS Assassin – The Most Advanced Vertically Cooled PC in the World

Hardcore gamers and enthusiast are sure rejoicing by now. Why? Simply because Digital Storm, the leader in computer system integration and engineering, has just released the most superior vertically cooled gaming personal computer – the Black \ OPS Assassin. This system is equipped with innovatively designed chassis that promotes vertical heat dissipation by making use of the heart’s natural tendency to rise. Positioned at the bottom of the chassis are three 180mm fans that pump cool air to the machine and drive warm air out, passing on top of the chassis.

The Assassin is also outfitted with the company’s Sub-Zero liquid Cooling System treatment. It is perfect for gamers who are in need of amazing graphics performance because it is capable of cooling a three-way SLI configuration of NVIDIA’s GTX 480s with minimum graphic card fan noise. For neat cable organization, the Assassin’s motherboard is also rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Its chassis is made from aluminum and it comes with a side window to show off its astonishing hardware. True, the Assassin is a system that every gamer and performance aficionados have been waiting for.

The Black \ OPS Assassin boasts a perfect blend of outstanding components, patented processes, and cutting-edge design that allows its components to provide users more than what other gaming PC can offer. It also takes pride in offering shocking overclocking potential, with recorded overclocks of 4.4GHz and higher. What’s great about the Assassin is, it is backed by Digital Storm’s Standard 3 Year Premium Parts and Labor Warranty.

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ASUS P7P55D Series Motherboard

With the release of Windows 7, you might get very eager to transfer to Windows’ latest operating system that promises to be more user friendly and free from Vista problems. However, you could have XP still installed and avoided Vista. In this case, you need a fresh start and reformat your computer. While you’re at it, why not learn to build a computer rig yourself and take advantage of Windows 7’s optimization to feel the real speed. The motherboard will be the first thing to consider as this is the “body” of your computer. This is where all the processor, hard drive, memory, video card and other peripherals connect. That’s why this component is very important.

The P7P55D series of motherboard from ASUS is a worthy candidate. It can natively support massive 6Gbps of data transfer on the latest SATA and USB 3.0 technology via the ASUS expansion bridge. This enable users to transfer about four movies in just 15 seconds! For speed freaks but without much computer geek knowledge at hand, there are optimization tweaks for this motherboard that can easily overclock the system. Turbo V-Evo speeds up your system in just a few clicks by choosing the speed setting and press apply – that easy! Turbo V lets you move your processor’s frequency and it automatically adjusts the voltage that it needs. The easiest of them is the Turbo Key where a press of a key overclocks the system much like feeding nitro to the system.

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Get the Most Out of a Radeon 5770 with the MSI R5770-PMD1G

When it comes to gaming, it’s not really about who’s got the bigger guns or meanest looking avatar – no, it’s all about who’s got the faster processor, bigger memory and of course the better video card. When it comes to graphics adapter, gaming and overclocking, MSI’s latest take on the Radeon 5700 family – the R5770-PMD1G graphics card with GPU over voltage function is pretty hard to miss. It got specs that could make grown gamers wet their pants and a sweet design to make them drool like a baby in candy land. The PMD1G shares the same features inherit to the ATI Radeon HD 5770 like 40nm manufacturing process GPU, 800 units of stream processors and fast 1GB GDDR5 memory. This card can handle the hottest games out there with its support for the new DirectX 11, Shader 5.0 and OpenGL 3.2 standards. Furthermore, this new MSI card sports the latest ATI Eyefinity technology which basically supports a maximum of three 2560*1600 resolution monitor in a single graphics card.

For those who want to fine tune their computer rig to their limits (let’s call them overclockers), the R5770-PMD1G supports the over voltage function of GPU with a maximum overclocking voltage of up to 1.3V. To help with the thermal issues in overclocking, this video adapter has a controllable 8cm engine fan with PWM fan control function and customizable 8 point temperature trigger. All these tweaking is easily accessible thru Afterburner, an MSI’s exclusive overclocking utility.

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