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iPod Nano with Multi-Touch – Feel your Music

Apple’s iPod and iPhone gone so many revisions and released generations upon generations of models that some people simply lost count – and they are not showing any sign of slowing down. Apple’s latest creation is the iPod nano with Multi-Touch. It is designed to be easy, spontaneous, and upbeat just your music. It’s tad smaller too so music can play an even bigger part of just about everything. Even better, the iPod nano has been completely redesigned with Multi-Touch. Yes, that same technology present in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Now it’s about half the size (46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter) and even easier to play with everything you want to hear is just a tap or swipe away.

The new Multi-Touch nano comes in sleek anodized aluminum casing and in seven bright colors. It has a tiny yet dazzling 1.5-inch color display with 240-by-240 pixel resolution that easily displays art, photos, and the color-coordinated wallpaper. Another feature is the integrated 30-pin connector that easily connects the iPod nano into car stereo systems, home speakers, and other iPod specific gadgets.
To navigate the new iPod nano, just swipe left to see additional icon and swipe right, or touch and hold anywhere to view the customizable Home screen. To select items, simply tap the screen and swipe up or down to browse lists. Additional functions use two fingers to rotate the screen and double-tap to zoom photos. Just like other iPods, song controls are as easy as tap, swipe and swipe.

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Sony Sound Mug RDP-NWV500

Look at all the dock speakers out there. They are the traditional bar or cube design and some have spherical shapes. But this new speaker from Sony takes on a new look for its proprietary dock speaker.

The Sound Mug is a speaker which takes the design of a tumbler than a mug actually. Sony suggests that you can use the Sound Mug both at home and while inside the car. When at home, there is cradle for the speaker and a dock for a Walkman music player. It may be a proprietary speaker when docked but a 3.5mm audio cable is available for you to connect your iPod, Zune, laptop, etc. If you go outside the house, you can bring the Sound Mug with you and place it in the cup holder of your car. The body is specifically designed to fit regular sized cup holders so the speaker won’t move anywhere and a 12V adapter is also included.

This speaker has 16 watts of power; fairly decent for its size. The design of audio output suggests that a good placement would be somewhere in the middle of an area as a coffee table or the middle cup holder of a car. There is a mini remote control that can do basic stuffs like change the volume, skip tracks, etc.

Thinking about it, using this as a speaker inside your car might be only good for older cars because more recent car models come with a 3.5mm jack. Also, you can either use an FM transmitter which is far smaller than bringing the Sound Mug. This way, you harness the raw power of your car’s speakers which definitely is more powerful.

i-Cat a Music Speaker with a Feline’s Touch

There are dog lovers, fish lovers, rabbit lovers (like who could resist those cute nose quivers and fuzzy soft body), reptile lovers, and of course cat lovers. While different speakers are out in the market doing this and that, the i-Cat is simply perfect for cat lovers. Aside from its cute feline body, it also does more than sleep, purr, and scratch on furniture.

When turned off, this glossy white cat looks just a plastic gadget that does nothing but imitate a pet. But don’t let the looks deceive you since once the batteries are popped in, the i-Cat is just as adorable as a fuzzy playful cat. The face light up with different LED lights that show expression like an equalizer. The head also tilts as it enjoys the music beats. You can make this cat listen to the sounds and let it bop and pop with the music or connect an mp3 player on its 3.5mm audio jack and act like a normal set of speakers still, with its cute movements and emotions.

Just press the nose to start the i-Cat and it’s ready to groove. Another neat feature is that the cat actually meows and purrs depending on where you scratch it. Like scratch it on the ears and you can add some meows on Lady GaGa’s tracks or purrs on Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. However, don’t expect loud thumping music on the i-Cat as it is not designed for audiophiles, but rather for tots and tykes.

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A Closer Look at Health, Closer Look at Samsung MyFit

Shredding that accumulated holiday blubber and getting back in tip top physical shape is definitely one of the top New Year’s Resolutions. Attendees of the last 2010 Consumer Electronics Show are well ahead in getting a better physique, thanks to all that geek-adrenaline-boosting booth to booth walkathon and of course the new Samsung MyFit portable media player. MyFit is probably the industry’s first “health and wellness” mp3 player; it comes pre-loaded with tons of menu and features that are designed to get you in optimal health. It is the first of its kind to feature an integrated stress and body fat level indicators as well as personalized workout guides. Joggers and marathon runners will greatly appreciate the jogging playlist and the simple Tapping Control Jogging mode that makes it easier to move into the next song without interrupting a workout. Another welcomed addition is the integrated accelerometer that can automatically take note of calories burned while running. Speaking of calories, consumers can record their caloric intake per meal with the installed food calorie database. The built-in water intake manager and smoking cessation software seal the deal for a healthy living 2010.

As a music player, Samsung didn’t skimp on features either. This portable multimedia gadget sports Samsung’s DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology. It generates a realistic stereo sound to compensate for the loss of quality and limitations of compressed audio files. MyFit also features a 2.4” 320×240 TFT display, FM radio and a long 40 hour battery life.

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Samsung IceTouch and MyFit – Another Reason Why 2010 Rocks!

Truly the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show was a cesspool for new and interesting gadgets like swamp-pit-grown Komodo dragons’ dribble is to microbes. It’s the event techies dreamt about for months and will be dreaming about every night thereafter. Audiophiles and casual consumers who wanted simple audio solutions to mirror their lifestyle found out that two of Samsung‘s upcoming audio products this year will be worth the entire wait. The first of the two is the Samsung IceTouch portable media player which features the industry’s first one way transparency AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) touch-screen display. The smooth AMOLED screen is very durable and virtually scratch-proof thanks to the dual-injection molding process and tempered glass construction. Aside from the unique 2-inch screen, IceTouch features a faster CPU, a proprietary TouchWiz Sweep interface, 5.1-channel sound technology and automatic audio level adjustment. It also supports FLAC and MP3HD codecs which is definitely a big plus for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

The second product is the Samsung MyFit music player. It features wellness management technology with body fat and stress level measurements made for the health buff consumers. Samsung MyFit has a world’s first built-in fat and stress sensors situated on the top of the player, a wellness and exercise management applications and an accelerometer with calorie tracker. On the media player side, MyFit features a DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology and a Tapping Control Jogging mode.

Both the IceTouch and MyFit will be offered in 8GB and 16GB capacity on the first half of 2010. More Samsung Touch Screen MP3 players here.