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Bayer Didget – Glucose Monitoring Made Easy and Fun for Kids

Having diabetes at a young age can be really frustrating. Actually, the responsibility that comes with having this disease even forces kids to keep an eye on their health, especially their glucose level. And you might ask, “Aren’t they supposed to be having fun, enjoying their youth?” If you are a parent to a kid suffering from this disease, then you know exactly what this means. Good thing there is now a fun and easy way to monitor glucose levels in kids. Thanks to Bayer for introducing this one-of-a-kind meter that plugs into a Nintendo DS or Nintendo Ds Lite gaming system – the Bayer Didget!

The Bayer’s Didget Blood Glucose Monitoring System is a unique meter that encourages kids to do consistent testing. How does this encourage them? Well, one, since it can be plugged into a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite, glucose monitoring will feel more like a fun play for them instead of a chore to monitor their health. And two, with its reward points that they can use to unlock new game levels and even buy in-game items, all the more they’ll find it fun to monitor their blood glucose instead of dreadful.

Now, this product offers two modes for kids to grow with – the basic mode and the advanced mode. In the basic mode, simple testing is done right from the start. While in the advanced mode, customizable features are added. Here, let’s take a closer look at these two modes:

Basic mode:

• Fast 5-second test time.
• Small 0.6 ?L blood sample.
• 480 test result memory.
• Large, easy-to-read display.
• Ready to test out of the box.
• No Coding technology.
• Auto detection of control solution.
• 14-day average.
• 7-day HI/LO Summary.

Advanced mode:

• Easy personalization of HI/LO blood glucose target range setting.
• HI/LO test result summary shows tests above and below your child’s glucose target level.
• Pre- and post-meal marker helps kids quickly identify tests taken before and after eating.
• Selectable post-meal reminder can help kids remember to test after meals at a time that works for their routine.
• 7-, 14- and 30-day averages.

Nintendo DSi Does It Again

It’s only been four years since the launch of Nintendo’s awesome, interactive, and uber fun handheld console — and already we’ve seen three different DSs come our way. After our fun in the sun time with our beloved and colorful Nintendo DS Lite, now a newer version has entered the scenario. Just in time to get GTA: Chinatown Wars for some of you.


This handheld sequel isn’t a far cry from the DS Lite, though if you look closely it’s actually longer and slimmer — 12% to be exact. And instead of a glossy piano feel, we now have fingerprint-proof matte black. Unfortunately, retro gamers will not be able to plug in their GBA cartridges here anymore. But that’s alright, because the DSi now has an SD card slot. What’s that for you ask? Well, the DSi now has Wi-Fi capabilities plus a built-in browser. So you can surf the web, and go on the DSi download store. Yep, they’re creating an online store so you can directly download games into your swanky new SD memory card. Plus, to add to the fun, the Nintendo DSi has two cameras — one on the lid, and one inside on the hinge. So you can take picture of yourself or of other fellow gamers. Pretty soon, I believe there will be games developed that will take advantage of this camera feature.

So before we see another DS revamp, grab your Nintendo DSi here on Amazon now for only $169.99. While you’re at it, make sure you also have this nifty 18-in-1 DSi starter kit.

Better late than never

nintendo ds lite

Although Christmas passed already, you might still want to give someone an extra gift or even treat yourself.

There are so many gadgets out there that’s hard to choose the right one. However, if your a casual gamer or a huge fan of the Mario series then I highly recommend you get a Nintendo DS Lite. Not only is it affordable, but it’s worth it.

It has two screens and the bottom one is touch screen. A lot of games take advantage of the touch screen and this adds on to the gameplay. A good example of this would be the game Elite Beats. The music is decent but the gameplay is what makes it a great game. You can also play against someone else who doesn’t even own the game! They just need to have a DS as well. So I highly recommend the Nintendo DS Lite if your looking for a under $200 portable gaming solution. And speaking of that, you can discuss the DS as well as other games at this Gamer Forum

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Gameboy out, Wiiware in? Say it isn’t so…

oh no gameboy
Will Nintendo actually retire Gameboy and move onto greener pastures? Well, that seems to be the buzz and I for one have mixed feelings. I was somewhat disappointed with the DS and still play the old Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance though my eyesight is certainly not what it used to be making it difficult to see little Mario running around.According to GameDaily BIZ , it appears to be something Nintendo is considering.

It is said that because of the success of the Nintendo DS, there is little need to push the Gameboy name much any longer and that is should sustain itself.

Rumored to come out in 2008, the Nintendo Wiiware may just come out later this year instead. Just a thought though people, don’t get too excited yet.

I don’t know. I think that I would miss Gameboy but I suppose everything must advance.