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Canon C300 Cinema Camera – Lights, Camera, Action!

Have that particular interest in filmmaking? Then, why not take that interest to the next level by using the latest gadgets available in the market? Yes, mobile phones, digital cameras, DSLRs, and even video camcorders may have that video capabilities, but you can’t rely on any of them that much if you really want to capture high-quality videos. So, if you want to make your video recording experience a truly rewarding one, then use only a gadget that’s specifically designed for those who are into filmmaking – something like the Canon C300 Cinema Camera.

Unveiled by Canon at Hollywood’s Paramount Studios, in front of a massive crowd of journalists and film industry elite including the famous Martin Scorsese, this cinema camera is set to make a name in the filmmaking world. Although Canon has always been one of the most-sought after names in the professional photography community, this has yet to make a name for itself in Hollywood, where Arri Alexa and RED Epic dominate.

So, what are the stock features included in this cinema camera? Well, these include EF or PL mount (not both), 1080p capture, a pair of CF card slots, timecode, and HD-SDI output. But if you’ll be able to see some of its sample films, you can say in an instant that what makes this Canon product a cut above the rest is its incredibly powerful sensor and versatile form factor.

Want this Canon C300? Yes, you’ll love it, and simply say lights, camera, action!

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Dolby 3D Glasses – More Robust, More Stylish, More Comfortable

It will be kind of like a very good new to those who love 3D movies. Your much-awaited next-generation Dolby 3D glasses is here! This is designed with Dolby’s 3D technical know-how plus the expertise of a well-known eyewear design company, and 3M’s revolutionary multilayer optical film lenses. Dolby has teamed up with 3M to come up with a multilayer optical film lens that significantly reduces the weight of the glasses, thereby increasing comfort without affecting its outstanding optical performance.

These glasses come with a more robust mechanical design which is made up of new nylon frame with wide side temples and a shelf along the frame’s top edge. This innovative industrial design makes the movie and even the wearer look remarkable. The new frames will sure fit comfortably over 98% of prescription glasses and they are well-suited to youth and adults. Your kids just need to wait for a little more time because Dolby also has plans to produce children-sized glass for release on the next quarter. That means, the whole family can have fun watching 3D movies in theaters!

Not only that! Besides the antitheft tag placed on previous generations of Dolby 3D glasses, these new glasses are also outfitted with individually serialized RFID tags. For owners of movie houses, these tags are helpful enough on inventory tracking and management. Dolby 3D glasses are also environment-friendly passive glasses that did not necessitate charging or batteries. Check out Amazon to find out the price and availability of this Dolby 3D Cinema Glasses


Sit Back & Relax – Spiderpodium Will Hold your Gadget For You

Holding your cool gadgets such as your iPhone and E-reader when watching movie or reading is not such a big deal, that is if watching or reading won’t take too long. But if it will take an hour or so, then that could be a little tiring and frustrating, and perhaps you’d wish there’s a stand that you can use for these gadgets. There are actually lots of gadget accessories available for this purpose. However, if you want something unique and creepy looking at the same time, then you’d be interested in the Spiderpodium.

As the name suggests, the Spiderpodium is designed with eight flexible legs that can accommodate handheld gadgets such as iPhones, satnavs, digital cameras, and e-readers. It actually works like a typical gadget stand, only that it’s more flexible since it can position your device to any angle you want. Whether you want your gadget on top of your desk, on your car’s dashboard, on the headrest, handlebar, or even on your baby’s stroller, you can sure rely on this eight-legged freak, I mean device to hold your gadget firmly in place.

So who said you have no choice but to tire yourself holding your gadgets while watching movie or reading? With the Spiderpodium, your hands can freely do anything, so just sit back and relax while enjoying a good ol’ movie or ebook. And since it’s designed uniquely, it will sure turn heads when someone sees you using one.

Get yourself a Spiderpodium now! You choose from either black or white. Anyway, whatever color you choose, it will sure catch attention of those who see it for the first time.

Celebrating “TRON: Legacy” with Oakley Limited Edition 3D Gascan

Oakley Inc. and Walt Disney Pictures come together in a new 3D experience with the much-awaited ‘TRON: Legacy’ using the Limited Edition TRON Oakley 3D Gascan. Both companies are proudly looking forward for a new and superior 3D experience comes December 17, 2010, the initial date of release of what was tagged as ‘the finest 3D movie’ in the business.

CEO Colin Baden also assures that the blockbuster movie and the 3D experience will be bettered by the upcoming launch of their official Oakley 3Deyewear, the “TRON” Limited Edition 3D Gascan. The collaboration was timely, giving all 3D movie-goers the chance to enjoy visual clarity of this blockbuster movie and unparalleled design of the new 3D eyewear by Oakley. As expected, the eyewear is going to be a collector’s item. It will be accented with graphics coming from the movie with the signature of Oakley. It will also come with a custom Microclear bag, which is going to be highlighted with graphic designs from the movie.

Aside from the cool stylish appeal of the “TRON” Limited Edition 3D Gascan, it is also the noted for its HDO03D lens. This is said to be the very first 3D eyeglasses to be fitted with optically correct lenses on the face of the Earth. It then achieves the perfection necessary from a 3D eyewear and eliminating the ‘crosstalk’ or ghosting known to most 3d eyewear. With this innovation, you will surely get the worth of your money and the most exhilarating 3d experience!

Iron Man Arc Chest Light

Costume parties are fun. And so, if you are invited to attend in one, don’t hesitate to do so. You see, it’s the perfect way to relive that child in you. After all, you once dreamt to be a prince or a superhero at one point in your life, right? So why not grab the opportunity? After so many years, you get to dress up like that superhero that you’ve been dying to be. Worried what costume to get and where to get it? Well, you can start by checking your nearest clothes shop. If you can’t find anything interesting, then you can choose to be more creative on your own. Or better yet, use this Iron Man Arc Chest Light on your shirt.

The Iron Man Arc Chest Light is a reactor that can be clipped to any shirt, turning an ordinary man into Iron Man. At first glance, you might think that it’s no more than a shirt ornament, but wait until you experience its glowing light and real battle sounds. In an instant, you’ll feel like a real Iron Man, ready to save the day. And hey, this doesn’t cost a lot too. So for only $9.99, you get the most creative costume ever, less the fuss of searching through the mall or having one tailored to fit your needs.

Be the Iron Man that you want to be. Get the Iron Man Arc Chest Light for only $9.99 now!