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The HP Envy 100 e-All-in-One Printer: Space-Saving, Environment-Friendly

At first glance, you might not distinguish the new HP Envy 100 to be a printer. It’s very compact and is designed to complement any modern setting. In fact, the printer itself is a redefinition of what modern means.

Modern means ultra functional. Unlike traditional printers, this new device can print straight from the web and through email. It also allows printing from different computers with its wireless networking.  It features a 3.45” touch screen display, so printing is hassle-free. And with its high resolution, you can be sure that all your printed photos and pages will be of good quality.

Modern means compact. The HP Envy 100 doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Unlike other printers, it also doesn’t cause a lot of mess. The device is small compared to other printers. The paper tray extends and retracts, extending only after printing. Plus, the rear ports are hidden. So, you save on space.

Modern means stylish. Because of the space-saving features of the HP Envy 100, all the other extending parts of the printer are removed. Therefore, you get only a sleek device that will look ultra modern in whatever setting, whether in your office or in your study room.

Modern means environment-friendly. The said printer is the first PVC-free printer in the world. This only means that it can be recycled—there won’t be additional garbage if you’re planning to get rid of the printer.

Ultra-functional, compact, stylish, and environment-friendly—if you want all these benefits from your printer, then the HP Envy 100 e-All-in-One Printer is the best printer for you. It will be available in November and will be offered at $399.

tLight – Charging Dock and Lamp in One

What comes to mind instantly when talking about lamp is light. Lamps are created to the major purpose of providing beam either in specific corner of the house, hotel, or office. But M&C revolutionizes the once ordinary light source to a surprisingly innovative device. This time, the tLight (The Most Talented Light) is not just a desk light but a power source for charging laptops, mobile devices, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Cleverly, the tLight can charge different mobile phones simultaneously and provide beam–the energy-efficient way. It uses LED technology with less energy consumption and less carbon emissions, thanks to 3-Watt LED which can last for at least 50,000 hours. The tLight also has an exclusive port for supplying power to a lot of commonly used brand of mobile phones, laptops, as well as iPad and Apple music players. There is a particular port conveniently placed on the upper base portion of the tLight made of a durable metal-alloy structure for easy plugging-in of Apple devices. On the other hand, there is single USB output port that features several special connections for charging laptops and mobile phones. You can select the required voltage output for your laptop and also includes five seconds unlocking function to avoid unexpected mal-operation.

When charging mobile devices, the tLight can safely accommodate several phones at the same time. The innovative lamp integrates a feature that automatically cut the applicable voltage supply if the current consumption is over 1.5 A. When the energy consumption returns to the specified limit, charging will continue because of the self-recovery feature.

The tLight reading lamp comes in 8 different colors to suit your style. See more details here.

Office with No Boundaries – PlanOn “office-in-a-pocket” with DocuPen and PrintStik

penLike John Rambo with his trusty serrated combat knife and compound bow, one must be equipped with the right tools to survive the wilds. But in the untamed business world, exploding arrows will get you nowhere except at the wrong end of the law. After all, in this kind of urban jungle, the pen is mightier than a sword. The new PlanOn “office-in-a-pocket” solution is the perfect gadget for those who are always on the go, or for those who don’t want to be caught off guard in business deal. This mobile office is comprised of the DocuPen full-page scanner and PrintStik full-page printer; both just about fourth the size of your laptop. The combination DocuPen scanner for capturing content or input and PrintStik mobile printer for output and paper - equals one flawless tag team of portable office product.

Planon DocuPen, despite its small size, produces high quality scans and accurate imaging using scanning capabilities of up to 600 dpi and Crystal Line Contact technology. It has bright OLED screen that displays most of the scanner’s functions and information. To bring out the best out of each other, the DocuPen has a photocopy like function that can send scanned images directly to the PrintStik to be printed.

Planon PrintStik is the world’s smallest full-paged mobile Bluetooth Printer with self contained 20-sheet paper cartridge. It also supports other mobile devices like the Blackberry and WinMobile smart phone by means of Bluetooth connectivity.

Click here to see more Planon DocuPen options.

Mooncode Portable Key Safe: Keep Your Valuables Safe from Prying Eyes

mooncodeportablekeysafePrying eyes are everywhere, be it in malls, schools, office, parks, and even right at your very own home. You might think that when you are already inside your home, your valuables are already secured from those prying eyes. To some extent, it could be. But don’t be too confident that no one is setting eyes on those valuables that you keep inside your bag, closet, or simply on top of your drawer. Because if you do, you might end up crying over lost valuables such as your credit card, bank notes, and most importantly, your keys. So, better be safe than sorry. Make sure you keep your valuables safe from prying eyes with this Mooncode Portable Key Safe.

Made from weather-resistant stainless steel, this key safe is designed primarily as key storage, providing you ample room inside for those small valuables you’ve got like credit cards and keys. So, unless anyone knows your 4-digit combination or has a powered bolt cutter on hand when trying to steal those stuff, your valuables are safe and well-kept. Take your keys for example. Sometimes you designate a place outside your home where you can keep duplicates  right? And yes, it’s very convenient especially if you left your keys inside or your brother or sister forgot to bring his/her own. But how about the cleaners, house sitters, or contractors that come and go to your place? You may not know whose set of eyes is prying on those keys; so before it’s too late, better secure them with this portable key safe.

Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, get your own Mooncode Portable Key Safe at Gadgetshop now!

More Convenient, More Controllable Keyless Entry with Smartcode Deadbolt

“Lock bumping”. Yes that’s the term used when burglars pick locks using a specially made bump key to break in homes and office spaces. Anyone who has been victimized by this practice would have wished he/she had installed keyless entry door locks in his/her home or office. Over the years, the use of this type of locks has increased in popularity in order to keep burglars away. Although the ordinary door lock can very much do the trick, nothing is made more convenient and more controllable than the keyless entry provided by Kwikset #909 15 SMT CP SN SmartCode Deadbolt.

satin_nickel_smartcode_deadboltMade with a satin nickel finish, The SmartCode Deadbolt by Kwikset allows you to use your own personal code when entering your home and lock it with just one touch of a button. In case you forgot to touch the lock button, no worries because it automatically locks after 30 seconds. It also gives you more control over who can have access to your home by assigning a temporary code to that person and delete it when you deem necessary. Now, there’s no need for you to worry about misplacing those keys or getting duplicates.

Installation for this device is also a breeze. Unlike other door lock systems, this one does not require additional screw holes. Even if you are not the DIY-type of person, you can install it in minutes by simply using a screwdriver. And take note, no hard wiring is required, so you get to enjoy more convenience and added security in no time.

So, what else would you need when it comes to securing your home or office? Get the Kwikset #909 15 SMT CP SN SmartCode Deadbolt at now!