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Satisfy your Cravings Using the Slush Mug

The weather is still cold. And so perhaps you wouldn’t be thinking about refreshing yourself with some cold and yummy slushie. But if the ice cream- or smoothie-lover in you suddenly craves for some fruity slushie, then why not satisfy that craving right there and then? Yes, you don’t need to go out and buy from a refreshment shop or put so much effort blending your own mix. What you just need is this ingenious gadget called Slush Mug.

So what do you have in mind? Do you want a Yellow Howler (lemon, lime and pineapple)? No problemo. Just freeze the mug’s liner or the so-called Glaciercore, return it to the mug afterwards, and then pour in your lemon, lime, and pineapple. Stir the mixture and wait for about 5 minutes. Once the timer is up, you can start enjoying your yummy fruity Yellow Howler slushie.

What else? Oh yes, who can resist a really refreshing Smoothie Cappuccino! Same steps with the Yellow Howler, only this time you mix coffee, milk, and sugar. How about a little bit of alcohol on this cool weather? What do you think about frozen margaritas? Hmmm…Not bad, right?

You can really do so many things and come up with different flavors using the Slush Mug. Please note, however, of these things: 1. The Slush Mug does not come with any external packaging. 2. It is not dishwasher safe. 3. It doesn’t work with diet drinks. 4. It requires a freezer. and 5. It holds only up to 250ml of drink. If you don’t have any problem with all these, then go and grab yourself a Slush Mug now!

Geekie Gadget’s Top 5 Valentine Gadgets and Gifts

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! It’s only a few days away and heart’s day is here again – have you found the perfect gift for your loved one? You haven’t?! Well, if you’re running out of ideas for that perfect gift, or that perfect something that will spice up your and your loved one’s Valentine’s day, we have some ideas for you. Check these out:

Heat Changing Love Mug: Say I Love You in a Unique Way

Why don’t you surprise your special someone with this mug? It comes in a heart shape and it’s peppered with small red hearts. But, there’s more to these hearts than you can imagine! You don’t need words, nor hugs or kisses, just a cup of coffee to convey your message – pour in the hot coffee into the mug and the heart shapes will reveal an “I Love You” message that will surely delight your loved one and start his or her morning right!

Magic Love Candle: Traditional Romance Rekindled

After your morning surprise to your loved one, you can cap off the day with a romantic dinner using a magic love candle. This cute stuff is a candle, and more! Yes, it burns like a normal candle, and the heart shape is truly romantic. But, other than that, it comes with a sensor, battery, and LEDs (unique, huh?) that allow it to phase through different shades of red when the wick is lit. It’s a perfect blend of the traditional and modern, something your loved one will surely enjoy.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt: Because Proximity Means Life

And if you want to show the world that you’re at your best together, this black shirt with hearts that glow is the perfect gift for your loved one (and for you)! The red hearts correspond to your life energy, and it increases or decreases – yes, just like your favorite video game! When you’re far from each other, you have less life and therefore less glowing hearts (only 2.5 of the hearts will glow). When you get near each other, you’ll be back in real great condition and all your hearts will be fully illuminated. This is a truly unique way to celebrate your togetherness!

Tunes for Two Heart Splitter: Because You Share Everything, Even Music

And while you have those shirts on, why don’t you listen to your favorite tunes – that is, from one single music source. Just use the heart splitter, plug into your music source, and it can accommodate two headphones for you and your loved one. It comes in red and pink colors, perfect for celebrating the Valentine season by listening to your favorite songs together.

Plush Beating Heart: Something Weird and Cute this Valentines

Now if you want something truly unique, why don’t you try this beating heart toy? It’s red, it’s shaped like a heart, and it beats! Yup, it does. It is powered by three AAA batteries that make it beat every time you shake it. It might be a little weird, but your loved one will surely love this cute and unique gift.

With all the said gift ideas, you won’t have to worry about surprising your loved one on Valentine’s Day anymore. The said gifts will surely make your special day worth remembering. And of course, should you want more, flowers never fail to delight women (and yes, even men!). And when you go for flowers, you’ll have a lot of variety to choose from.

ProFlowers – Send ProFlowers starting at $19.99

The TARDIS Heat Changing Mug

Today’s generation is always looking for highly modernized and unique innovations, especially products with modified functions and those that are one-of-a-kind. But while the most expensive gadgets used to mean more satisfaction – more unique, better style – that doesn’t apply today anymore. Today, you can already choose to buy unique products at an affordable expense. Just take a look at the new TARDIS heat changing mug.

It’s one cool mug that’s fun to use with a distinctive feature. This mug can tell when your coffee or tea is hot or cold with a changing image. This is inspired by the British science fiction television program Doctor Who. When empty, the mug will depict Doctor Who’s TARDIS located in a typical street in London. However, once you pour hot water in the mug, you’ll see the TARDIS transported into space. This mug is one of the inventions that will add a little spice for a more extraordinary coffee or tea break. It measures 3.75″ in diameter and 3.75″ in height and can hold up to 12 oz of liquid.

You can buy this mug for only a little over $10 each. You can get this as a gift to someone you love, or simply get it for yourself – it’s one mug that you’ll enjoy using each time and one that you can show off to your geek friends. And if you’re into Doctor Who collectibles, then this mug is a perfect addition to your collection. So, don’t wait to be the last person to have this TARDIS mug in your cupboard or collection – grab one now!

On Off Mug: The Funky Heat-Sensitive Mug

on-off-mug_mainHave you seen a mug as cool as the On Off Mug? If you haven’t, well try to check this one out. It’s a one-of-a-kind product that you’ll surely love. Why do I say so? It’s simply because it has a different color when filled with cold drink and changes to another color when filled with hot drink. Simply amazing! At first glance, you might think that it’s just like the ordinary black-colored mug with the big white word that says OFF. But once you start filling it up with hot coffee, hot chocolate, or any hot beverage of your choice, it changes color – from black to white – and the big black word that says ON appears. Cool, eh!

Okay, so is this thing made just for coffee or tea fun? Nah! It’s actually made for those who constantly forget about their hot coffee, leaving it for a while only to find out that it goes cold in just minutes. Such a waste! However, with the On Off Mug in place, that will never happen again. How is that so? Because when hot coffee is poured on this mug, it turns to white with the word ON right in front of you. Yes, it’s really heat-sensitive! So, when the hot coffee starts to cool, little by little the mug will turn to black until the word OFF appears.

Okay, got the idea now? So, before the whole mug turns to white, you better drink that hot coffee, tea, or chocolate.

Get the On Off Mug at for only $28.95 now!

Self Stirring Mug

mugInputting data, reporting to your boss, and making analysis sorts of stuff could be already a heavy burden on your modern working hands. But coming tired from home, you feel going for a hot cocoa and stir the seemingly insolvable concoction would just ruin everything. You are tired and the last thing you want to do is sweat your arms out for one mug of delectable drink of cocoa. But what if you have a mug that does the stirring for you? Interesting isn’t it? Read on.

This self stirring mug from removes the act of mustering energy from your already tired body. It basically does the job for you by stirring the mug’s content with just a press of a button. You don’t even have to move all of your fingers because all you need is your thumb for pressing the button! All that is left is pouring in the how water for you chocolate drink and then the powder. The tiny motor beneath the mug stirs the mug’s contents evenly giving you the perfect consistency all the way. This thing is reinforced all around to handle hot liquids and the lid provides a drinking hole when covered.

While designed for hot drinks, you can definitely also use this for other powdered beverages even if it is cold since the propeller can handle it all. Never drain all of your energy for stirring but start enjoying a perfect mug of your drink more often by getting a Self Stirring Mug yourself at the Gadget Shop.