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Loc8Tor Plus – Search, Find and Remember

Getting lost or separated from your loved ones or luggage inside a crowded mall or airport is bad, but losing your child, grandma, ward, or your pet inside a Labyrinth day tour is far worse. Plus, if you happen to possess a spatial cognition that’s just a notch above the mental capacity of a wasted drunk after a drinking spree – things are surely looking out for the worst. But worry not, there’s a better solution to inserting an intra-dermal GPS capsule to each of your pet or companion, or than embarrassingly announcing all over the mall’s PA system that you lost track of someone. Introducing the new Loc8tor Plus, it’s an early warning device and a simple yet valuable people/item finder that works indoors and outdoors without relying on all that satellite technology claptrap. The Loc8tor Plus includes a panic alarm, one panic tag, and three homing tags with a” line of site” range of 600 ft (183 meters) and effective range of up 400 ft. This device basically gives vibrates and gives off a 90-decible loud alarm whenever the included tags get out of range or wander off your preset safe zone.

The Mini Homing and Panic tags are equally as important as the Loc8tor Plus itself; these active RFID tags come with Locate and Alert mode, audio bleeps and flashing LED indicators, and long battery life. The Panic tag features an additional panic button that can be pressed for help during emergency or dire situations. When pressed, it sends an alert to the Loc8tor Plus activating its vibrating and audible alarm as well as informs the handheld gadget of the identity of the one sending the alert. Optional accessories include Splashproof wrist strap and tag covers.

Find your own Loc8Tor Mini Homing Tags by clicking this link.