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ACER REVO RL100 MEDIA CENTER – Winner of Computex Best Choice and Design & Innovation awards

To those who have been waiting for the media center dubbed as The Digital Heart of the Living Room, your long wait is over. Acer America Corp. has announced the release of the slim and stylish Acer Revo RL100 media center at leading technology retailers in the United States. This is a digital hub for your den or living room that can be linked to a flat-screen TV. It includes a dual-mode wireless touchpad/keyboard so you can smoothly navigate even from the comfort of your couch. It is offered two versions, including a model with Blu-ray.

The Acer RL100 automatically interconnects all your Acer home-based and mobile devices, thanks to its Acer With such feature, it will be way easy for you to consolidate and share HD multimedia throughout your home. This media center takes pride in winning both the Best Choice and Design & Innovation awards at Computex 2011 in Taipei. The jury for the Best Choice awards picks Taiwan’s best information and communications technologies (ICT) products in the international market every year. The Design & Innovation awards, on the other hand, honor products with excellence and originality in construction.

This digital hub comes with a very slim, low profile black chassis, pretty much about the size of a game console. It measures just 1.0 inches (H) x 11.81 inches (W) x 7.09 inches (L). The Revo RL100 media center has the ability to lay flat or upright on a stand, depending on your choice. It directly connects to a TV through an HDMI port and smoothly integrates with a high-definition 5.1 channel surround sound system.

Find out more and purchase the ACER REVO RL100 MEDIA CENTER at Amazon now.

CES 2011: Cirago CMC3200 Multimedia Center Bundle

At the CES 2011, Cirago launched the CMC3200 Multimedia Center Bundle – its very first 1080p media player that offers 2TB of built-in storage, an 802.11n WiFi adapter, and a full year of PlayOn goodness. Now, Cirago fans out there can store all their media files on one reliable built-in hard drive and enjoy watching high definition 1080p videos directly on their TV. Not only that, the CMC3200 is also designed with a NAS function, so users can very much access files on the local network and stream files directly to the TV. And if they want to record live TV and record/playback different shows simultaneously, they can also do so with this multimedia bundle.

How about the PlayOn subscription? What benefits can consumers enjoy from that additional offering? Well, what else but easy access to online digital media services expansive variety of Internet video content from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon VOD, and more. Valued at $40, this additional offering provides huge savings and a wider range of entertainment options, allowing users to enjoy a media that has more to offer, less the hefty price tag.

In relation to this, Cirago is also dishing out its NUS2000 Link+adapter, providing users remote access capabilities to up to four USB-connected storage devices. It is set to rival Pogoplug’s stable of NAS enablers, so watch out for it. Also, the company announced that its NUS1000 USB Network Storage Link will feature remote access, so that’s also something to look forward to.

Find more Cirago Media Player options here.

Take Your Digital Entertainment to the Next Level with Playon!HD2

Store all your media files in a single storage and start enjoying them directly in the comfort of your living room with A.C. Ryan’s newest addition to its network media streamer line – the Playon!HD2. Yes, you can very much take your digital entertainment to the next level by streaming all your media files and the best online content with the WePlayon! portal, which is coming soon! And what’s even more remarkable about this is that you get to enjoy more fun interaction with your friends and loved ones through social networks like Twitter and Facebook and chat and messaging services like Skype and MSN.

The Playon! HD2 is based around Realtek’s 1185 media processor and tout gigabit Ethernet. It is actually the first full HD network media player and streamer to feature such processor, so you can expect optimum streaming performance. Plus, it has the unique Playon!GUI2.0 which provides users ease of use in navigating through all its exceptional features.

But aside from Gigabit Wired Networking, the Playon! HD2 also offers wireless networking through its optional Wireless-N via an external adapter. And if you’re after faster transfer speeds, you can very much rely on the product’s USB 3.0 port. Also, it includes an EZ Drive HDD slot so that it’ll be a lot easier for you to install the 3.5” HDD.

As for pricing, if you get the empty unit, it will cost about $169. But if you choose to order up with hard drive, prices varies – 500GB ($205), 1TB ($229), 1.5TB ($259) and 2TB ($289).

The Playon! HD2 will be available at leading retailers in February, so feel free to check out other options such as the Playon!HD at Amazon.

Acer Aspire RevoView

Have you already heard about the Acer Aspire RevoView? This is actually an HD DLNA certified media player that can playback media content from all DLNA certified devices that allow you to enjoy and share your digital media. With its network capability and Full HD 1080 playback, you can now watch digital content on a high-definition TV easily and intuitively. It connects directly to your TV through an HDMI port and it smoothly integrates with your surround speaker system for an entertainment experience that’s more immersive.

To enjoy digital content on your TV, all you need are just four easy steps:
1. Save the content you’ve created or downloaded into a USB storage device or memory card, 2. Plug the USB device into your Aspire RevoView or insert the memory card in its slot.
3. Connect the Aspire RevoView to your TV
4. Start enjoying your HD content on your TV!

Furthermore, the Aspire RevoView can be outfitted with an internal swappable 3.5” HDD for smooth media exchange. You can share the HDD tray with the 2010 Aspire M Series desktop PCs so you can easily transfer and enjoy the content you’ve made or downloaded. The player also has an Ethernet port which gives you direct access to the Internet. Through this, you can watch online videos through YouTube and enjoy Flickr or Picasa photo slideshows right in the comfort of your living room! If you’re interested in owning such product, you can check out availability of this network media streamer at Amazon.

VeeBeam: Easy Wireless Streaming From Your PC to Your HDTV

No matter how clear or good in quality the movies and videos in your laptop or PC are, you have to admit that the fun is limited when you view these movies through the said devices. Why? Well first, they are limited in size. Second, laptops and computers are not really video- and movie-oriented. When it comes to viewing fun, no one can beat the enjoyment that an HDTV provides. And now, with the introduction of VeeBeam, you can already get the most out of your laptop or PC and your HDTV. How?

Well, the VeeBeam is a media streamer that will allow you to stream anything from your PC or laptop to your HDTV – from movies to videos and even photos. Whatever your PC can play, trust that VeeBeam can stream it to your TV. And, this is done wireless – no need to worry about wire clutter in your home. Just plug the VeeBeam into your TV and plug the USB antenna into your laptop and you can already start streaming your media. And, you can be sure that the quality of your streamed movies and videos will be great with the 1080p video output of the device. Lastly, your PC or laptop remains functional while streaming (during the play-to mode), so you can still do other activities like browse the internet

The VeeBeam is a very affordable media streamer. Offered at a little less than a hundred dollars, you never have to worry about your budget. With this device added in your home, you can now get the most out of your PC or laptop and your HDTV.