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Lenovo Essential C325 – A Family-Friendly All-in-one Home PC

When you are looking for a home device, one of the major factors you need to know is if it could accommodate the needs of the whole family. This is also true when buying a home PC. Lenovo modernized an affordable home computer into a space-saving all-in-one design with rich family friendly features through their new Lenovo C-Series Essential C325 desktop. The Lenovo C325 is powered by AMD Dual Core E450 processor for high-speed performance and uses AMD Radeon HD graphics for high-definition gaming experience. It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium OS and features a 20-inch intuitive multi-touch screen with flexible viewing angle for a more convenient control of the desktop. No need to constantly delete important family files as the Lenovo C325 can be upgraded up to 1TB HDD storage and has easy access to HDD and memory for simple upgrades.

Since the Lenovo C325 is designed for the whole family, it boasts user-friendly features like Lenovo Dynamic Brightness System that automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on ambient light conditions thus protecting the eyes as well as Lenovo Eye Distance System that alerts the user if he or she is too close to the screen. There is also the Lenovo IdeaTouch that includes a range of touch-optimized multimedia applications and Lenovo Rescue System that allows easy backup and recovery of data. Other features include audio-in port that lets you play music from your MP3 player without switching on the computer, integrated storage space for matching, contemporary AccuType keyboard, 0.3M high-sense webcam, USB 2.0, USB 3.01 connectors, Bluetooth, 6-in-1 card reader, HDMI output, DVD reader/writer, and optional TV tuner. It also has stable full-metal stand for secure positioning inside your home.

If you are planning to have a family computer at competitive price, Lenovo Essential C325 is a good buy. To give you more options, take a look at Lenovo Essential desktops here.

Toshiba DX735 – 23-inch All-in-One Desktop

People who are looking for a complete entertainment hub for just about any room will sure find the Toshiba DX735 perfect. This new All-in-One personal computer boasts an ideal combination of modern PC technology with remarkable television styling and entertainment, making it one of the best personal computers Toshiba has ever made. The DX735 features a 23-inch Full HD multi-touch display and offers the best possible video, audio, and computing performance. It also has the finest computing capabilities for managing and creating content, so it truly is the best not only for families but also for students who want to take pleasure in watching TV and DVDs and playing games.

With its stylish and space-saving TV-like design, the DX735 all-in-one desktop proves to be an awesome addition in your home or in a dorm room. It allows users to interact with their media and at the same time serves as a great hub for videos, music, family photos, and a lot more. Its touchscreen display supports full 1080p HD content and is surrounded with a glossy black finish. It is matched with a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with 10-key numeric keypad that can easily be stored on the base of the stand and a sleek black Bluetooth wireless mouse.

The Toshiba DX735 enables users to connect to their gaming console and play the latest games on the PC, thanks to its HDMI In port. There’s also a premium audio system with Onkyo stereo speakers so audio quality is clearer, louder, fuller and more intelligible. What make this all-in-one pc capable of high-performance computing are its 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor2, 4GB of DDR3 memory3, and a 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive4. Other features are built-in DVD SuperMulti Drive, Sleep & Music7, and Resolution+ video upconversion technology8.

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InFocus Mondopad – The Evolution of Corporate Collaboration and Video Conferencing

Corporate meetings are no longer bound by the four walls of a conference room, thanks to the latest innovations in technology the audience can be as far as the other side of the world and the speaker remotely controlling the presentations on the other. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the new InFocus Mondopad. This seemingly ordinary 55-inch screen is actually an advanced true High Definition (1920 x 1080) multi-touch tablet backed by advanced visual collaboration technology. Basically it can easily convert any internet or network enabled conference rooms into a collaboration command center. The Mondopad promises more engaging meetings, immersive contents, and awed audiences. Mondopad turned high quality 720p video conferencing easier, more affordable, and more secure. It uses Vidtel’s cloud-based service to connect with the most popular video conferencing platforms and devices from free consumer level video conferencing apps to corporate telepresence systems. Cloud-based video conferencing service means no more upfront hardware, technical setup, and managing of future updates.

The Mondopad is also optimized to work with Android and Apple based mobile devices such as smartphone, just connect through the internal network through Mondopad and they can share, view, and even control different presentations by using their phone’s touch screen. Another interesting feature is the Whiteboard Wizard which consists of writing and drawing tools, pens, highlighters, shapes, lines, and other whiteboard apps. Drawing and digital notes can then be collected, saved, and sent to an email directly from the Mondopad. Multiple Mondopad devices also can be connected to a single network to create a multi-whiteboard meeting where every participant can observe the interactions going on.

Mondopad is powered by an Intel i5 processor and Windows 7 Professional. It comes with 4GB of memory, integrated HD camera with 4 built-in microphones, voice optimized sound bar, USB, and Ethernet ports. For input and output, it has HDMI, S-video, VGA, component, composite and RS232. Package additionally includes stand, wireless keyboard and mouse, remote control, power chord, and cleaning cloth.

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Razer Switchblade Concept – The Birth of Another Gaming Predator

Razer once again proved that when it comes to gaming, they always have the cutting edge. Last CES 2011, they just won the Best of CES: People’s Voice Award for their concept Razer Switchblade, a revolutionary portable gaming device designed to allow gamers to play on the go with the precision and control usually reserved only for a desktop gaming system. It primarily features a built-in ultra-sensitive multi-touch screen and the world’s first tactile dynamic keyboard that adapts and changes its layout and configuration depending on the games being played. All this effort is to deliver the full desktop gaming experience into a mobile netbook-sized solution.

To set up a game, the patent pending Razer software will allow gamers to either create custom profiles for their favorite games or download them from Razer’s website already pre-built for popular titles. What’s left for them to do is to customize the template designs with their preferred art and designate their choice keys or macros. Switchblade supports both animated and static keys.

Razer Switchblade is powered by an Intel Atom processor designed for small form factor computing. The processor is based on x86 architecture, giving it the capabilities to run PC games and applications. It also optimized to turn any web browsing, office productivity, and multimedia playback experience smoother and more power efficient. By using the latest generation of Atom processor, Switchblade gains a significant increase in speed of integrated graphics engine and enhanced video performance – marking it as one of the best solutions for gaming on the go. Razer also revealed that it will be running on a Windows 7 platform. This concept gaming gadget merely measures 172mm x 115mm x 25 mm and comes with MINI HDMI, USB 3.0, and Standard Headphone and Mic ports.

A Touching Experience with Dell ST2220T Multi-Touch Monitor

Upgrade on how you interact with your computer system with the new Dell ST2220T multi-touch monitor. This new gadget from Dell will surely change on how you view and feel the digital life by featuring a ground-breaking 21.5-inch multi-touch screen loaded with IPS technology and multiple tilt angles – all wrapped in a stunning “fit-anywhere” modern design with smooth high-gloss front bezel.

Dell ST2220T features an enhanced touch experience, flexible tilt angles for best viewing, and a colorful display with full HD capabilities, and wide 178°/178° (vertical/horizontal) typical viewing angle. Dell ST2220T offers almost zero lag so customers can experience first hand quick, precise and responsive touch-based navigation with all the benefit of full 1920×1080 HD resolution and 50,000:1 max high dynamic contrast ratio. Its A-frame stand design offers flexible tilt adjustment so users can change the screen’s position to their preferred and most comfortable level; its flexible tilt angles allow the screen to be positioned in almost any way imaginable including perfectly flat making it ideal for gaming, movies and so much more. The screen has an anti-smudge coating for a clean interface, due to the IPS technology – stunning color consistency across a wide viewing angle and minimal pooling effect can be seen on the panel. Multiple ports such as VGA, DVI, HDMI and USB are provided and readily accessible to help users connect to their personal gadgets. Dell also added built-in speakers to transform the monitor into an entertainment centerpiece.

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