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Airpiano – Wireless Concerto on Air

You’ve seen air guitars, air drums, and other musical instrument gadgetries grace the geekigadgets pages – it should be no surprise to see an air piano now. You know you have these coming music geeks. Before the piano virtuoso in you judge this gadget, read on first to see if the airpiano is can be really called a radical new musical instrument or it belongs to the realms of Guitar Hero or amusement arcades. The airpiano is basically a MIDI and OSC controller with invisible mid-air keys and faders. It features a simple touch-free control that uses 3D hand gestures that enables musicians and performers to play music in the “air” with no need for a visual interface. The airpiano has a matrix of 24 discrete keys and 8 faders, making it very simple to trigger MIDI and OSC messages. The airpiano by itself can’t produce any sounds. It must communicate with the custom airpiano software installed on a computer which in turn sends the MIDI and Open Sound Control (OSC) messages to other software or hardware. When a key or a fader in the air has been triggered, the software registers the actions and sends messages out accordingly. Numerous arrangement presets combining keys and faders can be set and assigned with different properties and message types.

Appearance wise, the airpiano is no slouch. It’s not exactly made from exotic maple or beech but it still looks classy with its beautiful walnut wood with red acrylic glass construction.

• 40 LEDs provide easy orientation and visual feedback
• 1 momentary button allows switching between presets directly from the device
• ¼-inch connector for using an expression pedal or a foot switch
• Power 9Vdc
• USB 2.0
• Dimensions: 960 x 160 x 26 mm; Weight: 2.8 kg

If air guitars are your more to your liking, follow this link.

Stanton SCS.4DJ Dares You to be More Creative

Fond of collecting gadgets that are simply the world’s first? Then you better add the Stanton SCS.4DJ to your list. This is the first truly integrated DJ system that offers advanced one-button automatic synchronization. What guides you in mixing is the embedded computer system that automatically synchronizes the tracks in just a push of a button. It is the advanced digital mix engine that lets the SCS.4DJ be switched to “Auto-DJ” mode, where it will automatically mix the music in your playlist based on the style of mixing you prefer.

With the Stanton SCS.4DJ, you can DJ directly from your digital media library found on your USB memory stick, hard drive, or smart phone. This gadget supports most unprotected file formats such as WAV, MP3 and AAC files. If you prefer to be a mobile DJ, SCS.4DJ lets you perform night after night by providing you with an intuitive yet simple surface, easy access USB ports, plus a rugged chassis. It also dares you to be more creative by offering powerful one-button sync engine. Built-in tempo and beat grid calculations require less time in keeping things synchronized so you have enough time to be creative. For professional sounding mixes, it is outfitted with features like FX and Auto Loops.

To record, simply press the Record button and SCS.4DJ will now record your performance to any mass storage device. You can share your recording to your friends or you can use it to make a CD for distribution. Interested in this fully integrated computer, software and controller? Check out its availability, along with its predecessor, Stanton scs3 at Amazon.