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AstroEye Planetarium: Your Mini Universe

Are you interested in astrology? Or, do you per chance have a child who’s fascinated with the solar system? Nothing beats the experience of gazing at the night sky and then trying to locate constellations and other bodies in the universe. However, this is not possible at all times, especially if you live in the metropolis. For those of you out there who want to experience the universe but cannot because of one reason or another, the AstroEye Planetarium will bring the universe to you.

This new toy or learning material, whatever you want to call it, is a simple spherical projector with a bowl-shaped holder. When you place this on its holder and turn it on, angled toward your ceiling or wall, you’ll experience how it’s like to be out there in the universe as you see more than 8,000 stars revolving around your room (NOTE: the room should be dark for you to experience this). You can select the way the stars rotate (whether clockwise or counter-clockwise) and the speed by which they move (there are five selectable speeds to choose from). You can also choose between two discs available: one projecting all the constellations and one that simply shows the natural universe with all the stars. The projector is date sensitive, so the position of the stars changes subtly according to the date. Want to see a shooting star in your mini universe? Just press a button to send one shooting.

The AstroEye Planetarium is ideal as a night lamp. It’s perfect for young and old alike, and it’s both fun and educational.