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Nokia E7 – Your New Smartphone Business Partner

Nokia is off to a yet another great start and ahead of the competition as they revealed another high-end smartphone for the business centric user. They rekindled the old school brick type Nokia 9000 Communicator and launched it in a thinner, lighter (merely 176 grams) and trendier design and named it as the Nokia E7.

The Nokia E7 is most likely the first smartphone from the renowned Finnish company that has a polarized 640×360 pixels AMOLED capacitive touch screen, successfully breaking the 4-inch barrier. It’s also appealing that they’ve included the full touch and full QWERTY keyboard in a slider form factor. Nokia E7 comes with an 8 MP camera with dual LED flash and a 16 GB on-board storage that helps the user record and edit 720p HD at 25fps video on the fly. It also offers a 1200mAH battery with extended life that can last 18 days of standby time and up to 9 hours of talk time. Nokia E7’s business features include support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Mail for Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Microsoft Share Point Server. This hot new gadget will interestingly run on the Symbian 3 platform. It also has the usual features like Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, HSDPA at 10.2MBps, HSUPA at 2.0Mbps and GPS.

Unlike its 1996 predecessors which were mostly black and grey, the Nokia E7 will be available in Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue and Orange choice of colors.

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Nokia X3-02 – Twice the Input, Twice the Fun

Nokia is like the Star Forge of the mobile phone industry, within its halls and research and development laboratory must lay a vast, intricate network of automated machines designed to churn out new mobile phones and accessories almost every month. And if you thought you’ve seen everything Nokia has to offer, then you probably haven’t met their latest creation – the new X3-02 handset. It merged the simplicity of a standard 12 button keypad and the functionality of a 2.4-inch QVGA touchscreen. The X3 Touch and Type phone is another of Nokia’s first that allows people to tap quickly on the bright color touch screen, as well as enjoy the convenience of the full keypad for fast fire text messages and phone calls – talking about having the best of both worlds. The Nokia X3 features a big screen with clear icons, menus text, vital keys such as the send and end keys, and dedicated function keys for important features like music and text messaging. The keypad is perfect for SMS and social networking where speedy and regular input is needed, while touch is ideal for other functions such as setting alarms, seamless browsing and controlling applications like music and games.

Also the new X3 is further enhanced by 3G, 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. The entire gadget is enclosed within a stylish 9.6mm-thin brushed aluminum shell. Music junkies can improve the Nokia X3’s integrated speaker the new MD-11, a light pocket-size speaker with superb audio quality.

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Own Voice: A Fun Way to Get Your Ovi Maps Instructions on the Road

Have you ever fancied being a disc jockey, hearing your voice on the radio and acting all that cool? You’ll be happy to know that such dream is now within your reach—almost. Okay, you won’t be an official disc jockey, but you’ll have the chance to record your voice and use it as the personal voice in your Ovi Maps drive navigation, giving you instructions as you drive. The Own Voice app will make your driving and Ovi Maps experience even cooler!The Own Voice is a simple app that will help you create a voice pack (with your own voice) that you can either enjoy for your personal use or even share to others. Once you’re done with your recording, you have an option to upload it to the app’s website. By doing so, others can download your recorded voice instruction and use it in their own Ovi Maps. And of course, you can also share it via your social media accounts. Not a bad way to advertise your speaking talent, is it? Other than that, you can also download voice packs recorded by other users and uploaded to the site, so you have choices when you get tired of hearing the usual voice or your own voice in your navigation system.

You can be as creative as you want to be when you record your voice via Own Voice—be sexy, be scary, be funny, be whatever you want to be! After all, nothing beats the monotony of the road than a craftily voiced Ovi Maps instruction.

Safely Communicate on Your Mobile Device while Driving through Nokia Car Kit CK-200

Keeping in touch and staying connected has become a necessity nowadays. Wherever you go, bringing your ever dependable mobile phone with you is comforting. Likewise, it is inevitable to use a mobile device on the road even when you are driving. Because of that, latest gadgets are now designed to make communication while driving easier and safer like the new Nokia Car Kit CK-200.

The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 simultaneously connects two phones inside the vehicle. It is compatible with any brand of phones so you don’t need to worry if your current phones are well-suited or not. Simply press the button once and you can readily switch from your personal to business phone. You can take calls freely using the wireless remote control and you can even see who is calling through the clear, detachable display. For more ease of use, the remote control can be affixed to dashboard, gearstick or steering wheel. The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 utilizes digital signal processing (DSP) and 9 mm microphone thus audio quality is not compromised to both lines. If you are using Nokia S60 3.2 device onwards, you can read received SMS on the Nokia Car Kit CK-200 – thanks to its full SMS functionality feature.

Other notable features of the device include loudspeaker mute, redial of last dialed number, easy contact search, remote control battery level indicator, automatic switch-on/switch-off if IGNS signal is not accessible, Bluetooth v2.1+EDR connector, automatic answer, speed dial, and restorable factory settings. The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 also supports a wide selection of languages and optional external microphone depending on your needs.

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Pairing Up Your Nokia Phone with the Nokia Stylus SU-36 for the Ultimate in Style

So you’ve just got the latest Nokia phone, and you’re sure proud to show it to your friends. Too bad there isn’t a good stylus to pair it up with. Using your fingers to enter information on your phone via its capacitive touch screen will sure suffice, but wouldn’t it look awkward and wouldn’t it be uncomfortable, to say the least? You don’t want to waste the great style of your phone just because of the lack of a good stylus, do you? Take a look at the new Nokia Stylus SU-36.

The Stylus SU-36 is the ideal device for use when entering information and doing some tweaks on your Nokia phone’s setting through its capacitive touch screen. This device is both utilitarian and portable. It’s easy to use without involving any complicated method. It is also collapsible and is equipped with a strap that allows it to be easily attached to your phone once you’re done using it, so it will look just like any of the accessories that you love to attach to your mobile device.

The Nokia Stylus SU-36 is compatible with three new Nokia models: the Nokia N8, Nokia X6 16GB, and the Nokia X6 32GB. If you don’t have any of the said models, no need to worry because it’s also compatible with other phones: Apple (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS), Blackberry (9500), HTC (G1 Google, Hero A6262, and Magic), LG (GC 900, KF900, and KM900 Arena), and other devices with capacitive touch capabilities. If you’re looking for another stylus, you can also find the Nokia Stylus SU-35 at Amazon.