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Play in Style with the New Sony Gaming Headsets

When it comes to gaming, players need not only rely on their vision but on their sense of hearing as well. Since hearing your opponents may spell the difference from docking left to being a left over, the new stylish USB gaming headsets from Sony might just tilt the battle tide on your favor. These three gaming grade headsets may not be named after water dwelling predators but they could pretty hold much on their own; their charm lies on their performance, style and cool design.

The first is the alpha male of the three, the Sony DR-350USB. This comfortable open air type headset features a powerful 30mm driver unit, integrated microphone and a handy removable voice tube. Furthermore, it also has a microphone muting function and a built-in USB noise reduction. The Sony DR-350USB will be available in the colors Black, Gold, and Red.

The second headset is the DR-320DPV which is basically a scale down version of the DR-350USB without the noise cancelling and mute function. Instead, it has a regular volume control and is available in Gold, Blue, Red, and Black. The third and final entry is the DR-310DPV, the lightest and chic version of the three gaming headsets. It comes in a comfy lightweight headband design perfect for prolonged gaming. It features the same 30mm driver unit found on the other two models with an addition of an embedded in-line mic. The DR-310DPV is available in the following chic colors: Pink, White, Silver and Green.

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Bowers & Wilkins Mobile Hi-Fi P5 headphones

Bowers & Wilkins have been in the hi-fi speaker game since the 1960’s, but they are sharp enough to realize that the iPod and iPhone rule the day when it comes to modern music listening. So, after the success of their Zeppelin iPod speaker, Bowers & Wilkins are set to drop the P5 hi-fi headphones – their first-ever.BW-P5-Mobile-Hi-Fi-Headphones-1The P5 is the best pair of headphones available when you want a more natural sound, and longer-lasting listening enjoyment. It sports a closed-back design with rigid metal faceplates and sealed earpads crafted from the finest quality New Zealand sheep’s leather. With this design, the detail and dynamic range of the music is kept intact, with minimum noise interference. At the same time, you’ll hear just enough ambient sound to preserve a sense of place.

Apart from that, the P5 iPod and iPhone headphones come with an Apple-approved cable, for easy speech and device control and a gold-plated standard audio cable, which is interchangeable with the Apple-approved cable. It also brings the promise of “unfatiguing performance”. This is possible via the ultra-linear neodymium drivers, especially developed by B&W for the P5 headphones, as well as the Mylar diaphragms.

If you want to get closer to your favorite music wherever you are, this is the gadget to go. However, the Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones are expected to hit the stores by January 2010, so you’ll have to wait. No word on price just yet.

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Zagg Z.buds Review – The Best Earbuds Available for the iPhone

zagg z.budsOne of the features of the stunning Apple iPhone is the ability to listen to music. But while Apple makes great computers and the iPhone is probably the best multi-use phone on the market, their earphones leave something to be desired. Actually, they suck. So, if you have decided not to inflict your musical choices on all around you, here’s an example of what I consider to be the best earbuds available for the iPhone – the Zagg Z.buds.

Packed with features, an eye-catching design, outstanding sound quality, and superior hardware, Z.buds are the next evolutionary step for in-ear headphones. Z.buds feature convenient in-line volume control and a premium length, tangle-free cord. The award-winning design includes multiple sliders for better cord management and greater listening convenience. And now, buyers can go for a pair of Z.buds without the inline mic and its control button – a different version to please a wider audience.

Product Summary:

The good:

A few things remain the same on both versions. Yes, regardless of whether the mic is integrated or not, all Z.buds still come with passive noise cancellation, inline volume control, a 3.5mm jack and foam and silicone buds with triple flanges that can be swapped out.

The bad:

While this new version is nearly identical to that of its cousin, it’s still not a good value when measured against its virtues: no mic and no integrated iPod controls.

Bottom line:

Given that and the mere $10 price difference, the version with the integrated mic and iPod controls is a more compelling option.

Price: You can get the Z.buds without a mic now for $60 in red, pink, yellow or black while the original microphone-equipped version can be purchased for $70 – both available at

ASUS HP-100U – A Complete Audio Solution for Both PC and Mac Users

If you have a Mac and a PC at home and the headphones that you use on your Mac doesn’t sound good when used with your PC, you can get a pair of headphones for your PC only or you could go for this latest gadget from ASUS – the HP-100U. This little bundle of joy comprising a gorgeous, lab-tuned pair of headphones, a Xonar U1 external audio device and a high quality array microphone is the total audio solution for discerning listeners who brook no compromise when it comes to PC or Mac audio.asus-hp-100u-1-thumb-450x434Let’s start with the headset. The headphone’s soundstage is specially tuned for Dolby Headphone, resulting in a much more believable and engaging surround sound experience as compared to normal headphones. It features leatherette ear cups to cover your ears snugly and an elastic headband that provides stress-free comfort over prolonged periods of audio enjoyment. The unique ear cups also provide good isolation from environmental noise.

Meanwhile, the lauded Xonar U1 is a uniquely-styled external audio device that harnesses the power of four major Dolby technologies to deliver high fidelity, interference-free PC audio. What’s more, it supports DirectSound, EAX 2.0 and Open AL acceleration for the best audio experience in Windows Vista® / Windows XPâ„¢ and also on Mac platforms. It is even equipped with a Hi-Fi headphone amplifier for improved clarity when driving headphones.

And last but not the least – the microphone with noise-cancelling capabilities which is perfect for crystal clear voice delivery over VoIP applications such as Skype, MSN Messenger and QQ, as well as during multiplayer gaming. Best is, you can choose from the four available colors – black, white, silver, and red.

But unfortunately, no specified release date or pricing of the HP-100U announced. To find other headphones from ASUS, visit

Klipsch Image S4i Headset – An Alternative to Apple In-ear Headphones

There aren’t many headsets for the iPhone and iPod Touch out there that comes with a built-in remote and mic, except for the stock Apple earbuds now included with the 3GS and iPod Touch. So Klipsch want to change the game with their Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear Headset. The S4i headset offers the same controls you find on the Apple earbuds – in a sleek package paired with in-ear performance. It’s a breakthrough product that lets you enjoy superior sound, control your music library, as well as answer and end calls without skipping a beat.

s4i_270x270Works seamlessly with the iPhone 3GS, 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle, 2nd Gen iPod Touch, 4th Gen iPod Nano, and iPod Classic 120GB, the Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear Headset features Apple’s advanced 3-button microphone and remote system that easily handles the voice and/or music control of these Apple products. It is among the first to be fully compatible with the Apple VoiceOver feature on the third generation iPod Shuffle, which allows you to hear the name of the playlist, song or artist with just the press of a button.

The in-line microphone and remote are placed at the yoke of the cable, creating a more natural feel when answering calls and controlling music. Because the microphone is a highly intelligible 360-degree design, you don’t have to talk down into it. The microphone also features echo cancellation, which keeps it from picking up the external noise around you. And unlike circular-shaped designs that put stress on the pressure inside the ear, the Image S4i uses washable oval ear tips that naturally fit the contours of the ear canals. It is also Skype compatible.

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